“Master, you don’t understand how good I am.
I know how to massage my back, feet, and feet.
I even know how to massage them properly.
I’m very good at sucking and massaging.
You can’t even imagine my moves.
Moreover, I also know how to create avatars.
I can double your happiness!”

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“Stop talking nonsense with me.
Hurry up and show me the news of my precious disciples.
Don’t delay things.”

“Alright, Master, if you need anything, feel free to call me.
I will be waiting for you.”

Lu Xiaoran raised his eyebrows slightly.
This Wang Cai was very gangster-like and coveted his body every day.

Could it be that this guy had transmigrated like Nalan Hongyu? Could it have come from the mortal world in his previous life?

Or could it be that the other party wanted to nurture him into a big shot and then become his female dog?

The Zheng Tai Cultivation Plan?

Could it be that Wang Cai wanted to make him the perfect husband?

Damn, if that was the case, he had to be careful of Wang Cai.

He would cultivate well first and then get rid of Wang Cai after using it to increase his cultivation and become a Saint.

Wang Cai quickly generated information about the disciples for Lu Xiaoran.

This made Lu Xiaoran click his tongue.

Jun Bujian was actually already at the second level of the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm and Jiang Taixuan was at the third level of the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm.
Su Lingwu was even more exaggerated.
He had already reached the first level of the God King Realm.

Zhuge Ziqiong’s information was also revealed.
God Production Realm…

It looked like her luck was very bad.
After coming into the Divine World, she had been imprisoned by the Buddhist Sect and had not been able to cultivate.

However, when Lu Xiaoran saw Fang Tianyuan’s cultivation, he could not help but curse on the spot.

Fang Tianyuan had actually cultivated to the fifth level of the God King Realm!

How did this brat cultivate?

Did he eat fertilizer or urea?

Wasn’t this speed of improvement a little too terrifying?

No wonder his cultivation increased so quickly.
It turned out that these disciples were all very powerful.
They were even more powerful than Song Xinian and Li Changsheng.

Lu Xiaoran swept his gaze over the two of them.
They had only reached the first level of the God King Realm.

However, because the two of them had encountered him, they had a head start.
The others had not come to eat the immortal pills yet but the speed of their improvement was not inferior to these two.
From this, it could be seen that these two of them had definitely been lazy.

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Lu Xiaoran immediately transmitted an order to his avatar to slap the two of them fiercely.

Damn, they were enjoying so many resources and cultivating so slowly.
Lu Xiaoran would feel uncomfortable if he did not beat them up.

Soon, a heart-wrenching scream sounded from the valley.

Lu Xiaoran continued to read the information of the disciples.

Now, only Lige and Wuxia had yet to appear.
He wondered how the two of them were doing.

This was especially true for Lige.
This child’s talent was so poor, but he still caused trouble everywhere.
It was unknown if he had been killed.

Lu Xiaoran’s divine sense swept over the Body Modeling Mark.
Fortunately, Lige was still alive and the blood essence revival process had not been activated.

He opened the activity information again and the screen was filled with news about the disciples.

“Your disciple Jiang Taixuan was attacked by a Buddhist Elder.”

“Your disciple Jun Bujian was attacked by a Buddhist monk.”

“Your disciple Su Lingwu was attacked by a Buddhist Elder.”

“Your disciple Fang Tianyuan was attacked by a Buddhist God Emperor Realm expert.”

Finally, the screen did not show any more news of Lige being attacked.
In the end, the other disciples were all fighting.

This made Lu Xiaoran extremely furious.

Originally, everyone was cultivating ignobly.
In the end, they all came out all of a sudden.
It was all because of Li Changsheng and Song Xinian, these two brats, who did not listen to his summoning and thought themselves clever.
In order to blast everyone out, they had announced the news that Lu Xiaoran had been killed.

Now, everyone was fighting the Buddhist Sect.
Moreover, the Buddhist Sect seemed to be the strongest sect in the Divine World.

Now, they would really fight to the death.

“Wang Cai, quickly use a powerful soul attraction to attract them.”

“No need.
They’re rushing over.”

Lu Xiaoran’s eyes lit up.
He had already vaguely guessed that Buttface had probably found everyone.
Good job.
In this way, they could all return to his side.

As long as they arrived, he would bring them away and find a quiet place to cultivate.

He estimated that if his disciples advanced another wave, he might be able to advance to the God Monarch Realm in a year or two.

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After his cultivation increased to the God Monarch Realm, wouldn’t he be able to do whatever he wanted?

Of course, he would not show off in a high profile.
He only wanted to feel at ease with his cultivation.

It was just like how one could choose not to use certain parts, but they still had to be long, hard, and durable!

In this way, one can be confident when conversing with others.

He hoped that the disciples would return quickly and not provoke any more trouble.

“By the way, Wang Cai, did you remember anything this time?”

Lu Xiaoran had almost forgotten the important matter.

The most important thing was his identity.
Why would the hot shots capture him?

Why did the heavens want to establish a hot shot?

“I remember a portion of it.
I’m a power of the Great Dao among the Jade Creation Butterflies.
There are 50 Daos in Heaven Dao, and I’m one of them.
Because I didn’t want to get involved with that bastard Hongjun, I escaped from the Jade Creation Butterfly.
The hot shots were set up to capture Master.”

“Then… is my identity… the reincarnation of Pangu?”

Lu Xiaoran tried to voice his doubts.

This was because he had begun to wonder this a long time ago.

Other than Pangu, he really could not imagine what other identities he had.

Moreover, other than Pangu, there seemed to be no need for the Heaven Dao to set up hot shots to capture him.

However, in the next second, Wang Cai shook its head.

“This… I’m not sure.
This is because Master’s body and blood essence are indeed formed from Pangu’s blood essence and bones.
The reason why I was attracted to Master was because Master had Pangu’s aura.
As for the Jade Creation Butterfly, it was originally Pangu’s Connate cardinal treasure.
Later, it was snatched away by that bastard Hongjun.

“Therefore, I have a natural affinity for Master.

“Even the Heaven Dao had arranged for Hongjun to set up the hot shots to capture Master to prevent Master from absorbing too much of Pangu’s blood essence and bringing Pangu back.

However… as Master became stronger and stronger, I discovered that something seemed to be wrong.
There seems to be another… existence stronger than Pangu in Master’s aura! ”

Lu Xiaoran was somewhat shocked.

Actually, he had a secret that only he knew.
Even Wang Cai did not know.

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That was, he was also a transmigrator.

In other words, his body was actually forged from Pangu’s blood essence and bones, but his soul was not.

Coupled with his previous conversation with Elder Tianji, he could roughly deduce a portion of his identity.

Firstly, it was very likely that he had been brought to the lower realm by Jie School to reincarnate.

This was because the current information indicated that Elder Tianji was very likely a disciple of Jie School.

Be it the things Elder Tianji had said about the sect or the ancient painting on Elder Tianji’s wall, they both made Lu Xiaoran think this way.

According to the legends, Lu Xiaoran knew the Jie School very well.

It was very likely that Jie School wanted to use him to turn the tables.

However, the Jie School wanted to use him to turn the tables and think that he was the chosen one.
However, in fact, it was very likely that he was an existence that surpassed Jie School’s imagination.

This was also the second point.
His true identity was very likely the reincarnation of Pangu.

However, he was only a reincarnation of Pangu’s body because the original owner’s soul had already been shattered by him.

It was very likely that Pangu was using him to revive.

Therefore, this was also why the Heaven Dao had set up the hot shots to kill him to prevent Pangu from reviving.

Um… why did he feel like he was a puppet that everyone wanted to take advantage of?

The third and most important point was…

His soul did not belong to Pangu, but an existence that had shattered Pangu’s soul.

In other words, his soul body could also be said to be his consciousness body, an existence that surpassed Pangu.
Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to shatter Pangu’s soul and occupy Pangu’s reincarnation body!

After all, a big shot like Pangu should be considered the strongest existence in this universe, right?

If he was stronger than Pangu… then how powerful was he?

“Wang Cai, is there an existence stronger than Pangu in this world?”

“Of course.
The reason why Pangu wants to create the world is naturally because he has already cultivated to the limit.
He has to break through this universe dimension in order to cultivate further.
It’s not only him, but also Patriarch Hongjun and the Heaven Dao.
The two of them have yet to reach the peak of Pangu’s cultivation, so they chose to fuse into one.
Naturally, it’s also to break through to the Zenith Heaven and then cultivate to a higher level in the Great Void.

“The universe had no limit, neither did cultivation.

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“However, the cultivation of the current world had levels.

“It was just like how his master had to come to the Divine World to cultivate to the next step.

“It makes sense that after cultivating to the Immortal Realm, one has to go to the Immortal World.

Lu Xiaoran rubbed his temples.

Damn, he originally thought that he could rest assured after increasing his cultivation and becoming a Saint.
Now, it seemed that it was still not enough.

After all, even an existence like Patriarch Hongjun still had to continue cultivating.

Was there no end to cultivation?

Was he going to have to cultivate no matter where he went?

However, other than having a headache, Lu Xiaoran also understood that he did not have the time to think too much.

This was because he had a few problems.

One of them was the Buddhist Sect of the Divine World.

Secondly, according to Elder Tianji, that mysterious person did not belong to the Heavenly Court, but the other party coveted him very much.

The third was the dispute between the Immortal World, the Spirit Mountain, the Heavenly Court, Jie School, and the Saints.

The fourth problem was Patriarch Hongjun and the Heaven Dao.

The fifth problem was also the most important.

That was, perhaps even Pangu wanted to take advantage of Lu Xiaoran to revive himself.

Lastly, he still did not know who he was.

He was an existence even stronger than Pangu.
However, could there be an enemy stronger than Pangu?

Hmm… Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran suddenly felt hopeless.

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