Divine World, the Bodhi Temple holy land.

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The High Buddha sitting cross-legged slowly opened his eyes.

Sensing that the auras of the fifteen God Monarch Realm experts in the array formation had already been adjusted to the most appropriate state, the corner of his mouth could not help but curl up.

Next, they could prepare for the Demon Exorcism Meeting.
Once the Demon Exorcism Meeting was completed, these fifteen God Monarch Realm experts would obtain the enhancement of merit from the Spirit Mountain.
Naturally, they could easily break through the immortal tribulation and become immortal-like existences.

At that time, they could ascend to the Spirit Mountain of the Immortal World and become a member of the billions of people at the bottom of the Spirit Mountain.
They could recite scriptures and recite Buddhist scriptures every day to provide mental strength for the entire Spirit Mountain.

At that time, he would naturally be able to rely on his contributions to advance another level.

The Spirit Mountain had a strict hierarchy.
Those at the bottom could only absorb and covert the power of faith from the various worlds for their use.
However, most of the power of faith they absorbed still needed to be used to nourish those in the upper levels.
Perhaps they would not even be able to obtain a tenth of it.

However, even so, they still had to cultivate diligently.
This was because only by cultivating diligently and obtaining more power of faith could they walk further on the path of Buddhism.

Only by becoming a higher-level existence could they keep more power of faith for themselves.

This was also the reason why the High Buddha had chosen to work in this small world.
He wanted to increase his status enough to advance another level and then increase his status again.

However, at this moment, he seemed to have sensed something and narrowed his eyes slightly.

In the next moment, his eyes moved slightly and he teleported out.

When he reappeared, he had already arrived at a small cliff outside the Bodhi Temple.

Here, a green-robed Daoist had appeared at some point.
He was enveloped in a white mist and his appearance could not be seen clearly.

However, from the aura on his body, the High Buddha could easily determine his background and identity.

“What a rare guest.
I didn’t expect there to be another immortal in this small world.”

The other party also smiled.

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“Because of my mission, I’ve been hiding in this small world for a long time and haven’t appeared to pay my respects to you, High Buddha.
Please forgive me.”

The High Buddha said with an indifferent expression, “There’s no need to be so polite.
The title of High Buddha is given to me by these ants and mortals.
As an immortal, there’s no need for you to join in the fun.
It’s better for you to directly state your intentions.”

In that case, I’ll be direct.

“The 15 God Monarch Realm experts had probably already begun to prepare for the Demon Exorcism Meeting.
After the Demon Exorcism Meeting, if nothing unexpected happened, these 15 God Monarch Realm experts would basically be guaranteed entry to the Spirit Mountain.

“After you complete the mission, your status on the Spirit Mountain should increase by one level.
However, the Spirit Mountain has 81 levels.
Even if you do advance from level 81 to level 80, how promising will this advancement be?”

The High Buddha narrowed his eyes slightly and glanced at the other party warily.

“What? Could it be that you want to poach people from the Spirit Mountain?”

“How would I dare to poach people from the Spirit Mountain? I just want to cooperate with the High Buddha.
The High Buddha should know that the Buddhist Sect believes in the strong preying on the weak.
If we can increase the strength of the High Buddha, even without these fifteen God Monarch Realm experts, it should be enough to increase the High Buddha’s level by several levels, right?”

“You’re right.
However, fifteen God Monarch Realm experts is not a small number.
Are you sure you can handle them?”

“You don’t have to worry about that.
You just have to tell me if you want to make this deal.”

“There’s no need.
The people of the Buddhist Sect are particular about having a clear mind and few desires.
I think it’s better for me to complete my Demon Exorcism Meeting well and then bring my disciples to the Spirit Mountain to safely complete my mission.”

“Alright, I originally came with sincerity and prepared a total of two Postnatal Qi.
I didn’t expect the High Buddha would actually not be tempted.
In that case, I can only give up.
I wish the High Buddha good luck in holding the Demon Exorcism Meeting.
I’ll take my leave first.
We’ll meet again if fate allows.”

“Wait, what… did you just say?”

The High Buddha suddenly stopped the other party.
The other party only smiled, as if he had long predicted the other party’s response.

The air was silent for a long time before the High Buddha continued,

“Who are you? You’re not from the Heavenly Court.
The people of the Heavenly Court won’t beg my Spirit Mountain for help.
However, you’re also an immortal.
Are you from the Netherworld or an itinerant cultivator from the Immortal World? Are you from the Primordial Chaos Race? Or… are you from that place?”

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“High Buddha, you don’t have to worry about where I’m from.
High Buddha only needs to know that only you and I are the only ones who know about this deal.
Other than us, no third person will know.”

“The High Buddha only needs to give up these fifteen peak God Monarch Realm experts to obtain the two Postnatal Qi.
After our matter is completed, we will also give the High Buddha two more wisps of Postnatal Qi.

These four wisps Postnatal Qi should be enough to increase the High Buddha’s cultivation from the Human Immortal Realm to the Heaven Immortal Realm.
On the Spirit Mountain, it should be enough for you to enter level 75.
Wouldn’t that be much more cost-effective than helping these fifteen God Monarch Realm experts transcend the tribulation and complete the mission?

“Moreover, some of these fifteen God Monarch Realm experts might even have a chance of returning.
If so, the High Buddha can still hold the Demon Exorcism Meeting.
It’s equivalent to an additional profit for the High Buddha.
Isn’t this good?”

The High Buddha’s eyes began to roll.
The other party’s conditions were indeed very tempting.
If he obtained four wisps of Postnatal Qi, his cultivation would indeed increase greatly.
Not to mention reaching the Heaven Immortal Realm, he might even directly break through to the peak Heaven Immortal Realm.

However, since the other party wanted fifteen God Monarch Realm experts, it seemed that the person he was dealing with was not an ordinary person.

In this world, immortals were unable to attack.
Otherwise, they would definitely be suppressed by the Heaven Dao laws.

Even an immortal’s body would be turned to ashes under the Heaven Dao laws.

No one could resist the Heaven Dao laws.
Even Saints were only pawns under the Heaven Dao.

In other words, in this world, a God Monarch Realm expert was already the strongest existence.

This was because God Monarch Realm experts were not bound by the Heaven Dao laws and could fight at will.

Since the other party was able to spend so much, it meant that the other party had probably also gathered some God Monarch Realm experts from other places.

With so many God Monarch Realm experts, the other party could already sweep through this small world.

In this Divine World, there did not seem to be any existences powerful enough to mobilize several God Monarch Realm experts, right?

Wait, could it be… that guy?

The High Buddha’s pupils suddenly constricted, and he immediately whispered, “Fellow Daoist, could it be that you want to deal with that hot shot?”

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“That’s right.
The High Buddha is indeed powerful.
You guessed it immediately.”

The High Buddha’s expression instantly turned cold.

“If it were anything else, it would be fine.
However, if it’s a hot shot, then forget it.
I don’t want to deal with some hot shot.
Those people are dangerous and I might die if I encounter them.”

“High Buddha, don’t worry.
You would only be lending me the fifteen God Monarch Realm experts.
You won’t be personally participating in the battle and you won’t have any interactions with the hot shots.
However, you will still be able to obtain four Postnatal Qi.
Isn’t the reward generous enough? Of course, High Buddha, you don’t have to be in a hurry to make a decision.
You can go back and think about it first.”

“High Buddha, take these two Postnatal auras first.
Consider them a deposit.
If the High Buddha is unwilling, you can return them to me.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he threw out two Postnatal Qi that landed precisely in the High Buddha’s palm.

Then, he cupped his hands slightly and left with a faint smile, disappearing from the world, leaving behind the High Buddha with an extremely solemn expression.

He was so generous and even wanted to deal with the hot shots.
Who was this person?

However, when he looked at the two Postnatal Qi in the porcelain bottle in his hand, he could not help but reveal a covetous expression.

After the cloud disappeared,the figure quickly appeared 5,000 kilometers away.

Waiting for him was a woman with a good figure and face.

Although it was only a woman and her aura had already been restrained, the aura she revealed still emitted traces of God Monarch Realm aura.

She was actually a God Monarch Realm expert!

“Master, did that old bald monk not agree?”

“Of course.
With such a huge risk, he naturally needs to consider it.”

“Hmph! A cowardly bald monk.
A good opportunity is in front of him, but he doesn’t know how to cherish it.
He even has to be cautious.”

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“This is very normal.
He’s only a stepping stone on the Spirit Mountain, so his standards naturally won’t be high.
However, it doesn’t matter.
It’s also because his standards are not high that we have a higher chance of capturing him.

“Moreover, as long as he is related to us, it is equivalent to him being on our ship.
He won’t be able to escape even if he wanted to.

“As long as we can kill Lu Xiaoran, help Master, and complete the new God Slaying Empire, we will also get rid of our identity as ants and stand proudly in the nine heavens, looking down on the ants of the world.

In the valley, Lu Xiaoran was originally cultivating when a vast and powerful aura suddenly sounded from his body.

Wang Cai had come out of seclusion and advanced successfully!

“Master, Master, I advanced successfully.
Did you miss me?”

Lu Xiaoran was overjoyed.

“Of course.
I missed you to death.
Quick, get me the information of my disciples.
I have to quickly see how my precious disciples are doing.”

“Master, is this really appropriate? It feels as if you asked me to lift my skirt and then you told me that you were looking for your son.”

“Why would I lift your skirt when I’m looking for my son? You’re only a dog.
Do you still want to be my child’s mother?”

“Can’t Master be more open-minded? This is a mysterious world.
It’s not impossible for humans and dogs to do it.”

“Other people might be able to, but not me.
Back then, I directly vomited after taking a look.
I’m not that abnormal.”

“Then why do many men still like their girlfriends to have beast ears and small tails?”

“Have you heard of Lord Ye? Lord Ye likes dragons, but he doesn’t like true dragons.
Men can accept people who act like dogs, but not real dogs! Please respect us men.
Thank you.”

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