“Why? Do you know about this Demon Exorcism Meeting?”

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Song Xinian nodded and said with a solemn expression,

“Of course I do.
The Demon Exorcism Meeting is an extremely important festival of the Buddhist Sect.

“However, its practical purpose was actually to provide enough merit for some top-notch experts of the Buddhist Sect with successful cultivation to advance from a god to an immortal.

“Everyone could understand that exorcising demons was an extremely important way to obtain merit in the Buddhist Sect.

“However, they would not care if this demon was good or bad.
This is because the Buddhist cultivation technique is actually specially used to restrain existences like demons.

“In other words, as long as there was any demon bloodline in one’s body, one would feel uncomfortable and would be attacked indiscriminately when these monks chanted their Buddhist Dao scripture.
Unless one had merit, Daoist righteousness, or even Buddhist Dharma in their body, one would not be able to resist the Buddhist Dao.

“Therefore, every ten years, the Buddhist Sect would get the Buddhist branches everywhere to gather demons and transport them to the Buddhist Sect’s headquarters, the Bodhi Temple.

“In this way, those senior monks who had cultivated to the peak of the God Monarch Realm could rely on exorcising demons to increase their merit and then ascend to become immortals.

“As for the hundreds of millions of demons, they will die one by one in pain.

Li Changsheng’s eyes twitched.

“Are the Buddhist sects that vicious?”

“It’s not exactly vicious.
In fact, be it the Buddhist Dao or the demons, we’re all a part of the world.
There’s good and bad.

“Can you say for certain that there aren’t bad people in the Buddhist sect?

“Or can you say for certain that there are no demons who were born with good intentions? Of course, there were also some bad ones.

“In the end, they are just on different sides.

“How can you talk about good and bad when they are on different sides?”

“Got it.
Now that the Buddhist Sect wants to mess with Junior Sister, they’re going against us.
That Buddhist Sect is bad for us.
Now, we just need to deal with them!”

Ling Xinyue could not help but say, “Speaking of which, why does the Buddhist Sect have to hold a Demon Exorcism Meeting every ten years? Do they have so many senior monks? Although the Divine World is vast, it should be much harder to become a God Monarch Realm expert than to become a Martial Monarch Realm expert in the lower realm, right?”

Song Xinian shook his head.

“You might not know, but someone in our Heaven Saber Pavilion has studied the management philosophy of the Buddhist Sect.
In this world, there’s no one who can resist the Buddhist Sect.

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“Firstly, the sects of the world are all chaotic and are not united at all.
They aren’t part of a fixed system.

“The Buddhist Sect, which is ranked second, naturally rose to power because of this chaos, so no one could resist them at all.

“In the Immortal World, the Buddhist Sect had the backing of the Western Sect.

“The Buddhist sects in the Divine World further promoted this model.

“First of all, there were many basic cultivation techniques in Buddhism.
Moreover, they were simple and easy to learn.
With this, they could also build a good foundation for cultivating higher-level cultivation techniques.

“Just this alone had attracted countless cultivators in the world to join the Buddhist Sect.

“As the Buddhist Sect absorbed more disciples, they naturally gathered a large number of geniuses.
Moreover, after layers of selection, they gathered the geniuses.

“Next were the high-level cultivation techniques.
The Buddhist Sect had divine techniques and even profound techniques.
Moreover, there were many of them!

“With many geniuses in their hands and the help of a large number of cultivation resources, it was naturally very easy for their experts to break through to the God Monarch Realm.

“Moreover, after becoming immortals, they only needed to exorcise the demons and accumulate merit to have an extremely high success rate in transcending the tribulation.

“In this situation, the Buddhist Sect would only become stronger and stronger.

“Don’t you think that it would be very easy for such a sect to have a lot of God Monarch Realm experts? ”

“Are there so many benefits to joining the Buddhist Sect?”

After coming to the Divine World, she did not have any strength or background.
She could also consider joining the Buddhist Sect.

However, just as she finished speaking, Li Changsheng and Song Xinian raised their auras.
Their sword intent and saber intent instantly suppressed her body, as if they were about to kill her in the next second.

Ling Xinyue waved her hand repeatedly.

“I’m just joking.
Don’t attack.
I’m an ally.”

Only then did Li Changsheng and Song Xinian retract their auras.

“Now, Little Junior Sister is already on the way to the Bodhi Temple.
Although she hasn’t arrived, I don’t know where she’s been sent to.
What should we do?”

“One of you is the Holy Son of the Taiyi Sword Dao, and the other is the Holy Son of the Heaven Saber Pavilion.
Can’t you step in and use the strength of your sect?”

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Li Changsheng said with a serious expression, “We came to the Divine World and received the favors of the Tai Yi Sword Dao and the Heaven Saber Pavilion, but we still haven’t repaid them.
And now, if we were to take advantage of them, wouldn’t we be worse than dogs?”

“That’s true.
However… what about Zhuge Ziqiong?”

Song Xinian rubbed his temples and said with a headache,

“Unfortunately, Master is not around.
If Master was around, we wouldn’t have to suffer.”

Li Changsheng shook his head.

“You can’t say that.
Originally, I was also wondering why Master didn’t come to us or save us.
However, after experiencing today’s battle at the Little Buddha Temple, when Master used his phantom to protect me, I finally understood Master’s pain.”

Li Changsheng said with a solemn expression, “Do you still remember that in the lower realm, after one’s cultivation broke through to the God Realm, they were unable to fight with all their strength? Back then, the Ye family also relied on the blood of more than a hundred million people to block the detection of Heaven Dao before being able to unleash their strength in their last battle with us.”

“And if not for the blood formation blocking the Heaven Dao, the Heaven Dao laws would have directly destroyed us God Realm experts.

The two of them nodded, but they still asked in confusion,

Li Changsheng took a deep breath.

“If I’m not wrong, Master is actually an immortal!”

The air instantly fell into a deathly silence.

Their pupils dilated, and their hearts seemed to have stopped beating at this moment.

At this moment, the two of them finally understood why Lu Xiaoran had always been so powerful!

They also understood why Lu Xiaoran always had so many resources!

This was because Lu Xiaoran was an immortal.
He was the immortal of the strongest top-notch world in the vast universe!

Therefore, he would not attack in the Divine World.

It was not that he did not want to attack, but that he could not.

Once he attacked, he would be punished by the Heaven Dao laws.

However, what followed was ecstasy.

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If Lu Xiaoran was an immortal, didn’t that mean that they had an extremely strong backer behind them?!

“That’s great! Master is actually an immortal.
Then we can do whatever we want in the Divine World in the future.”

Ling Xinyue raised her eyebrows slightly.

“But now, we can’t find Zhuge Ziqiong’s whereabouts! Aren’t you worried at all?”

The three of them fell silent again.

Li Changsheng had the greatest headache.
He had already thought of a problem.
The reason why the abbot of the Little Buddha Temple had chosen to destroy the entire Little Buddha Temple just now was not only to kill him, but also to hide Zhuge Ziqiong’s whereabouts.
Therefore, he did not hesitate to kill all the disciples in the entire temple.

However, just as everyone was at a loss, a few golden lights suddenly flew over from afar.

“Quick, go and see what’s wrong with Little Buddha Temple.”

“Someone actually dares to destroy our Buddhist Sect’s branch.
Don’t let them off.”

Li Changsheng and Song Xinian looked at each other and could not help but smile.

On the other side, a small city had already been established in the Lu family’s old residence and village.

Although this was a small city, there were all kinds of array formations inside.
They were all engraved with the highest-level engraving techniques and were charged with divine crystals.

Illusory formations, defensive formations, attack formations, spirit gathering formations… various array formations interweaved and overlapped, protecting and cooperating.

Moreover, they were basically all profound-level array formations.

It could be said that this place had already become an impregnable fortress.

Lu Xiaoran was completely confident that the other party would not even be able to find the door to this castle.

Even if the other party found it, he would definitely not be able to open it!

Even if he could open it, he would definitely be blasted to death by the attack formation.

This was simply a base specially established for people like Lu Xiaoran who believed in living ignobly.

In this base, all the direct descendants of the Lu family were cultivating diligently.

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Lu Xiaoran kept using the Spirit Gathering Formation and medicinal pills to crazily increase the cultivation of the Lu family disciples.

However, the Lu family disciples were still quite hardworking.

For example, Old Master Lu’s cultivation had increased a lot under his guidance and resources.

Lu Tiannan and the other second-generation disciples, Lu Xiaochen, and the other third-generation disciples’ cultivation were also constantly rising.

Lu Xiaoran even suspected that the Lu family’s ancestor was actually quite powerful.
Therefore, the Lu family’s bloodline was actually not too bad.

Otherwise, why would they give birth to a demon like Lu Qingshan and a demon like him?

It had to be known that before he met Wang Cai, his cultivation was very powerful.

Another thing was that as Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation increased, the time reduction function of the Great Dao Reincarnation also improved a lot.

In this way, he could increase the cultivation speed of the Lu family disciples.

Unfortunately, they were not his disciples and could not increase his cultivation.

Otherwise, Lu Xiaoran estimated that he would have probably already reached the Immortal God Emperor Realm.

He had no choice but to take things one step at a time.
He hoped that those stinky disciples would quickly return to him so that he could get them to cultivate in a low profile.

He did not want to continue attracting trouble outside.

In the Divine World, Buddhist Sect, Bodhi Temple, everything was peaceful.

The chanting was endless.
Golden Buddhist marks constantly drifted in the sky and soared into the sky.

When the demons and ghosts saw the dense Buddhist Dharma, they could not help but want to kneel and worship it.
They could not resist at all.

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