Li Chenxu was shocked.
Just as he was about to defend, Old Master Lu had already punched his arms.

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The huge force broke his arms on the spot, and his body fell heavily to the ground like a cannonball.

The entire arena trembled violently at this moment.

When the other family heads saw this, they were even more desperate and wanted to speed up their escape.

Unexpectedly, Old Master Lu seemed to be prepared.
His hands formed a seal in the air, and in an instant, the entire arena was enveloped by an array formation.

The few of them collided with the array formation and were bounced back again.

The disciples of the six families who were watching the battle could not help but tremble.
Their eyes widened in fear, their eyes filled with panic.

When they arrived, they had said that it was clearly the patriarchs of their six families who had joined forces to kill the patriarch of the Lu family.

Why was it that when the six of them really fought, they were still pressed to the ground?

One of them was even killed on the spot.

They were all fine when they arrived, but in the end, they could not even return.

“This is… an array formation? When did you set up an array formation?”

Zhang Shengnan’s expression was gloomy.

Old Master Lu smiled coldly.

“Do you really think I’m not prepared? Do you think it’s possible to escape from under my nose after coming here with the intention to kill me?”

As he spoke, he had already arrived in front of another family head.
He punched out with a dense divine power and did not give the other party any chance to defend.
He directly smashed into the other party’s shoulder, smashing the other party into the ground just like how he smashed the previous Li family’s family head.
Half of the other party’s shoulder had already been completely bent 90 degrees back.

Then came the third, fourth, and fifth family heads.

None of the five family masters escaped.
They were all smashed by Old Master Lu.

A few light spots landed fiercely in the center of the arena.
Their positions were extremely precise and could be said to be godly archers, making the arena tremble again and again.

It became more and more violent.

Immediately after, Old Master Lu transformed into the strongest golden light and smashed into the ground.

It made the wall beside the arena tremble violently.

Four of the five family heads’ injuries recovered slightly.
Their bodies reacted and were immediately prepared to escape.

Unfortunately, just as they were about to escape, their figures were suppressed by Old Master Lu’s aura.

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In the next second, Old Master Lu’s fist pierced through Li Chenxu’s chest.

Li Chenxu’s eyes widened as his entire body bent 90 degrees.
His face was almost pressed against Old Master Lu’s.

Old Master Lu continued with his punch, and divine power erupted, sweeping out in a 360-degree direction and fiercely surging onto the chests of the remaining four people.
With a crisp cracking sound, the four of them were sent flying in unison and smashed fiercely onto the huge wall on all four sides.

If not for the array formation stopping them, the four of them would have been blasted tens of thousands of meters away.

“Didn’t you want to kill me? Come on! Kill me!”

Old Master Lu roared.
His arm pierced through Li Chenxu’s chest and raised him high.
Then, he struck the top of his head with his palm.
Golden blood exploded and directly sent him to the afterlife.
He was like an excited lion wantonly ravaging its prey.

This terrifying scene made everyone present shudder as if they were facing an ancient demon beast!

The Zhang family head gritted his teeth.

“Old Ghost Lu, have you been hiding your strength? Just for today? Have you been scheming against us all along?”

Old Master Lu threw Li Chenxu’s corpse to the ground and smiled coldly.

“Don’t describe me as being so shameless.
I’m not as shameless as you bastards.
It’s all thanks to my Lu family’s ancestor that I can be where I am today!”

Everyone was suddenly shocked.

“Lu… Lu family’s ancestor? Since when did the Lu family have an ancestor?”

“Hahahaha… My Lu family’s ancestor is blessed by the heavens.
How can he be known by you mere ants? Die!”

Old Master Lu took a step and instantly arrived beside the other family head.
His violent divine power firmly locked onto the other party like a wild wolf locking onto a rabbit.

Sensing the aura that pounced at him, the family head was so frightened that his legs turned weak and he wet his pants.

However, at this moment, the array formation that enveloped the sky above the arena was suddenly torn apart by a black light.

The moment this black light tore through the array formation, its momentum did not decrease as it headed straight for Old Master Lu.

As if he had long expected this, Old Master Lu circulated his divine power and immediately circulated his body to teleport out.

The black light was too fast and did not change its path.
It directly pierced through the family head’s chest and blasted a three-meter-tall hole in the arena, almost tearing apart the entire arena.

Old Master Lu looked at the sky.
There, a black-robed figure slowly walked down.

His expression became more solemn because the other party’s cultivation was two realm levels higher than his.

The higher one’s cultivation was, the greater the difference between realms.

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Although this was only two realms, it was enough to deal a fatal blow to him.

The remaining three family masters immediately retreated to the other party’s side.

“Elder Long, you’ve finally made a move.”

The disciples of the six families finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Old Master Lu’s powerful performance just now made them shudder in fear.
Some of them were even prepared to return to escape with their wealth.

They did not expect Elder Long of the Netherworld Sect to come out in the end.

With Elder Long here, this battle was almost certain.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief, but the expressions of the Lu family members were somewhat solemn.

Lu Tiannan transmitted his voice.

“Father, the other party’s cultivation is so powerful.
It’s much stronger than your aura.”

Old Master Lu said coldly, “I know.”

“Then what should we do? Can you still hold on?”

“If I can’t hold on, do you think our Lu family can still survive in this world today?”

“Then you should hold on.”

Old Master Lu took a deep breath and said with a solemn expression, “You’re an elder of the Netherworld Sect.
Why are you interfering in our Heaven Water City’s matters? You should know that you’re from the Demon Sect.
If we publicize this, your Demon Sect will probably not feel good, right? At that time, the other righteous sects will definitely not sit idly by.”

Zhang Shengnan and the others sneered.

“Old Dog Lu, do you really think you’re a big shot just because you’re strong enough to bully us?”

“Today, with Elder Long here, you will definitely die!”

“Elder Long, don’t waste your breath on him.
Kill him and Heaven Water City will be ours.”

However, Elder Long ignored them and stared fixedly at Old Master Lu.

After a while, he said, “Your cultivation is not bad.
Originally, I wanted to kill you, but our Netherworld Sect has always cherished talent.
If you’re willing to join our Netherworld Sect, I can give you an elder position.
From now on, Heaven Water City will be under your control.”

Zhang Shengnan and the other two family masters were instantly dumbfounded.

“Elder Long, are… are you joking?”

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“That’s right, Elder Long.
Isn’t the Heaven Water City supposed to be given to us? Why do you want him to be in charge?”

“Elder Long, aren’t you being too unreasonable?”

If Old Master Lu really controlled the Heaven Water City, wouldn’t the Lu family be the one to call the shots in the future?

Moreover, they had previously gone against the Lu family.
This was almost equivalent to sending them to the tiger’s den.

Unfortunately, as soon as he finished speaking, Elder Long swept his gaze over coldly.

“Why should we explain to you what our Netherworld Sect does?”

“Elder Long, isn’t your Netherworld Sect toying with us?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Elder Long waved his hand and slapped the other party’s head on the spot.

With a palm strike, he directly slapped the other party’s head into a golden blood mist that filled the sky.

The family head immediately fell straight down like a kite with a broken string and smashed fiercely onto the ground.

This scene instantly petrified Zhang Shengnan and the other family head on the spot.
Their hearts trembled, and no one dared to say another word.

Elder Long glanced at the two of them and they immediately lowered their heads.

“Hmph! A mere ant dares to bark in front of me.”

Then, his gaze landed on Old Master Lu again.

The reason why he wanted to subdue Old Master Lu was because the other party had already broken through to the Ten Domain Martial God Realm.

To the Demon Sect, there was no eternal enemy.
There were only eternal benefits.

Old Master Lu’s cultivation was enough to make their Netherworld Sect value him.
If Elder Long could absorb him into the Netherworld Sect, they would obtain another extraordinary force.

“How is it? Have you considered it?”

Old Master Lu was not going to consider this offer at all.
After all, joining the Demon Sect would mean death.

Even if the Demon Sect did not harm you, the righteous path in the world would not let you off.

As long as one was not stupid, they would basically not choose to join the Netherworld Sect.

“Sorry, our Lu family doesn’t have much say.
We’re not worthy of a large sect like the Netherworld Sect.”

Elder Long’s expression changed slightly.

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“Have you thought it through? You might not be able to bear the price of rejecting our Netherworld Sect!”

Old Master Lu took a deep breath and immediately said, “Yes, I’ve thought about it from the beginning.”

“Alright! Alright! Alright!”

Elder Long was so furious that he said “alright” three times.
The anger in his heart could be imagined.

“Those who obey me will prosper, and those who resist will die.
The Lu family can be wiped out from Heaven Water City.”

Elder Long spat out coldly as the aura in his entire body suddenly erupted.

The six families were all overjoyed.

This Lu family was simply courting death!

Originally, they were worried that the Lu family would control the Heaven Water City.
However, now, they did not have to worry at all.

In front of Elder Long, the Lu family would definitely die!

Even a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal would not be able to save them!

The aura of a fifth level Martial God covered the sky and the earth as it pressed down like a tide.

In the sky, black clouds quickly gathered.

Sensing the overwhelming aura, the hearts of the people from the Lu family trembled as they looked at the sky in fear.

“What a powerful cultivation!”

The disciples of the six families were extremely excited.

The Lu family being humiliated was what they wanted to see the most.

However, at this moment, before Elder Long could attack Old Master Lu, a bolt of lightning suddenly shot from the sky above the Lu family and slashed apart the black cloud on the spot.

“As a mere member of the Netherworld Sect, do you think you have the right to mess with a member of my Lu family?”

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