Lightning surged and attempted to crush Lu Xiaoran with a supreme aura!

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Lu Xiaoran was not to be trifled with either.
He did his best to increase his combat strength and change his fate to resist the heavenly tribulation.

It was as if a shocking phenomenon had been born.

In the sky, there were black clouds that seemed to be pressing down on the sea.

Lightning flashed in the clouds, and explosions sounded everywhere.

On the sea, Lu Xiaoran’s entire body was enveloped in golden light.
He was like a light particle that kept charging at the heavenly lightning as he attempted to rush into the sky.

Shock waves constantly erupted between the clouds and the sea.

The impact energy formed a huge water pit on the surface of the sea.
The water surface kept spreading in all directions and was unable to gather.

Lu Xiaoran wore a divine armor and used the Indestructible Golden Body with all his strength.
He held the Kunlun Sword and the Netherworld Saber in his hands and kept using his moves.

Every lightning bolt was slashed apart by him!

After splitting it, more lightning power descended faster in the blink of an eye.

No matter how powerful or fast Lu Xiaoran’s attack was, the lightning would speed up in the next second.

It was as if there was an eye monitoring it from behind.

Sensing that the might of the lightning was becoming stronger and stronger, Lu Xiaoran’s Battle God Art also continued to increase his strength.

At this moment, every attack he threw was clearly not inferior to a God Realm expert.

The barrier between the heavens and the earth was mercilessly shattered by him and the heavenly tribulation lightning.

Lu Xiaoran gritted his teeth and rose to the sky step by step.

A hundred thousand meters!

Lu Xiaoran was increasing his altitude every second.

Every second, Lu Xiaoran felt that he was one step closer to success.

With every second, Lu Xiaoran also felt that the difficulty of his task was gradually increasing!

However, he was not afraid because he knew that if he could not break through this time, no matter how powerful he was, he would still be an ant!

An ant that could be slaughtered at will!

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If he wanted to accomplish something, he had to be a god!

He needed to be able to kill a god!

After breaking through to a supreme level, no one, no faction, and no rule in the world could pose any threat to him.

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran felt as if his blood was starting to burn.

It was as if an ancient memory had awakened in his bloodline.

A madness that looked down on the world and despised everything flowed in his body.

This powerful feeling that looked down on the world transformed into a light that shot out from his eyes.

At this moment, the lightning clouds in the sky began to tremble.

It was as if they had encountered shocking.

As the fear spread, an extremely powerful mental strength suddenly erupted from the heavenly tribulation, attempting to envelop Lu Xiaoran.

This mental strength was not meant to kill Lu Xiaoran.
Instead, it wanted to find out something from Lu Xiaoran.

Lu Xiaoran’s mind stirred as he acutely sensed this mental strength.

Without any hesitation, he immediately wrapped the blood Elder Tianji had gathered for him.

In the next second, the spirit enveloped the blood and suddenly lost interest.
It quickly disappeared.

Lu Xiaoran took the opportunity to come out from the blood and cut off the last lightning bolt before completely ascending to the sky.

At this moment, the lightning clouds that filled the sky instantly disappeared.
What replaced them was a dense golden aura that filled the sky.
It all entered Lu Xiaoran’s body and crazily refined his body.

Soon, Lu Xiaoran felt his strength increase crazily.
At the same time, the bones and flesh in his body were also undergoing a strange change.

It was as if his body had become stronger!

He estimated that his current physical strength was already enough to resist the strength of the Indestructible Golden Body from before.

His spirit energy had also disappeared, replaced by another force.

Lu Xiaoran knew that this power was the legendary divine power.

After a mortal transcended the tribulation and became a god, the energy in their body would also undergo a huge change.

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Although the previous hot shot, Li Qingfeng, had a mortal body, he could still control this divine power.
This was why his strength was even stronger than a Martial Monarch Realm expert.

In fact, his strength was many times stronger than a Martial Monarch Realm expert.

Lu Xiaoran clenched his fists and sensed how powerful he was at this moment.
He could not help but be somewhat shocked.

Only after experiencing it personally could one truly experience the difference in strength.

Lu Xiaoran felt that with his current palm wind, he could severely injure a Saint Realm expert without using any cultivation technique.

If he used a cultivation technique, he could easily injure a Martial Monarch Realm expert.

After one’s cultivation reached this level, they would be impossible to resist.

No matter how powerful one’s cultivation technique was, it would be impossible for them to resist.

After exhaling slightly, Lu Xiaoran placed his hands behind his back.
With a thought, the spatial barrier in front of him was directly torn apart.

The spatial barrier was as fragile as paper in front of him.

“The current me can already easily tear apart the barrier of this world.
However, the spatial barrier of the Divine World will definitely be much stronger than this world.”

At that time, I’m afraid I won’t be able to tear through the spatial barrier as easily as I do now.

However, it did not matter.
At that time, he would definitely be able to continue cultivating and increase his cultivation speed.

He only needed to find a place.
No, he did not need to find a place.
He could directly go to the Lu family.
Then, he could find a place to hide in the Lu family and cultivate for a few thousand years.
At that time, it would not be too late for him to come out after becoming a big shot.

Soon, Lu Xiaoran returned to the Nameless Sect.

As soon as he returned, he encountered Patriarch Jun.

Ever since this Patriarch Jun broke through to the God Realm, he had not gone to the Divine World to cultivate.
Instead, he had been wandering around the Nameless Sect day and night.

In his words, his current cultivation level was too low.
If he went to the Divine World, he would only be bullied.
He might as well live comfortably in the mortal world for a few days.

After cultivating for more than ten thousand years, he deserved to relax for a few days.

It was said that he had recently pretended to be a young man in his twenties and went to a nearby city to pick up girls.

After becoming a god, he was as carefree as possible.

He did not care that he was a God Realm expert!

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“Sect Master, you’re back.”

Seeing Lu Xiaoran, Patriarch Jun immediately went forward and greeted with a smile.

Lu Xiaoran glanced at him and immediately said indifferently,

“Jun Changming, are you going out to trick little girls again?”

“Sect Master, that’s not true.
I’ve already lived for more than ten thousand years.
How could I do such a shameless thing? Don’t listen to those children in the mountain gate.”

“Nonsense? A few days ago, I heard that a Connate Realm girl came to our Nameless Sect to find you.
It seems that you got her pregnant.”

“Sect Master, you’re wrong.
I’m now a God Realm expert.
My body is already different from a mortal’s.
How could I have gotten her pregnant? She was clearly fooling around outside and got pregnant.
She wanted me to take responsibility for another man’s deed.”

“I can’t be bothered with your personal matters.
However, let me remind you.
It’s best if you don’t get involved in these things.
There’s karma.”

Lu Xiaoran was really afraid that if Jun Changming messed around and abandoned her, he would be doomed.

In his previous life, he had also read a lot of female novels and knew that many women would undergo certain changes after being abandoned.

In short, these women would suddenly rise, become extremely powerful, have abnormal talent, and quickly increase their cultivation before destroying the Nameless Sect!

“Yes, yes, yes.
Don’t worry, Sect Master.
I’ll definitely be more careful.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and tore open the spatial rift to return to his room.

Seeing this scene, Jun Changming’s eyes suddenly widened and he was dumbfounded.

“Did he just tear apart the spatial barrier… isn’t this the ability of a God Realm expert? Why is the sect master starting to use this move now? Isn’t the sect master at the perfected tenth level of the Martial Monarch Realm? Could it be… Hiss…”

Jun Changming immediately felt his scalp turn numb.

The sect master had also become a god!

However, speaking of which, it seemed to be normal for the sect master to become a god.

After all, he was a perfected tenth level Martial Monarch Realm expert and had such heaven-defying talent.
It was not surprising for him to become a god.

However, before the sect master became a god, he was already so powerful.
Now that he had become a god, he was probably even more powerful.

Just as Jun Changming was shocked, a weak voice suddenly sounded in his ear.

“Excuse me, is this a cultivation sect?”

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Jun Changming turned around and his eyes immediately lit up.

She had bright eyes, white teeth, and proper facial features.
She had the gentleness of a girl and the handsomeness of a man.
She was a heroic girl.

This girl suited his taste very well.

Thinking of this, Jun Changming immediately smiled gently.

“Hello, Miss.
How can I help you?”

The woman cupped her hands and said, “It’s like this.
I want to enter this mountain gate to cultivate.
I wonder if you can help recommend me?”

Jun Changming rolled his eyes in his heart.
If one wanted to enter this mountain gate, they would have to be at least a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
A Body Refining Realm trash like her was not even qualified to serve tea and water.

It was even more impossible for Lu Xiaoran to accept her.
If he let her enter the sect, Lu Xiaoran would probably kick him to death.

However, it seemed that a few disciples of the Jun family were stationed nearby so that they could report about the situation of the Jun family.

The other families also had such disciples.
They all provided convenience for the ancestors and experts of the various families to handle the family matters.

Why not lead her to the office of those Jun Family disciples?

They could have a deep conversation about life.

In any case, he had already become a god and did not need to worry about cultivating for the time being.

“Miss, this sect is actually not suitable for you.
This sect is filled with trash.
This sect master has yet to break through to the Connate Realm.”

The woman’s expression immediately turned ugly.

The woman turned around and left.

Jun Changming hurriedly followed.

“Miss, don’t go first.
I have a very good sect here.
Do you want to consider…”

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