“Uh… No need.
I’m used to living on .”

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“Don’t you need a taller mountain? Then do you desire a Dao mate? The path of cultivation is long.
Finding a mate can also make up for a lot of boredom and emptiness.
Do you have any elders or disciples you fancy in the sect? I’ll be your matchmaker.”

“Uh… No need.
I’m still young and don’t want to find a Dao mate for the time being.”

“Tsk tsk, no wonder you were able to have such deep attainments in the path of array formations.
You cultivate wholeheartedly and have no distracting thoughts.
With your attitude, I don’t think you would need to worry about not being able to get results at all.
In order to reward you, I have decided to promote you and invite you to join Heaven Demon Sect’s Elder Group.”

Lu Xiaoran’s mouth twitched.

This sect master was trying very hard to reward him.

There were many elders in the Heaven Demon Sect, but not everyone could enter the Elder Group.
Its status was probably equivalent to a Hall of Fame.
Only the most outstanding elders in the sect were qualified to enter the Elder Group.

After entering the Elder Group, all kinds of benefits, including one’s status, would increase greatly.

Most importantly, every member of the Elder Group would directly be promoted to a Grand Elder after the current generation’s sect master passed away or retired.

From this, it could be seen how much the sect master had bestowed upon him.

“Thank you, Sect Master.”

After entering the Elder Group, Lu Xiaoran was no longer considered as a disciple.

The Sect Master waved his hand and chuckled.

“There’s no need to be so polite.
If you need anything in the future, just let me know.
As long as it is within the sect’s ability, I definitely won’t disappoint you.”

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“Yes, thank you, Sect Master.”

“Alright, that’s all for today.
Elders, disperse.”

Everyone bowed and the sect master left with a smile.
The others immediately went forward to congratulate Lu Xiaoran.

“Congratulations, Elder Lu.

“Congratulations, Elder Lu, for entering the Elder Group.”

All kinds of flattery rolled over from all directions.
Lu Xiaoran only smiled and responded to them one by one.

No matter where you were, if you got promoted and became rich, you would definitely attract a large group of bootlickers.

Lu Xiaoran knew this very well.
At the same time, he also knew very well why the Sect Master valued him so much.

It was because the other party was afraid that he would be enticed and snatched away by the other sects because of his talent in array formations.
This was why the sect master wanted to treat him better.

After all, everyone in this world did things for selfish reasons.

Fortunately, Lu Xiaoran had only revealed 50% of his array formation strength.
He still had 50% of his strength left.
In the future, that remaining strength could help him come up with a backup plan.

After returning to Zhishui Peak, Lu Xiaoran immediately closed the Eight Trigrams Sky Sealing Formation.

A sect guarding the mountain formation had already made him the most dazzling existence in the Heaven Demon Sect.
If this Eight Trigrams Heaven Sealing Formation was exposed, who knew how much trouble it would cause.

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In any case, Lu Xiaoran only closed it and did not withdraw it.
If he wanted to open it, he could do so with just a single thought.

When he returned to the mountain, Yun Lige, who had just finished cultivating, welcomed him immediately.

Lu Xiaoran nodded and looked at his disciple, feeling rather relieved.

Yun Lige replied respectfully, “Master, disciple has just broken through to the fourth level of the Spirit Realm.”

Lu Xiaoran could sense that the cultivation in his own body had also increased a little, but it had not reached the point of advancement and was still at the seventh level of the Shattering Void Realm.

His few disciples were all dragons and phoenixes among men.
As long as he took good care of them, they would definitely reach the Martial Monarch Realm in the future.

He did not know how powerful his cultivation level would be at that time.

However, speaking of which, the more disciples he had, the more trouble Lu Xiaoran would have.

Even if Yun Lige and the others listened to his orders and did not take revenge, those hot shots would still not let them off.

Lu Xiaoran could not let them kill his precious disciple.

Therefore, he had to make arrangements in advance and think of a way to resolve those hackers.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran threw a pile of Essence Energy Pills to Yun Lige.

“Here are 5,000 Essence Energy Pills.
Give it to your junior sister and the junior brother I just took in.
They will help the three of you cultivate.”

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“Master took in another disciple?”

“That’s right.
His name is Fang Tianyuan and he’s your junior brother.
I’m going to enter seclusion and plan something.
During this period, the three of you have to cultivate well and not disturb me casually.”

Lu Xiaoran walked into his house, and Yun Lige’s eyes flickered as his thoughts became active.

“To think that in just a few months, Master has recruited another disciple.
The number of disciples on Zhishui Peak has increased from one to three.
At this rate, my status in Master’s heart will be in danger.”

“No, as the Eldest Senior Brother of Zhishui Peak, how can I be abandoned by Master? I have to become the best disciple.”

Thinking of this, Yun Lige steadied his mind.
He took a deep breath and strode towards his junior sister’s house.

He had decided that while he cultivated diligently, he would also help and supervise his junior sister and junior brother to cultivate well and become a qualified senior brother.

At that time, his master would definitely be deeply moved to see him share his burden.

He thought to himself that he will always be his master’s most trustworthy disciple no matter how many more disciples his master took in.

Soon, he arrived at the door to Ji Wuxia’s room and knocked.

“Junior Sister, are you there?”

The next moment, Ji Wuxia immediately opened the door and cupped her hands.

“Senior Brother, why are you here?”

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Yun Lige originally had his hands behind his back.
When he saw Ji Wuxia, he used one of his hands to take out a few porcelain bottles that contained Essence Energy Pills.

“Wuxia, these are Essence Energy Pills I received from Master to help you cultivate.”

“I see.
Thank you, Senior Brother.”

Ji Wuxia received the medicinal pill and could not help but feel a warm feeling surge in her heart.

1,500 Essence Energy Pills.
Her master was really generous and was really good to her.

If it were in the Purple Peace Imperial Manor, even if she was King Purple Peace’s biological daughter, it would still be impossible for her to obtain such treatment.

After giving out the medicinal pills, Yun Lige put his hand behind his back again.

Then, he said with a solemn expression, “Junior Sister, Master really worked hard for us… to the point that he has forgotten to eat and sleep.
We can’t repay his kindness.
We can only work hard to cultivate to repay him.”

Ji Wuxia’s expression turned solemn as he said seriously, “Senior Brother is right.”

Yun Lige nodded and immediately said, “You’ve been cultivating your True Phoenix Nine Transformations for a long time, right? How far has your cultivation advanced? After all, Master has given you a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique and a large number of Essence Energy Pills… Not to mention he just gave you another batch of Essence Energy Pills.”

Ji Wuxia’s face could not help but reveal an ashamed expression.

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