On Lu Xiaoran’s side, after finishing the matter of subduing the demon beasts, he immediately began to calculate his strength.

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Ji Wuxia’s cultivation had already reached the perfected eighth level of the Emperor Realm.
As the divine soul in her body became more and more formed, her cultivation speed also increased day by day.
He estimated that she would soon reach the Supreme Realm.

Fang Tianyuan was already at the second level of the Supreme Realm.

Zhuge Ziqiong was already at the peak of the tenth level of the Emperor Realm and could step into the Supreme Realm at any time.

Li Changsheng and Song Xinian were both very hardworking.
Now, they had already reached the tenth level of the Supreme Realm and were only a step away from becoming Saint Realm experts.

Song Xinian had already caught up to Li Changsheng.
According to a conservative estimate, Song Xinian would break through to the Saint Realm first.

However, it did not matter.
This was because no matter who broke through first, Lu Xiaoran would still be rewarded in the end.

In this way, there was also the ninth level Supreme Realm Boss Ox, the seventh level Supreme Realm Golden-Armed Divine Ape, the Earth Tiger Bear, and the fifth level Supreme Realm Golden-Winged Eagle.

He had quite a lot of usable combat strength.

As for Buttface… well… it was barely at the first level of the Supreme Realm.

However, Buttface could not use a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
The cultivation technique in its bloodline was also inferior to a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique.

Therefore, strictly speaking, it could not fight those at a higher level.
Its true combat strength was inferior to Ji Wuxia.

Forget it.
In the future, it would stay behind with Lige to take care of the sect.

Just as he finished calculating, a figure quickly approached from outside the Nameless Sect.

That was the secret informant of the Great Zhou Empire who was in charge of delivering information to Lu Xiaoran every day.

Lu Xiaoran tapped his foot and his body instantly disappeared from his spot.

At this moment, chaos was imminent.
Any information was especially important.

The Azure Ox and the other demons strolled around the mountain gate and quickly arrived at the entrance.

After all, the Nameless Sect was really too small.
It was not even as big as the previous Zhishui Peak.
It was only a small hill a few hundred meters long.

As Supreme Realm demons, even if they were just casually wandering around, they could still reach the entrance in a few breaths.

The few demons looked at their master at the foot of the mountain who was chatting with a human.

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“Eh, what is Master saying to that human?”

“I don’t know.
It’s probably some matters between humans.
However, speaking of which, looking at Master from so far away, I wonder if you guys have a feeling that you’ve seen Master’s figure somewhere before.”

“I have to say, I really do feel that way.
Previously, he was standing too close for me to sense it.
Now that Master is far away, I feel like I’ve seen him somewhere before.”

Old Tie, who was in charge of guarding the mountain gate, swept his gaze over the few demons.
Every one of them was a Supreme Realm expert, making him feel deep veneration.

The Azure Ox and the other demons swept their gazes over it.

“A Martial Monarch Realm weapon that became a demon? How rare and powerful.”

Demon beasts had always been born from wombs.
It was pretty rare to see demons that were born from absorbing the essence of the sun and moon for tens of thousands of years.

“Seniors, you’re too kind.
Although I’m a Martial Monarch Realm weapon that has become a demon, I have been unable to unlock my full potential.
Therefore, even now, after receiving Master’s guidance, I can still only unleash the strength of a Supreme Realm expert.”

“It’s fine.
I have a cultivation technique here.
It also belongs to a weapon demon big shot like you.
However, this big shot has already ascended to the God Realm.
Take this cultivation technique and cultivate it.”

The Ancient Bronze Hall trembled and immediately said, “Is… is this really alright? Isn’t this too precious?”

“It doesn’t matter.
In any case, it’s useless in my hands.
Moreover, it’s more or less useful in your hands.
We’re all demons and servants under the same master.
It’s not a problem for us to support each other.”

“Senior, I’m extremely grateful for your kindness.”

“It’s just a small matter.”

“No, this might be an insignificant matter to you seniors, but to me, it’s a huge good thing! At the very least, if it were Buttface, he definitely wouldn’t do such a thing.”

The Azure Ox and the other demons were immediately stunned.

“Who are you talking about?”

“Buttface! The one who returned with you this morning.
The one with the Qilin bloodline.”

“Not just long ago… Speaking of which, it can be considered to be our boss.
This is because it’s the first demon pet Master has subdued.”

The Golden-Winged Eagle :”…”

The Golden-Armed Divine Ape :”…”

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The Earth Tiger Bear :”…”

At this moment, the air was somewhat silent.

“Seniors… What’s wrong? Did I say something wrong?”

“It’s fine.
We’ll go and chat with Buttface.
Continue to guard your mountain gate.”

Take care, seniors.”

When the four demons turned around, the Ancient Bronze Hall could not help but ask in confusion,

“Strange, is it my imagination? Why do I feel that their expressions turned ugly.”

In fact, the expressions of the few big shots were indeed very ugly.
They even felt the urge of killing a certain someone.

No, the urge of killing a certain dog.

This damn Buttface had actually been scamming them from the beginning to the end and had been putting on an act.

No wonder they felt that their master’s back was familiar from afar.

It turned out that they had really seen it before.
Wasn’t their master the one who was chasing after Butfface when they saved Buttface?

This traitor of the demon race was the shame of their entire race!

In the past, they had always thought that dogs were the most honest and down-to-earth existences.

Only now did they know that there was nothing worse than a dog in this world.

From then on, they could no longer look at canine demons seriously.

The few demons arrived at the back of the mountain.
Buttface was lying on the grass and sleeping soundly.
It felt a strange feeling beside it and could not help but rub its eyes and look up.

As soon as it opened its eyes, its gaze met the few demons.

Sensing the killing intent in the eyes of the few demons, Buttface was instantly stunned and revealed a panic expression.

“Brothers, what… what’s the matter?”

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The Azure Ox let out a low roar.

“Buttface, do you think you’re really smart? Do you think we’re stupid?”

Buttface was stunned before shaking its tail and smiling awkwardly.

“Look at what Brother Niu is saying.
My admiration for the few of you is like a surging river.
How can I look down on you?”

“Alright, we’ve decided to resist Master and prepare to escape from here.
We’re prepared to let you take the lead.
Take a stand first and swear to the heavens.”

Buttface’s heart skipped a beat.

“Ah? It’s not that serious, right? We eat and drink well here.
Why should we leave?”

If it really swore to the heavens, it would be finished.

The higher the cultivation of a person or demon beast, the more effective their oath was.
If it swore and did not attack Lu Xiaoran, it would definitely be punished by the heavens.

“No… I just don’t think it’s necessary.
The beast race shouldn’t be slaves, but this place provides food and accommodation.
What’s wrong with that?”

“Damn! This bastard is still pretending? Brothers, beat it up!”

“You damn dog, how dare you lie to us.
Brothers, beat it to death.”

“Pull its hind legs apart and let me show it what a Poison Dragon Drill is!”

At the foot of the mountain, Lu Xiaoran, who had just received a report, suddenly heard a heart-wrenching scream from the mountain gate, making him unable to help but be slightly stunned.

“Eh, why does this voice sound so much like Buttface?”

However, soon, after sensing the mental strength of the few demons through the Beast Control Divine Art, he silently sealed the perception of the Beast Control Divine Art.

“Forget it, it’s good to let them vent.
Otherwise, if they bear a grudge against me, it won’t be easy for them to work for me in the future.”

Shaking his head, Lu Xiaoran immediately entered the Mountain and River State Painting and opened the gift boxes produced by the few of his disciples.

Top-grade God Realm… top-grade God Realm… top-grade God Realm…

Basically, they were all top-grade God Realm weapons and divine pills.

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Lu Xiaoran’s Mountain and River State Painting was already filled.

He really did not care about these things.

However, just as he was opening gift bags, he suddenly received a strange item.

Divine Dao True Intent x1.

The Divine Dao True Intent could increase a God Realm cultivation technique to an automated divine technique.
It was an existence above the God Realm.

The automated divine technique had an unbelievable strength.
It could completely fuse the cultivation technique into one’s body and bloodline.
There was no need to circulate it manually and it could circulate on its own permanently.

To be honest, even a God Realm cultivation technique had to be circulated in the body.

Although the circulation speed was already very fast, perhaps less than 0.001 seconds, it still had a limit.

Moreover, the higher one’s cultivation level was, the faster and stronger their combat speed would be.
A small difference in time often resulted in a huge impact on the outcome.

Perhaps that difference of 0.001 will cost one his life, causing him to die without a burial place.

However, when Lu Xiaoran was in high spirits and wanted to upgrade and learn the automated divine technique, he accidentally discovered that he could not cultivate the automated divine technique now.

The automated divine technique cultivation could only be cultivated after reaching the God Realm.

This made Lu Xiaoran very speechless.

However, Lu Xiaoran quickly adjusted his mentality.

In any case, he would be able to cultivate it sooner or later.
On this continent, everyone cultivated Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques anyway.
There might be very few hot shots who had the chance to cultivate God Realm cultivation techniques, but no one cultivated automated divine techniques.

Therefore, he did not have to worry at all that others would surpass him.

After settling the gift box, Lu Xiaoran finally summoned Yun Lige and the others.

This was because he had just obtained some new information.

It was information about the hot shots.

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