“Yes, you have to believe in yourself.
Because you’re a hot shot, anything you find will definitely be the best among the best.”

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Fang Aotian could not help but smack his lips and frown.

“But why do I feel that you’re wrong? This thing tastes strange.
It’s somewhat salty, bitter, and astringent.
There’s even a fishy smell.
However, I don’t feel any spirit energy or other energy at all.”

“That’s just your personal opinion.
In fact, it’s indeed a good thing.”

“Now that you mention it, I do seem to sense something different.”

Fang Aotian took a deep breath and began to circulate the spirit energy in his body to speed up the consumption of the liquid in his stomach.

Then, he tried to act generous and said,

“Although I was the one who found this liquid, I, Fang Aotian, am not the type to monopolize it.
The two of you, drink a little too.”

Nalan Hongyu was overjoyed and immediately reached out to receive the bronze bottle.

This was what she had always been looking forward to the most.
She wanted to find a hot shot and follow him to advance quickly.

She had been stuck at the Supreme Realm for countless years.
Now that she had obtained this liquid, it was very likely that her bottleneck would loosen.
She could welcome a new level.

However, just as she was about to drink it, Fang Aotian shouted,

“Fairy Hongyu, don’t drink it all.
Remember to leave some for Brother Liushui to prevent him from feeling unbalanced.”

He had said this deliberately to suppress Li Liushui’s arrogance.

They were both hot shots.
However, from the beginning until now, Li LIushui had always been arrogant and cold.
Moreover, he kept looking down on him.
If he did not take the opportunity to suppress his arrogance, he would soon forget his own surname.

Unexpectedly, just as he finished speaking, Li Liushui said leisurely,

“No need.
I’m not interested in piss.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the air instantly fell silent.

A moment later, Nalan Hongyu stuffed the bronze bottle back into Fang Aotian’s hand.

“I’m already a Supreme Realm expert.
Among the three of us, your cultivation is the lowest.
Why don’t you increase your cultivation first?”

Fang Aotian’s face immediately twitched fiercely.

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“Li Liushui, what makes you think this is urine?”

“Won’t you know if you take a look yourself? You only swept your divine sense over it just now and rushed to drink it.
You were afraid that she and I would snatch it, so you didn’t check carefully with your divine sense, right?”

As soon as he said this, Fang Aotian snorted.

“You’re slandering me! You didn’t even drink this holy water and yet you’re already making assumptions.
I bet you just want me to give up this holy water completely! Do you really think I’ll fall for your tricks? I’ll seal it now.
You won’t even be able to get a single drop.”

With that said, he directly put the bronze bottle into his Ancient Bronze Hall and turned to leave the ancient tomb.

Nalan Hongyu was silent for a moment.

She could actually tell that what Li Liushui said might be true.

However, Fang Aotian would definitely not admit it.

It was useless even if he was beaten to death.

However, at the current moment, she was more bothered by something else.
There was actually a serious problem.

Why was there urine here?

Moreover, why was the urine warm?

There was only one explanation for this.
Someone had just come to this ancient tomb.

It was impossible for this place to be haunted because this Emperor Realm expert had already died for thousands of years and had long become a skeleton.
Moreover, it was possible for him to possess a body, but it was definitely impossible for him to pee.

“Looks like someone got here before we did.
The treasures in these ancient tombs have all been swept clean.”

“Damn it, but who could it be?”

Nalan Hongyu gritted her teeth and clenched her fists tightly, her eyes filled with sharp killing intent.

Li Liushui sighed slightly and said, “If I’m not wrong, it should be that Lu Xiaoran.”

Nalan Hongyu’s expression changed.
Although she did not really want to believe it, what Li Liushui said was very reasonable.

In the entire Great Zhou, other than Lu Xiaoran, no one else was capable of something like this.

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“How did this damn guy do this?”

“Who knows? However, this is good.
Now, things have become even more interesting.”

The corner of Li Liushui’s mouth curled up slightly because the system’s voice sounded in his mind again.

Ding! The highest-level mission has been released.
Kill Lu Xiaoran.
Mission reward: directly ascend to God Realm! Do you accept the mission? ‘

Li Liushui’s heart instantly stopped.

Was the reward for killing Lu Xiaoran so generous?

How could he not accept such a good mission?

Li Liushui vowed that he would definitely behead Lu Xiaoran and take his decapitated head!

As the two of them flew out of the ancient tomb, Fang Aotian was already outside crazily rinsing his mouth at the side.

Seeing the two of them come out, he immediately pretended to be calm and composed, swallowing back the bit of urine he had forced out with his spirit energy.

This made Fang Aotian almost collapse.

As soon as he came out, he took out the bronze bottle and poured out the urine inside.

After confirming that it was indeed urine, he did not hesitate to use his spirit energy to drink a large mouthful of water and wash his stomach clean.

Previously, when he was in the ancient tomb, he had already used spirit energy to speed up his digestion and had digested a lot of urine.

Now, it was not easy for him to wash out the remaining bit in his stomach.
In the end, when Li Liushui and the others saw this, he had no choice but to swallow the urine back.

At this moment, Fang Aotian swore in his heart that he would find the owner of this urine no matter what and then chop him up to feed the dogs!

“Let’s go to the next ancient tomb.”

“No, I’m afraid we won’t be able to find anything good in the other ancient tombs.
Now, let’s change our method and go to a street stall.
The two of you are both hot shots.
You will be able to find some powerful items that others will fail to recognize.
For example, weapons, cultivation techniques, medicinal pills, and so on.”

“Is this method effective?”

Fang Aotian had already begun to doubt Nalan Hongyu.

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Nalan Hongyu smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry.
I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed this time.”

“Hmph! Then I’ll believe you one last time.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Fang Aotian stomped his foot and instantly flew towards the nearby city.

Nalan Hongyu stood beside Li Liushui and gently ruffled her beautiful hair.
She showed her beautiful side profile to Li Liushui and leaned towards him.

However, Li Liushui only glanced at her before snorting and directly leaving without looking at her at all.

“I’m a clean freak.
I don’t like old second-hand things.”

Nalan Hongyu was so furious that she almost collapsed.

Because she saw that Fang Aotian was unreliable and had drunk someone else’s pee, she no longer had any thoughts about Fang Aotian.

Therefore, she leaned towards the cold Li Liushui.

However, she did not expect Li Liushui to directly ridicule her mercilessly and not give her any face at all.
She was simply furious.

“Why are you acting all high and mighty? You’re only a hot shot and not the chosen one.
Do you really think you’re a big shot? After I kill Lu Xiaoran and snatch his luck, I’ll wait for you to suck up to me!”

The three of them quickly arrived at the nearby city, but they did not see any stalls near the city.

This puzzled the three of them.

It had to be known that cultivators flowed in and out of many areas and the stalls were never fixed.

As for ordinary supplies, such as medicinal pills, cultivation techniques, weapons, and the like, they were also monopolized by the few large chain stores in the Great Zhou.
Therefore, the cultivators’ favorite way of trading was through street stalls.

However, the streets of this city were basically empty.
Almost no one could be seen.

Could it be that there was a problem with this city?

Fang Aotian stopped a passerby in the city and took out a low-grade spirit stone.

“Friend, can I ask you something? Why is there no one setting up stalls in this city?”

The cultivator smiled and received the spirit stones.

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“Of course.
However, the Great Zhou has a law now.
All street vendors have to be gathered in one place and are not allowed to casually set up their stalls in random locations.
Everyone has been gathered in the newly planned area in the southeast of the city.
If you want to trade, you can go to the southeast area of the city.”

“What? When did this happen?”

Fang Aotian could not help but be somewhat shocked.

“It happened more than half a month ago.
The Great Zhou now has a new emperor.
Not only that, but they have also issued several laws in a row.”

“First, they destroyed the Acacia Faction.
Then, he issued new laws for the stalls and auction houses.”

“What did you say? The Acacia Faction is gone?”

Nalan Hongyu’s mind instantly seemed to have been struck by lightning.

“That’s right! The Acacia Faction has all been disbanded.
All the fairies have now been recruited by the various large sects.
They have also issued three wanted posters for the chief of the Ancient Ape Tribe, Fang Aotian, the original Acacia Faction’s sect master, Nalan Hongyu, and the peerless genius, Li Liushui.”

Nalan Hongyu staggered two steps back, her face as pale as wax.

She originally wanted to use Fang Aotian and Li Liushui’s luck to go searching for treasures and increase her cultivation.
However, she did not expect to be plotted against like this.

She was prepared to quickly increase her cultivation after snatching away Lu Xiaoran’s luck!

Even if she used her toes to think, she could still guess who the mastermind behind all this was.

Other than Lu Xiaoran, she really did not expect anyone else to be able to do this.
Who else would specifically target her!?

“Eh! Why do I feel that the three of you look very familiar? Wait, could it be that you’re the three people wanted by the Great Zhou Imperial Family?”

As soon as the other party finished speaking, this person’s heart and soul were directly punched through by Fang Aotian.

“This damn Lu Xiaoran actually schemed against us to this extent.”

Nalan Hongyu even gritted her teeth and said coldly, “The Acacia Faction that I spent hundreds of years of blood, sweat, and tears to establish has actually been completely eradicated by the Great Zhou Empire.
The intelligence-gathering organization that I painstakingly established over the past hundreds of years and the 90 billion top-grade spirit stones… are all gone now!”

The air fell into silence.
After a long time, Fang Aotian could not help but ask, “If you have so much money, why didn’t you say so earlier? With so many spirit stones, it’s enough for us to buy a few Martial Monarch Realm weapons in a stronger empire!”

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