The inside of this mansion was even more luxurious than the outside. I was astonished at how beautiful this place looked. Everything looked morden and quite pricey, the furniture in front of me looked as though it cost a fortune. The front door of this luxurious mansion opened to a room that looked like a lobby or a lounge room. It had a bar stand and beautiful paintings, and there was even a beautiful black piano at the corner.

Ace had told me to sit in one of the couches as he went to look for someone. While I sat alone in the room, I looked at the grand piano in admiration. Id seen quite a few before but Id never gotten a chance to play them. I yearned to touch this one in particular because of how big and shiny it was. Almost as if it was brand new.

The decor of this place was indeed very nice. Mom wouldve loved it, and Jamie wouldve probably broken a few things already and mom would be scolding him. Jamie was very… straightforward and quite outspoken, if he wanted to do something or say something, he would always just go for it. While l, on the other hand, was always timid and controlled myself.

I remember when mom would take Jamie and I with her to one of her friends houses, mom would constantly scold Jamie for touching things and breaking them, while I would snicker at the scene. Tears began falling down my cheeks and I started to cry uncontrollably.

Im never going to see my mom again. Ill never get goodnight kisses from her, I would never taste her delicious homemade food, Ill never get reassuring hugs when I had a bad day. I was never going to have a girl talk with her and listen to her funny ex-boyfriend stories. I was never going to hear her hilarious jokes or tease her. I was never going to watch cheesy romcom movies with her. I was never going to have all those moments again.

Even Jamie was gone too. Who was going to beat up all my bullies now? Who was going to make silly faces for me to laugh when I was sad? I was never going to hear his stupid but hilarious jokes, I was never going to laugh at him for trying to cook dinner and burn it. And I was never going to have someone to give me silly hairstyles everytime I needed my hair done.

I heard laughing coming from the hallway that Ace had disappeared to, so I quickly wiped the tears, not wanting anyone to see me crying. He mustve been talking to a woman because I heard a loud feminine voice laughing as well.

I was right, because a woman around her late fifties followed behind him as he popped out from the hallway. She had brunette hair that seemed to be graying and she was wearing an apron. Please don be an evil stepmother.

The woman let out a small giggle as she saw me and I immediately looked at my fingers, scared to face her.

”Thats her? My goodness, shes such a cutie! ” The woman spoke cheerfully as she made her way to me, Ace trailing behind her.

”Juliet, this is Irma, she helps out around the house. ” Ace introduced. I was a bit surprised that he called me by my first name, since hes been calling me Ms, the whole day.

I had to admit, it felt really strange hearing that name, considering not many people called me it. Mom and Jamie always called me Joy, moms sister Alicia called me Joy, as well as my friends from school and most of the teachers at my school.

Oh God, school. Id totally forgotten about it. Im going to have to change schools but was that even possible, right now? I mean summer holidays were approaching, schools would be closing in a matter of weeks and we had already started writing the final examinations. Could I be enrolled into another school this late? I didn want to change schools, making new friends was hard and I also didn want to repeat the grade. Id be starting high school after summer.

”Its nice to meet you, Irma. ” I muttered shyly, under my breath, while nervously fiddling with my fingers. I always get nervous when meeting new people.

”Its quite a pleasure, meeting you as well, sweetheart. ” Irma beamed at me. ”You must be starving! Dinner is almost ready, so lets go to the dining room. ”

She held out her hand and I took it, ready to follow her to wherever the dining room was in this gigantic house. ”Well, Ill get going then. Have a good evening, ladies. ” Ace bid us goodbye before he left.

We walked into this beautiful, modern and spacious living room with cool couches and a view of the backyard, which wasn your normal backyard. I could see the large swimming pool outside, through the glass walls. I could also see forests and mountains and It was a bit scary since it was dark.

A serial killer could be easily hiding in there.

I wonder what it would be like in the morning.

”Sweetie, make yourself at home, while I go dish up. Those are your brothers. ” I nodded and she left.

It was only then that I noticed the three handsome boys who looked a bit older than me, present in the room. One was sitting on the couch, focused on watching the huge TV in the room, next to him was another boy who looked exactly like him, twins, he was asleep. And the last one, was sitting on a chair for one person, texting away on the latest E.M phone. These people must be loaded. That phone was more expensive than my life.

I nervously went on to sit on the other chair for one person. ”Hello. ” I said shyly to the two boys.

”What up, kid. Im Liam. ” The one watching TV introduced himself with a friendly smile on his face. He then pointed at the sleeping boy. ”This dork over here, is Walter. ” He said jokingly.

”And last but not least, we have Mr serious guy, Harry. ” He said, pointing at the one texting, he got a glare from him and he chuckled at that. The nickname seemed to fit Harry, he looked like he was always serious, but I could be wrong since Ive only just met him anyway.

”Nice to meet you. ” I muttered shyly, staring at my fingers.

”Well, whats your name, then? ” Liam asked. I really appreciated his sweet gesture of trying to make conversation with me.

”Im Joy. ” I muttered in a very, very low voice that he almost didn hear me. I wasn very good at making conversation and it was extremely awkward for me.

Just then, Irma shouted. ”Dinners ready, come eat. ”

Thank goodness, I wouldve eventually embarrassed myself.

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