Making Her Angry

The class erupted into even louder screams
This time, it was not only girls but also the boys.

Shen Man felt jealous gazes cast from all directions.
The otherwise lovely girls, especially Lin Shu behind her, glared at her fiercely with gritted teeth.

Shen Man lowered her head indifferently and opened her workbook, directly ignoring the male lead besides her.
Shao Qi glanced at Shen Man with no emotion in his cold eyes.
He just put his head down on his desk and slept, ignoring everything that’s happened.

Lin Shu bit her lip angrily and poked Shen Man on the back with a pen.
She arrogantly demanded, “Change seats with me.”
“Nope” Shen Man refused with a smile.

Lin Shu became even angrier.
Tan Kai’s expression wasn’t good-looking either.
He stared at the black back in front of him, got up and said, “Shen Man, I want to change seats with you.”
“Okay.” Shen Man happily agreed.

The two of them changed their seats.
Now, Shen Man sat with Lin Shu, and Tan Kai sat with Shao Qi.

Lin Shu’s face lit up and she suddenly stood up.
Looking at Tan Kai, she said, “Switch seats with me.”
“I don’t want to switch, it’s pretty nice here.” Tan Kai replied while paying attention to Shen Man’s reaction from the corner of his eye.
After he finished speaking, he also put his head down and slept.
Lin Shu couldn’t get Tan Kai to move no matter how many times she called him, so she could only sit back down.

Shen Man smiled softly as she turned over and approached Lin Shu.
She said in a volume that only they could hear, “Just sit next to me.
If you still insist on changing seats with Tan Kai, I will take that seat back.”
“What do you mean by this? Do you want to go against me?” Lin Shu was furious, and her little face was flushed with anger.

Shen Man smiled and didn’t answer, she just lowered her voice, “Don’t worry, I won’t fight with you for him.”
Lin Shu’s ears itched and shook her head before opening her workbook with an angry blush.

The bell rang and the teacher entered the classroom.
The lively classroom quieted down in an instant.

During class, Shen Man listened carefully.
From the corner of her eyes, she glanced at Lin Shu’s workbook and noticed it had the name “Shao Qi” densely packed everywhere on the page.

Shen Man stared for a few moments before putting down her pen and turning her head to look at Lin Shu with a teasing smile.
“Why’re you looking at me?” Lin Shu said dissatisfiedly as she hurriedly covered the page with her arm.

“Pay attention in class.
Workbooks are used to take notes, not write irrelevant things.” Shen Man reprimanded.
Hearing this, Lin Shu was unhappy, but she couldn’t refute her.

Shen Man continued to listen carefully.
Lin Shu relaxed and looked at Shao Qi quietly.

As soon as her eyes roamed over to the side, she was met with Shen Man’s deep stare.
Lin Shu was shocked and looked like a guilty thief.
She immediately withdrew her gaze and listened honestly.

This class passed quickly for Shen Man.
For Lin Shu, it was a terribly long time.
As for the two boys in the front, they directly slept through the whole thing.

Shen Man stopped writing and shook her cramped hand.
She was too used to typing on a computer in her office.
Writing so many words by hand for the first time in a long time, her wrist was terribly sore.

“Please don’t shake the table” said the male lead in the front row who suddenly turned around with a cold look on his face.
After that, he continued to lie down and sleep.
Shen Man stopped and turned her head to see Lin Shu’s eyes, wide in surprise.

“This is the first time he has talked to anyone.
His voice is so beautiful.” Lin Shu was jealous at first, but it was soon replaced by excitement.
Tan Kai saw and his face turned black.
“He’s not mute.
Why are you so dramatic?”

“What do you know?” Lin Shu rolled her eyes and said with disgust, “If you talk less, maybe more girls would like you.”
“I am the representative of a sunny, bright youth.” Tan Kai refuted loudly.

Shen Man quietly watched the two quarrel.
The relationship between the two is like that of iron brothers.
The second male lead was said to be Lin Shu’s friend.
But in fact, he acted more like an older brother taking care of his little sister.
Lin Shu treated him as an irreplaceable best friend.

But Shen Man just didn’t understand.
Why did Lin Shu like the hero so much, to the point it drove her crazy?

Shen Man pulled Lin Shu’s wrist and ended the increasingly childish quarrel between the two.
Lin Shu snorted angrily and turned her head to Shen Man with a frown.
She brushed off her arm and asked, “What do you want?”

“I have a question.” Shen Man glanced at her own wrist and lowered her voice.
Lin Shu trembled and explained with a guilty conscience, “Who made you grab my wrist first?”
After a second, she seemed to regain her confidence and became domineering again, “And I don’t want to answer.”

Shen Man ignored her and whispered, “Why do you like Shao Qi?”
“He is so perfect and many girls like him.” Lin Shu answered matter-of-factly.

Shen Man frowned and she scrunched up her eyebrows, “You mean, you only liked him because of his face?”
“Of course not.” Lin Shu replied, smiling proudly, “I also need to take into consideration his family background, figure, grades, and personality.”
Shen Man: “…….”

In conclusion, this eldest lady only looked at his outer appearance.
The plot needed her to like the male lead just because and there was no touching backstory behind them.

Soon, the second class began.
Shen Man rested her face on one hand and fidgeted a pen in the other.
The black pen flew between her pale fingers, spinning beautifully.

Lin Shu looked at her in surprise and asked in a low voice, “How did you do that?”
“Huh?” Shen Man stopped.
She followed Lin Shu’s eyes to her fingers, and then finally understood what she said.
She smiled nonchalantly, “With my hand.”
“…….” Lin Shu gritted her teeth.

Then, she began trying to figure out out to spin her pen.
Shen Man chuckled and went back to carefully listening to class.

The teacher talked about the lesson on the board and paused, asking, “Next, may I have a student answer this question?”
He lowered his head to scan the attendance list for a moment and said, “Lin Shu, try answering this question.”

Lin Shu squeezed her pen and stood up with a blank face.
She stood silently for a while, then signaled for help towards Shen Man with her eyes..

“Choose C.” Shen Man wrote on the paper.
Lin Shu quickly shouted, “I choose C.”

The whole class erupted into laughter.
Lin Shu immediately realized that she had been tricked by Shen Man and glared at her angrily.
Shen Man stared back with a big smile, unafraid.

The teacher had no choice but to let Lin Shu sit down.
Looking at the attendance again, he said, “Shao Qi, please answer this question.”
He repeated this several times, with no answer.

Hearing this, Tan Kai knocked on the table next to him, and said coldly, “The teacher told you to get up and answer the question.”
“I don’t know the answer.” Shao Qi looked up just to say that and continued to sleep.

Lin Shu immediately raised her hand and shouted, “Shen Man says she knows the answer and wants to answer the question.”
The students’ eyes suddenly focused on Shen Man.

Shen Man glanced at Lin Shu, got up, and calmly answered the question.
Her voice was soft, and the smile on her face was very gentle.
The teacher smiled with satisfaction, “Please sit back down.”

Shen Man sat down and turned her head towards Lin Shu.
Those shallow eyes were full of laughter, which was tantamount to provocation for Lin Shu.
Lin Shu face froze into ice cubes.
She sneered and listened to the rest of the lesson.

The second class ended with a 20-minute break.
The next class was a double period right next door.

Shen Man put away her workbook and pen neatly in her schoolbag.
She stood up and walked out, casually sweeping her eyes through the crowd standing near the door.
When he looked at one of the girls, the other party quickly turned away pretended to look elsewhere.

Shen Man stopped and frowned, looking back at the girl.
She looked a little familiar.

“Ding Qian, bring my bag there for me.” Lin Shu said when she walked out the door.
Ding Qian quickly took her schoolbag.

Hearing this name, Shen Man immediately remembered.
This was the girl who suddenly ran over that night and told Lin Shu they made a mistake.

According to this piece of info and Lin Shu’s confused expression back then, she concluded that they teamed up to teach her a lesson, but accidentally gave the aphrodisiac by mistake.
Because of that mistake, she and Lin Shu had a spring breeze.

Shen Man found a seat against the wall and sat down.
Seeing Ding Qian coming in, Shen Man tilted her head and smiled.
Ding Qian dodged her eyes, hurriedly put Lin Shu’s schoolbag in an empty position, and ran out.

Letting out a chuckle, Shen Man tried to recall Ding Qian’s role in the novel.
After thinking about it for a while, she didn’t remember anyone mentioning her.
Ding Qian was probably just a cannon fodder character, helping Lin Shu run errands and highlighting Lin Shu’s domineering setting.

Lin Shu came out of the bathroom and saw Ding Qian’s expression, which was like she’d just seen a ghost.
She frowned and asked, “What happened? Who bullied you?”
Ding Qian hurriedly shook her head.
She looked left and right at the passing students and then pulled Lin Shu to a quiet corner, whispering, “Are you and Shen Man alright?”

Lin Shu jumped and her tone cooled down, “What do you mean?”
“I don’t have any other thoughts.” Ding Qian blushed and waved her hands frantically, explaining in embarrassment, “I heard that that kind of medicine needs to solved in that way.”

Lin Shu finally understood what she meant by “that kind” and “that” this time around.
Last time, she pretended to understand when she really didn’t, leading to a big loss.

Lin Shu stared at Ding Qian and warned fiercely, “Don’t mention this matter again.”
“But Shen Man…” Ding Qian hesitated and was a little scared.

“You don’t have to be afraid of her, just pretend it never happened.” Lin Shu said with anger.
Ding Qian didn’t dare to say anything more.

Lin Shu returned to the classroom with a bad face.
Seeing Shen Man, she gave just gave her a humph and moved out of her sight to find her seat.

Shen Man laughed softly.
Then a shadow fell over her, followed by Tan Kai’s voice, “Can I sit here?”

Shen Man didn’t answer.
Lin Shu stood up and told Tan Kai, “Sit behind me.”
Next to her is Ding Qian.

Tan Kai looked around.
Under Lin Shu’s increasingly angry eyes, he walked over and sat down.

“Lin Shu, your attitude towards Shen Man just now is a little interesting,” Tan Kai said.
“Who asked you to mind our business,” Lin Shu replied angrily.

Today, Shen Man made a fool out of her in front of everyone, especially Shao Qi.
Lin Shu couldn’t just swallow this one.

“Don’t be so conniving, Shen Man is just joking with you.
Who told you not to listen carefully in class.” Tan Kai lectured.
Lin Shu was even angrier, “Are you helping me or her?”
Tan Kai shut his mouth.

From Lin Shu’s expression, Shen Man understood that she was still mad about the wrong answer given to her in the previous class.
She didn’t know how long it would take for this young lady’s anger to subside.

Shen Man hooked her lips in an arc and held an unabated smile in her eyes.

The author has something to say:
About the set up of the school in my novel, it’s just my private settings.
Please don’t bring reality into it~

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Hello there, just want to share that while searching for the NU link on Google, I found our translations of ReadWN.
It was unexpected and I think they’re getting ad revenue from it.

Although we don’t get ad revenue from this, we would just like to say thank you for supporting the genuine version by reading here! Seeing your activity on my dashboard makes me really happy.

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