At four o’clock in the afternoon, Aunt He came back with one large bag and one small bag in her hands.

Shen Man glanced at it and saw that they were some local specialties.

“Miss Lin, Manman, sorry to keep you waiting.” Aunt He said with a smile, and hurriedly took out the key from her pocket.

“It’s okay, we were the ones who forgot to bring the key.” Shen Man shook her head gently.

Lin Shu stood on the side with a cold little face.

When she heard Shen Man say ‘we’, her heart pounded, and her face became a little better.

Aunt He opened the door, stepped aside, and let the two go in first.

Lin Shu entered the door, changed her shoes, and went straight back to her room.

Shen Man stood at the door, looked at Aunt He and said, “I’ll help you with it.”

“No, no, go and rest, I’ll be making dinner soon.” Aunt He said with a smile, quickly changed her shoes and went to the kitchen.

Shen Man glanced at Lin Shu’s room, stood there thinking for a while, and walked to the kitchen.

Seeing Shen Man coming in, Aunt He hurriedly said, “Manman, I don’t need your help here.”

Shen Man shook her head and helped carry the vegetables.

She had long, slender fingers.
She held the beans with two fingers, and when she folded them lightly, the inner beans fell out.

When Aunt He saw it, she smiled and said, “Manman’s hands are so beautiful, they are not suitable for rough work.”

Shen Man hooked her lips, picked up another bean bean, lowered her head and said, “Shu Shu’s hands are good-looking, delicate and tender, and she is a real lady who doesn’t touch the spring water with ten fingers.”

Hearing this, Aunt He laughed and sighed again.

Shen Man raised her head with a curious look, “Why are you sighing?”

“I feel sorry for Miss Lin.” Aunt He whispered, glanced outside the kitchen and saw no figure of Lin Shu, and then continued to lower her voice, “Miss Lin has no mother to take care of her since she was a child and Mr.
Lin is busy with his career, so he doesn’t care.
He asks a nanny to take care of her all year round so Miss Lin is always alone.”

“Because of this situation, Miss Lin has a bit of a temper.
I’ve been a nanny in the Lin family for almost five years, but I still don’t dare to talk to her.” When she said this, Aunt He showed a trace of fear on her face.

After hearing this, Shen Man’s eyes flashed with surprise, lowered her head, and continued preparing vegetables.

She hadn’t heard anyone talk about the life experience of the villainess before.
Most readers probably wouldn’t even care about this small detail when they read the novel.

They wouldn’t know that the author’s casual settings would be the eternal scars in Lin Shu’s heart.

As for what happened earlier, Lin Shu overly emotional behavior towards her father’s words were reasonable.

“I hope Miss Lin can meet someone who truly loves her and can tolerate her in the future.” Aunt He said with emotion.

Shen Man’s eyes flickered slightly and her movement of preparing the beans stopped.
After a while, she said, “I hope so too.”

In the original book, Lin Shu had a bad ending.

Even after exhausting all means, she couldn’t get the person she liked, and her limelight was stolen by an ordinary person like the heroine.

The story of a beautiful girl from a wealthy family was abruptly ended by the heroine’s Mary Sue halo.

And now the heroine is her.

Shen Man has no interest in having a bloody sadomasochistic relationship with the male lead and the second male lead.

Perhaps, Lin Shu can get what she wants now.

Shen Man thought about it, and felt a little uncomfortable in her heart.

She put down the dishes, washed her hands and said, “Aunt He, I will go back to the room first.”

“Okay, go and rest.” Aunt He said with a smile, and couldn’t help but praise her, “With a gentle and kind friend like you by her side, I don’t think Miss Lin will be lonely anymore.”

Shen Man just smiled.


Aunt He made four dishes and one soup.
The four bowls of dishes were all meat dishes— even the soup contained meat.

Shen Man glanced at it and asked, “Aunt He, aren’t there more vegetables in the fridge? Why don’t you stir-fry some leafy greens?”

“Miss Lin doesn’t like leafy greens.” Aunt He said as she put bowls of rice on the table.

When Lin Shu came over after washing her hands, she heard the conversation between the two.
Glancing at Shen Man and she replied, “Aunt He knows me well and won’t cook those unpalatable green vegetables.”

Her arrogant eyes were full of disgust.

Shen Man gave her a small smile and reminded, “You ate more than half of the leafy greens I fried yesterday, including the last piece.”

Lin Shu looked stiff and quickly denied, “I didn’t eat much, you ate it all.

Shen Man smirked and no longer argued.

Lin Shu lowered her head with a guilty conscience and stared at her bowl intently.

Aunt He watched the two bickering with a look of relief in her eyes.

After the two of them finished eating, Aunt He cleaned up the dishes.

Lin Shu went back to the room to play with her cell phone, while Shen Man stayed to help.

“Manman, it’s as expected.
With you here, Miss Lin is much better.
When she eats, she is always picky about the dishes I make.
She thinks this one is too spicy or that one is too bland.
But now she didn’t say a word today.” she confided with a smile.

“If she is so vicious, why did you insist on staying?” Shen Man asked.

Hearing this, Aunt He laughed.
Her sympathy for Lin Shu outweighed her fear, so she whispered, “She is also a pitiful child.
In fact, her nature isn’t bad, she is just spoiled.”

“Children from rich families are inevitably a little arrogant.”

Shen Man was noncommittal.

After helping Aunt He clean up, Shen Man went to the door of Lin Shu’s room and knocked.

Lin Shu opened the door, saw Shen Man, and asked angrily, “What!”

“There is something I want to make clear with you.” Shen Man said.

The orange light from the corridor shone on her side, casting a shadow.

Those black pupils faintly shone with a hint of golden light, emanating a soul-stirring seriousness.

Lin Shu was stunned and felt an invisible sense of oppression.

She stared at her unwillingly and glared back, “Speak up if you have something to say!”

“I plan to live here for just a year.
After one year, I will leave, so you don’t have to bother finding a way to drive me away.” Shen Man raised the corners of her lips and looked at her with a smile.

Lin Shu knew her thoughts were revealed and her face flushed with anger.
Then, she frowned in consideration.

Shen Man smiled and waited quietly.

After a year, Lin Shu will leave this city to study abroad.

And the reason Shen Man wanted to stay here for a year is because she wants to use this time to start a business and build her own company.

She would have stable living conditions and can talk to rich people who live in this high-end community.
This would be more conducive for her entrepreneurship.

In addition, Lin Shu’s father is well-connected, so she can get some benefits by the virtue of her status as Lin Shu’s friend.

Starting a business is hard work.

She suffered a lot in her last life, suffered countless scornful eyes, and deeply understood the true meaning of “one more friend is one more path to take”.

“Okay, you can live here for just a year and not a day more than that.” Lin Shu said, with a triumphant smile on her face.

After a pause, she said, “But I have one condition.”

“What condition?” Shen Man asked with a smile.

“Don’t try competing with me for Shao Qi.” Lin Shu said.
She raised her chin and her eyes were full of confidence that she was bound to win.

Shao Qi?

Oh, it’s male lead’s name.

Shen Man’s eyes narrowed slightly, and her smile deepened.

Those who knew her would know that she is angry.

Lin Shu didn’t notice anything and with pride, she stared at Shen Man, threatening in a low voice, “If you dare to like Shao Qi, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Shen Man still chuckled lightly, her slender fingers brushing the hair back behind her ears.

She narrowed her eyes and sighed, “I like women.”

Lin Shu’s heart skipped a beat and she turned her head slightly, avoiding her gaze.
“This is for the best.”

As soon as she said that,  she slammed the door shut.

Shen Man stood on the spot, her eyes dark and unclear.

What came to her mind was the beautiful appearance of Lin Shu blushing under her body.


Shen Man went back to her room and looked at the date on her phone.
It was Sunday.

That means school starts tomorrow.

Graduating for so long, returning to campus is an interesting thing for her.

After playing with all kinds of people in society, it would be a relaxing and pleasant experience to get along with this group of young and innocent students.

It’s just that she still doesn’t really know what the setting of this aristocratic school is.

According to the general description in the novel, the teaching staff should be very powerful.

Shen Man thought seriously.

Her phone rang suddenly, and a message popped up.

“Shen Man, what do you want for breakfast tomorrow? I’ll bring it for you.” Tan Kai wrote.

“No, thank you, I will go to school after having breakfast tomorrow.” Shen Man replied.

“Well, if you have anything you want to eat, you can tell me, and I’ll buy it for you.” Tan Kai replied in seconds.

Based on the two days of contact, Shen Man can make a first judgement that the second male lead Tan Kai is a sunny boy full of energy.

He is a boy who is brave but shy about love, and a gentleman who does not force others.

Such an excellent wealthy young man was actually led astray by Lin Shu and in the end, became a villain that everyone hated.

This just shows that Lin Shu’s love for the male protagonist is a terrifying obsession.

“Do you know Shao Qi?” Shen Man typed.

Because of Lin Shu, she was a little curious about this cold but handsome male lead.

“He’s the eldest young master of the Shao Group, with excellent academic and physical performance.
Half of the girls in the school like him, even that girl Lin Shu.” Tan Kai wrote, with a bit of jealousy.

When Shen Man’s eyes fell on the last sentence, she scoffed.

“He’s not that good though.
He has a cold temperament, pushing people a thousand miles away.
Do you girls like guys like this?” Tan Kai carefully typed the last sentence.

Shen Man understood that the “you girls” he said actually just refers to her.

She thought for a moment and said, “I just want to concentrate on my studies and don’t want to think about other things.”

“It’s really admirable that while you have such good results in your studies, you’re still so serious.” Tan Kai praised her with a smile.

Shen Man stared at the screen and shifted the weight of her phone.
She decided to give up being friends with the second male lead.

This “friend” can easily catch her on fire. 

“Thank you, I’m going to rest.” Shen Man finished typing and turned off her phone.

According to the information given by Tan Kai, the setting of the male protagonist is a very common one in Mary Sue novels.
He likes the female protagonist after being moved by her kindness and sincerity.

If she doesn’t provoke the male protagonist, she shouldn’t trigger the love line.

Shen Man raised the corners of her lips happily and closed her eyes to sleep.

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