Lin Shu supported Shen Man and walked to the prepared room.


Shen Man half-squinted her eyes, observing the surrounding environment

The design here is exquisite and luxurious, and the carpets and materials

used are exquisite.


It was at least the specifications of a five-star hotel.

To be able to come to such a high-end place for consumption shows that this group of teenagers are no ordinary children.

Listening to their conversation, it seems that they’re from wealthy families.

Shen Man’s beautiful lips frowned slightly.

The heat in her belly soared again, softening her body, and her soft red lips

let out a soft whistle.

“Hmm…” Shen Man bit her red lips, her white teeth clasped together tightly,

preventing herself from groaning.


She slid down, putting most of her weight on Lin Shu.

Lin Shu couldn’t hold it for a while, and squatted on the ground.


The two were very close.

Shen Man’s hot breath scalded Lin Shu’s snow-white neck.


Lin Shu was startled.

Her head tilted back slightly, pulling a little distance.

And while pretending to care, she asked “Are you alright?”


Shen Man took a deep breath, suppressed the strangeness in her

abdomen, and stood up against the wall.


There was a successful smile in Lin Shu’s eyes, and she let go of her hand

and said, “Since you can stand up by yourself, then I won’t help you.”


Shen Man didn’t speak, and walked forward while leaning on the wall.

The potent dizzying effect of the medicine in her body eroded her sanity.


The two were walking to the corner, when they heard rapid footsteps

behind them.

A girl was running in their direction with an anxious look.


Lin Shu turned around, saw the person approaching, and said with a smile,

“Ding Qian, what are you doing in such a hurry?”

Ding Qian glanced at Shen Man and said anxiously, “There’s been mistake.”

“What mistake?” Lin Shu frowned.


Ding Qian hurriedly pulled Lin Shu aside and whispered, “That person gave

the wrong medicine.”

“Which medicine?” Lin Shu was puzzled.

“It’s.… that kind of medicine.”

“Ding Qian made some gestures with her eyes

and fingers.

Lin Shu was even more puzzled.

Unable to understand Ding Qian’s gestures, she interrupted impatiently,

“Okay, I understand.”


“That’s great, please think of a way to fix this.” Ding Qian said nervously.


They originally just wanted to teach Shen Man a lesson and found someone

to buy medicine that gives people upset stomachs, so Shen Man make a fool

of herself at the party.


As a result, the other party had gotten the wrong idea and took gave them

an aphrodisiac.


Shen Man couldn’t hear the conversation between the two.
She could only

vaguely hear a few words that were repeated numerously such as ‘mistake and

“that kind’.


She tilted her head to look over, just in time to meet eyes with Ding Qian.

Ding Qian looked away with a guilty conscience, and quickly ran away.


Lin Shu came over, looked at Shen Man seemingly unable to stand properly,

and helped her up by the arm again.


Shen Man took advantage of the situation and leaned over, her dexterous

fingers wrapped around the girl’s slender waist.


Through the thin fabric, she could feel the soft and delicate skin under her

palm, and she couldnt help rub it twice.


“Don’t touch my waist, it tickles.” Lin Shu bent over and burst out in laughter

when she was touched.


Shen Man controlled her reason and put her fingers on the girl’s shoulders.

Her index finger happened to land on the strap of the Lin Shu’s bra.

In just quick moment, she hurriedly moved away.


The clean and pure aura of the girl next to her made Shen Man’s mind

wander, and she walked to the room with only her own extraordinary will.


Lin Shu helped her to the bed, her arms becoming sore, she complained

shyly, “You are so heavy.
Growing up, I have never done such a tiring job.”

Shen Man smiled, knowing that she was in trouble with a real pampered,

wealthy heiress.

“What are you laughing at?” Lin Shu raised her eyebrows and leaned over


Seeing Shen Man lying on the bed, panting like a struggling fish, she laughed

happily again.

“Do you know what you are doing?” Shen Man asked in a cold voice with her

eyes half closed.

Her beautiful eyes were filled with water vapor, and her sharp gaze was

dissolved into softness by a little water droplet.

Lin Shu smiled proudly, “This is what you get for messing with me.

Man, enjoy tonight.”


“Enjoy?” Shen Man raised the corners of her red lips and pulled the

unrepentant person into her arms.
Then, she whispered, “It takes two people to

enjoy such a good night.”


Lin Shu didnt understand what she meant.

But the smile in those eyes, like a wolf staring at its prey, instinctively made

her feel dangerous.


There was a trace of fear in her heart, so she twisted and struggled.

Shen Man’s body was extremely hot, and the strong medicinal properties

stimulated her nerves again and again.


The person in her arms was still teasing her senses constantly.
During the

struggle, the buttons of the white shirt were loosened, revealing a touch of white

and sexy shoulders.


Shen Man almost lost her senses.

Her red lips slightly hooked, she lowered her body and approached the girl’s blushing lips.
She exhaled, “Do you know that I like women?”

“What?” Lin Shu widened her apricot eyes in surprise, “Hmm.!”

As soon as she said those two words, her lips were caught.


The scorching heat enveloped her body.

She obviously didn’t drink much, but her head felt light and blank.

Her breathing gradually became difficult, and she opened her lips

unconsciously, wanting to get fresh air.


The woman above was suddenly excited and deepened the kiss.

Lin Shu was dizzy and had no ability to resist.
Her body was not under her

control, and she sank little by little.


The sky gradually got darker, until it was pitched black.
Then, it slowly started

brightening up.

A light could be seen in the distance, it was the sun climbing up little by



Bright sunlight shone into the room through the gaps in the curtains, just

falling on Shen Man’s delicate side face.

Shen Man opened her eyes and felt a severe headache.

Her mind was blank.

For a while, she didn’t know where she was, not even whether the sun was rising in the east or in the west.


Shen Man stared blankly at the ceiling and laid there quietly.

The sun moved, shining on her eyes, so she had to squint and turn her head



A beautiful porcelain doll-like face appeared in her sight.

The girl had closed eyes and her long eyelashes, which fluttered like the

wings of a butterfly, curled up beautifully.


Her lips were very red, slightly swollen, and there was a moist redness

around her eyes, as if she had been bullied and had cried a lot.


Memories came back in an instant.

In Shen Man’s mind, many images flashed in an instant.

She kissed a strange girl.

She left hickeys on her snow-white skin..

The girl trembled, her delicate fingers hugging her neck tightly as beautiful

groans escaped her soft lips.

Her cries of “Sister Man” made her heart ache…

Shen Man pressed her forehead hard, and more memories emerged.


She came back from a business trip ahead of schedule and stumbled upon

her girlfriend having an affair on the road.

She overtook the cars angrily, but one came in the wrong direction.

After a flash of white light, she lost consciousness, and when she woke up

again, she was in the KTV of a hotel.


The group of people she didn’t know called out her name.

Shen Man’s eyes narrowed slightly, and her eyes fell on her hands.

The hands were immaculately white, with smooth nails neatly trimmed and

her fingers without calluses.


She remembered that she had a manicure done not long ago.

Shen Man suddenly got up from the bed and ran to the bathroom quickly.

She looked in the mirror, and the person in the mirror looked back.


The two pairs of eyes showed surprise and astonishment.

The person in the mirror had a pure looking oval face with big eyes and a

small cherry mouth-the standard oriental beauty.


Whenever people would see a glimmer of tears in her eyes, they would feel

endless pity.


Shen Man pinched her face in front of the mirror, and the person in the

mirror showed the same pained expression as her.

This strange and beautiful face is her new look.


After calming down in the bathroom for half an hour, Shen Man finally

accepted the fact that she had transmigrated.


Based on the names of two key characters, ‘Shen Man’ and ‘Lin Shu’, she

recalled a novel discussed by the company’s employees.


The plot of the novel is old-fashioned.
It tells the story of a woman from an

ordinary family who was admitted to the most famous aristocratic university in

With the help of her father’s friend’s family, she had a sadomasochistic

love triangle with the male protagonist and the second male lead.


The birthday boy of yesterday’s party was the second male lead.

Lin Shu is the villainess in this novel.

Born with a golden spoon, she can do whatever she wants, leading her to

become spoiled and arrogant.


The introduction of the heroine took away all her glory and the attention

she received.
She was jealous of the heroine and framed her in various ways

Yesterday’s episode was a small part of the frame-up.


In the following plot, Lin Shu became more paranoid for love and will get

worse and worse.


But the heroine is stupid, always believing that Lin Shu will not harm her,

and it was not until the finale that she finally recognized Lin Shu’s true face.

she did not choose revenge, but forgave her.


Shen Man hooked her lips, and there was a slight sneer in his eyes.

There is no “saint’ among her life principles.


Shen Man took a shower, pushed the door open with a bath towel on, and

looked at the bed-just in time to meet Lin Shu’s eyes.


The atmosphere was still for two seconds.
Then Lin Shu suddenly sat up

from the bed, her beautiful almond eyes staring at Shen Man with shock and said, “What did you do to me yesterday?”

With a smile, she reminded her, “The quilt.”

Lin Shu hurriedly looked down.

The quilt on her body slipped off because of her actions just now, revealing

a large swathe of snow-white skin with crimson marks.


“Ahhh-!” a high pitched scream resounded through the room.

With a smile on the corner of her mouth, Shen Man walked to the bed,

ready to pick up the clothes she took off yesterday.


“Don’t come here…” Lin Shu reacted and stopped her loudly.

wronged, she bit her lip and wrapped herself in the quilt.

Tears filled her eyes, and she looked at Shen Man full of resentment.


Shen Man smiled as if she didn’t care, picked up her clothes, and walked

into the bathroom


She dressed slowly, washed her face and brushed her teeth with the hotel’s

disposable utensils, then combed her hair in front of the mirror.


There was a loud knock on the door from outside.

Shen Man ignored it, and stretched out her slender fingers to caress the

corner of her lips.
There was a bit of broken skin here, and it was a little painful

when she pressed it lightly.


“Shen Man, open the door, I need to go to the bathroom!” Lin Shu knocked the door hard, her voice hoarse.


Shen Man opened the door and looked at the girl’s angry eyes.
She joked,

“Wow, you still seem so energetic early in the morning.”

“Shut up!” Lin Shu shouted back and closed the bathroom door.


Shen Man sat beside the bed, admiring this unruly and willful eldest young



If this happened to someone else with little experience, they would

probably cry to the point of doubting their lives.
How could they be like Lin Shu,

who still hasn’t diminished her “eldest lady temper”.


Lin Shu took a shower in the bathroom, scrubbing the red marks on her


She couldn’t believe that she had sex with a woman, much less the person

she hated most.

Lin Shu gritted her teeth, and while washing herself, she thought about how

to get revenge


After thinking about it, she could only suffer from this unforeseen loss


She had planned to embarrass Shen Man, but now this kind of thing


Once it spreads, it will only do her bad, not good.


Lin Shu finished her grooming, put on her clothes and went out.
Looking at

Shen Man, she said condescendingly, “Don’t tell anyone about what happened last night, or else I’ll kick you out of my house.”

“Okay.” Shen Man agreed with a smile.
Lin Shu went out angrily and bumped

into an oncoming figure.


Seeing that it was Tan Kai, she said angrily, “Are you here to find Shen Man?”

“Yes,” Tan Kai admitted generously with while blushing.
He asked with


“She was drunk yesterday, did anything happen to her?”

“What can happen?” Lin Shu was annoyed.
She flushed with anger, and

walked past Tan Kai.


Tan Kai became a target of her baseless anger, but he was not angry at all.

He stood at the door and said to the girl in the room,

“Shen Man, are you okay?

Do you have a headache?”

“Thank you for your concern, I’m fine.” Shen Man walked out with a light

smile on her innocent and harmless face.


Tan Kai blushed, looked at Lin Shu’s back, and asked,

“What’s wrong with Lin Shu? Who made her unhappy this early in the morning.

“She probably didn’t sleep well yesterday.” Shen Man said, with a deep smile

in her eyes.


“She gets very angry if she’s woken up” Tan Kai nodded in agreement.

Shen Man immediately understood that the two were familiar with each



She hadn’t read the novel, and only heard the staff discuss some plots.

The setting of the novel is that the villainess and the second male lead were childhood friends, and they lived very close.
Originally, they were a good match but one fell in love with the male protagonist while the other fell in love with the heroine.
They both couldn’t have their love reciprocated, so they blackened.


To be more precise, it was the villainess who instigated the second male

lead to become a villain.
After the male and female protagonists were happily

together, the two of them were scolded by angry readers.


Shen Man doesn’t plan to follow the original silly sweet love story.

She likes women and is not interested in the cold male protagonist.


“Shen Man, Lin Shu seems to not want to join us.
I’ll take you back first.”

“Tan Kai said with a smile, unable to hide the little thought in his heart.

“Thank you.” Shen Man replied with a smile.


She just came to this world, so she is not familiar with everything here.

Naturally, she doesn’t know where Lin Shu’s home is.
It would be best for

someone to send her back.


Shen Man got into Tan Kai’s car.

There are only the two of them in the luxury red sports car.


Tan Kai kept talking about all kinds of topics to make her happy.

Shen Man smiled and responded from time to time.

Through chatting with Tan Kai, she got a lot of useful information.


It was mid-September, and the weather was still hot.
They had just finished their military training, and it was Tan Kai’s birthday, so they gathered some classmates to celebrate.


The male protagonist is cold and indifferent, so he didn’t go.

It was only during these two days that she moved into Lin Shu’s house.


In other words, these people don’t actually know the heroine well yet.

In everyone’s general impression, she is beautiful and gentle, kind-hearted,

enthusiastic and helpful, a pure white lotus flower, and she has become the

most beautiful school flower of the school.


This is exactly the same as the heroine described in the book.

If she goes out of character, these people should not be particularly


Of course, she wouldn’t foolishly tell others that the heroine’s soul had been

replaced by her’s.


Tan Kai sent Shen Man to Lin Shu’s home.

To make it more convenient for his daughter, Father Lin bought a place in a

high-end community near the school.


The environment here is elegant, quiet in the middle of the hustle and

bustle, as luxury cars come and go.

People who can buy a house here are all wealthy.

According to the setting of the novel, the male protagonist, the second

male lead, and the villainess had a very wealthy family background as children of well-known local families.


Among them, the male protagonist’s family has the greatest financial

resources and status.


“Thank you for sending me back.” Shen Man smiled softly.

“You’re welcome.”

” Tan Kai said, taking out a bag from the car, “By the way, this is your mobile phone.
I found it on the sofa yesterday.

Afraid of Shen Man misunderstanding, he hurriedly added, “I didn’t look at



“Thank you.” Shen Man took the phone, turned around and entered the


She did not enter the elevator, but stood at the entrance of the corridor

and turned on her mobile phone.


On the screen saver is a beautiful landscape photo, which should be a

default wallpaper.

This phone is not locked.

Shen Man opened it directly, skimmed through the contacts, searched for

‘Lin Shu’, and quickly found her phone number.

She called Lin Shu’s number.


After a while, Lin Shu’s angry voice came from the other end of the phone,


“I don’t have the key.
I’m downstairs now, come down and pick me up.” Shen Man said with a smile.

“Why should I go down to pick you up?” Lin Shu said with disdain.

“Last night we…” Shen Man said slowly.


Lin Shu was silent for a moment, then growled angrily, “Wait for me.

Shen Man leaned against the wall, playing with her phone while waiting.


After ten minutes, she finally saw Lin Shu’s figure coming out of the


Lin Shu changed into a long red dress.

The fiery red color was flamboyant and wanton, which made her skin more

ruddy, and her long skirt covered her long white and tender legs.


Shen Man gave a regretful ‘tsk’, put away the phone and said, “Shushu,

you’re here.”

“Don’t be so affectionate, I’m not familiar with you.” Lin Shu replied with a cold face, with anger in her bright eyes.


Shen Man smiled and walked over.
She put her arms on Lin Shu’s fragrant

shoulders and cupped her hand around Lin Shu’s ear, whispering ambiguously,

“Weren’t we familiar enough last night?”


“You… go away!” Panicked, Lin Shu glanced left and right, then pushed Shen

Man away, and quickly entered the elevator.


Shen Man followed behind leisurely.

There were only the two of them in the elevator.


Lin Shu’s face was bright red, and Shen Man didn’t know whether she was

angry or ashamed.


She glared at Shen Man and lowered her voice to warn,

“Shen Man, I said, you are not allowed to mention last night’s events.”


“You’re right.
I can’t mention it to other people, but you didn’t say I couldn’t mention it to you.” Shen Man gently rebutted.


Lin Shu choked, her little face becoming even more angry, “Last night’s events did not happen, so not a word should be mentioned.


“Yes, my eldest lady.” Shen Man smiled and agreed, with a gentle voice that was filled with infinite indulgence Lin Shu’s heart skipped a beat.


She couldn’t help but think of the sound of her panting in her ear last night.

How could this woman, who she hates most, be so sexy!

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