She’s Angry

Shen Man had just arrived home, and before she could even take her schoolbag off, Lin Shu had already stormed past her.


Lin Shu threw her schoolbag on the sofa and turned to her, her small pale face resembling a cat ready to fight back.
“Shen Man, I have something to ask you.” Lin Shu’s round eyes glared at her harshly.

Shen Man smiled and put down her schoolbag before leisurely taking a seat.
She patted the space besides her and then said, “Please ask, eldest miss.”

Aunt He heard what happened and came out of the kitchen.
Seeing the tense Lin Shu, she looked at Shen Man with worry..

Shen Man gave her a look meaning, “Everything’s fine.”
Aunt He nodded and went back into the kitchen, but not before closing the door.

Lin Shu held her head high and refused to sit down.
She looked at Shen Man condescendingly.
Her pair of apricot eyes were visibly full of anger and her small, rosy lips were pressed together tightly, forming a beautiful shape.
her face with an air of arrogance, even when angry, is still captivating.

“How did you meet that girl?” Lin Shu imposingly asked, “The one named Yin Ruxu.”
Shen Man smiled and did not answer.
Instead, she reached out and grasped Lin Shu’s pale, tender wrist.
With a gentle pull, she made the angry girl fall onto the sofa.

Lin Shu was shocked and subconsciously let out an “ah!”
The weightlessness of her body made her at a loss for a moment, so she subconsciously grabbed the nearest thing for support.
She stabilized herself and looked up to meet a pair of smiling eyes.

Currently, Lin Shu is hugging Shen Man’s arms, putting the weight of her upper body against Shen Man’s tender jade arm while also kneeling on the sofa.
When Lin Shu look up just now, it was as if she was asking for a kiss.

Shen Man smirked and wrapped her arm around the girl’s slender waist, lowering her head slightly.
Looking at those beautiful eyes, she said in a breathy voice, “Are you jealous, eldest miss?”

Lin Shu’s skipped a beat.
In an instant, her little face heated up and quickly turned red.
She swiftly retorted, “Who’s jealous? Why would I eat your vinegar?”
“I’m not the one who can answer that” Shen Man smiled and tilted her head to the side.

From a distance, it they look like a couple kissing.

Lin Shu flushed with anger and pushed Shen Man away.
She glared at Shen Man, and warned, “You are living in my house.
I forbid you from bringing those indecent people back here.”
“Of course” Shen Man laughed, her eyes becoming crescents.

Lin Shu was angered by her casual answer and said, “Don’t you laugh.
If I find out that you dared to bring someone back, I will kick you out.”
After saying that, she picked up her schoolbag and shouted towards the kitchen, “I’m not eating dinner!”
“I understand, Miss Lin.” Aunt He carefully nodded.

After Lin Shu returned to her room, she just couldn’t get Shen Man’s gently smiling face out of her mind.
At that time, Shen Man had smiled sincerely and she looked so sweet and charming.
It was completely different from usual.

Lin Shu became even angrier thinking about that, so she took out his mobile phone and called Tan Kai.
The call quickly connected and while breathing heavily, Tan Kai gasped, “What’s wrong?”

“What are you doing?” Lin Shu frowned.
“I just finished playing basketball.” Tan Kai said, as he lifted his head high to gulp down half a bottle of water.

Lin Shu heard the sound of sloshing liquid on the other end, and waited for Tan Kai to finish before asking, “Do you know a girl called Yin Ruxu?”
“I’ve heard of her.
Why? Did she make you angry?” Tan Kai asked.

“No!” Lin Shu denied it loudly.

“If it’s a no, it’s a no.
Don’t shout all of a sudden, or I’m gonna go deaf.” Tan Kai joked, trying to calm down the atmosphere.
He listened to the angry breathing on the other end, and then answered seriously, “Yin Ruxu is the Arts major’s flower.
She looks weak but gentle, with a pair of hazy eyes.
She just has that tender, pitiful look that makes her a dream lover in the hearts of many boys.”

“To be honest, I’ve seen her before and she wasn’t as good looking as you.
Last time I remember, she came third in the School Flower Rankings, with over 100 votes less than you.” he added.

Hearing this, Lin Shu was in a better mood and broke out into a smile, “How did you know this so well?”
“This is a secret between the boys.” Tan Kai laughed.

Boys at the age of 18 or 19 are usually more energetic and most topics were about gaming or girls.
Of course they would know which major and which class had the prettiest girls.

“Secret, my ass!” Lin Shu humphed angrily and finally blurted what she wanted to say.
Tan Kai generously smiled and asked, “Is there anything else? I want to get back to basketball.”

“Ok, ok.
You can go now.”

Lin Shu hung up the phone and was feeling much better.
She stood on the balcony and looked at the lush trees outside.

The evening breeze gently tossed her soft, straight black hair.

The anger accumulated in her heart was also carried away.
Lin Shu stretched out and hooked her hair behind her ear.

A knock came from her door .

Lin Shu ignored it and continued to enjoy the scenery.
But the knock on the door continued.

Lin Shu sneered and turned around, her slippers lightly slapping the floor.
She opened the door to look at the person outside, asked angrily, “What do you want?”

Shen Man smiled and crossed her arms, leaning a shoulder against the door frame.
She replied, “Are you still angry?”
“Who’s angry?” Lin Shu said unhappily.

“That’s great then, you’re not angry” Shen Man massaged her brow and paused, asking, “Why did you blow up after seeing me drinking milk tea with another girl?”
“I…” Lin Shu choked.
Then her face suddenly cooled down, and she angrily answered, “I just couldn’t watch as you trick other girls.
Don’t forget that you like women.

Shen Man’s expression froze and her eyes grew dark.
The playful smile on her face gave off a dangerous feeling, “I think you have a misunderstanding about lesbians.
Even if I do like women, I don’t like every woman I see.”
Lin Shu’s heart trembled, and against the face of her silent oppression, she refused to bow her head, “I don’t care whether you like them or not.”

Shen Man laughed, and turned around to leave.
Lin Shu could feel the rage radiating from her the back of her figure.

Shen Man went to the living room and found a can of beer in the fridge.
Aunt He had left it behind after cooking.

Shen Man took out the beer and with a bang, she shut the fridge door hard.
Aunt He heard the ruckus and came out of her room.
When she saw Shen Man, she asked with a smile, “Manman, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, my hand just slipped.” Shen Man answered, smiling back, but it didn’t didn’t reach her eyes.
Aunt He inexplicably shuddered and didn’t dare to say any more.

Compared with Lin Shu’s domineering ferocity, Shen Man’s unknown attitude and the coldness radiating from her bones is even more frightening.

When Shen Man returned to her room with the beer in hand, the smile on her face suddenly disappeared.
Her eyes also completely cooled down.

Shen Man held the can in her left hand and stretched out the thumb of her right hand through the pull ring to peel open the can.
She yanked hard and with a ‘pop‘, the pull ring peeled open.
The razor edge of pull ring had cut her finger in the process, but Shen Man just carelessly tossed the metal away.

A few drops of beer from the green can had also splashed on her frozen face.
The cold temperature of the beer penetrated her heart along the pores of her skin.

Shen Man raised her face and dumped the contents on herself
That can of beer was reduced to a half, with the other half trailing down into her collar along her slender neck, and soaking her shirt.

Shen Man was oblivious to this, and had only endless anger bursting out of her cold eyes.
She clenched her left hand, and the loud ‘crackle‘ resounded in her ear.
The cylindrical beer can is now like a flattened balloon, crushed into a twisted shape.

“She’s a monster who likes girls.
She’s usually gentle before, I really didn’t expect to be so repulsive.”
“I know right! She’s so disgusting…”
“It’s better if she just died, so others won’t become like her.”
“Don’t get tricked by Manman, she’s a psychopath.”

Those strange words she didn’t understand as a child echoed harshly in her ears.
Those people’s disgusted and mocking eyes were as venomous as snakes.

Shen Man didn’t understand why the usually amiable uncles and aunts showed that terrible expression, mocking the dead with all kinds of unbearable words.
Later, she finally understood and suffered the same treatment.

“Shen Man, you are so disgusting.
Stay away from me!”
“Hey, the monster who likes her own gender, go a mental doctor and don’t infect us.”
“Everyone, don’t play with her or else you’ll catch a strange disease.”

These fifteen, sixteen year old kids naively and cruelly repeated what they had learned from the adults.

Shen Man’s heart completely cooled down at that moment.

She will never forget that freezing cold feeling in every pore of her body, like falling into an icy cave.
She has not returned to that disappointing town since high school.

Shen Man closed her eyes and fell back on the bed.
The can of beer rolled to the ground and made a ‘clang‘ sound.
It was not until it rolled over to the corner of a table that it finally stopped.

The deep night engulfed the last glimmer of light.
Her room was pitch black.
Nothing could be seen, and nothing could be heard.

Shen Man laid down for a long time, enough that her beer soaked clothes were already dry.
She sat up and groped for the light switch

Instantly, the room brightened again.
Shen Man squinted and raised her hand to shield her eyes from the sudden brightness.

Then, someone knocked on her door.
Over, and over again.
It was unbearable.

Shen Man dropped her hand and hooked her lips in a cynical smile.
She walked over to open the door, asking, “Shushu, what’s the problem?”
“I…” Lin Shu paused, her eyebrows jumping.
Arrogantly, she said, “What, I can’t come to you unless there’s a problem?”
Shen Man just smiled and didn’t answer.

Lin Shu’s smiling face then turned red.
Looking both angry and shy, she loudly stated, “Tomorrow after class I want to play badminton.
Are you going or not?”
“How can I refuse the eldest miss’s invitation?” Shen Man replied in a lowered voice, her eyes hiding a smile.

Lin Shu humphed and was as arrogant as ever, “You’ve already agreed.
Don’t go back on your word.”
“Okay,” Shen Man laughed.
Lin Shu turned around and left.

The lights in her room and the lights in the hallways fused, painting everything in a warm glow.

Shen Man stood under the bright lights.
Looking at that slim figure, all her anger and gloominess were locked deep in her heart again.
She smiled and gently closed the door.

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