Girlfriend’s Betrayal

It was getting dark and there were more and more vehicles on the road.

An intimidating black car with blinding tail lights left a trail of bright red.

Shen Man drove the car, stopped at the red light intersection, glanced at the small gift beside him, and raised the corners of her lips happily.

She looked at the red light and patiently counted the seconds in her heart.

Out of the corner of her eyes, she inadvertently swept to the side of the road, where two women stood.

Both of them were beautiful women.
The two were intimate, hugging each other under the bright and dark lights, almost face to face.

In the eyes of ordinary people, they seemed to be best friends with a good relationship.

But Shen Man knew who they were.

One was her girlfriend who had been with her for almost a year, and the other was her close friend and business partner.

The smile on Shen Man’s mouth froze.

The red light in front of her made her eyes hurt, and the gift beside her was more like a joke, reminding her of how ridiculous she was.

Shen Man’s expression became indifferent.
She took out her mobile phone and made a call.

The two who were hugging each other immediately separated.

The fair-faced beauty took out her mobile phone and with a well-behaved smile on her face, she greeted, “Sister Man, have you had dinner yet?”

The voice from the phone was gentle and pure, with a happy undertone.

“Where are you?” Shen Man asked, with no fluctuations in her voice.

The autumn wind from outside the window blew in, ruffled the hair around her ears, and scattered to form a small shadow, covering half of her eyes.

The taillights of the car in front reflected in her eyes, forming a red glint in her eyes.

“I’m taking a walk on the streets right now.
I’ll go back later.” The woman said with a chuckle, and a hand was moving around her waist.

She twisted twice, but instead of rejecting it, she reached out and played with the hair of the person next to her.

Shen Man watched quietly, her eyes and voice becoming cold.
“Look to the left.”

The woman turned back, and her eyes fell on Shen Man’s car.
As her eyes widened, the phone in her hand fell to the ground.

A look of panic flashed across the face of the person next to her, but she quickly recovered and waved to Shen Man with a smile.

The green light was shown, and the car behind kept honking, urging her to move.

Shen Man started the car skillfully.
Her nails were beautiful and slender, she held the steering wheel steadily without any tremors.

The car drove by quickly, and a small exquisite box flew out of the car window, falling into the trash can accurately.

In the rearview mirror reflected a woman running in embarrassment.

The woman, showing a frightened expression, opened her mouth and shouted “Sister Man!”.

Shen Man expressionlessly averted her eyes and controlled the steering wheel to turn to the right.

The exact opposite way of home.

The home that she once carefully prepared has now become a joke.

It was the rush hour of geting off work.
Roads were congested, and the cars were moving as slowly as a turtle.

Shen Man frowned irritably, the anger of betrayal accumulating in her heart.

Looking at the red light in front of her, she couldn’t help but curse.

Her phone rang and the call note was ‘Baby.

Shen Man’s mouth curled into a mocking smile, and she answered the phone with a smile in his voice, “Lin Qing, what do you want to explain?”

Lin Qing shivered, fear in her eyes.

She knew Shen Man too well.

When Shen Man was angry, she wouldn’t let out her anger directly, but instead behave calmly.

The calmer she was, the deeper her anger.

“Sister Man, Cheng Wan and I have nothing to do with each other.
I just met her on a walk and had a chat.” Lin Qing explained while crying, her tone extremely weak.

Usually, as long as she showed a little pitiful expression, Shen Man would feel distressed.

But this time, the only thing she’d receive would be the cold laughter from the other person on the phone.

“Lin Qing, do you think I’m a fool? I don’t care about things that have been dirtied.” Shen Man said with a smile, her beautiful eyebrows ruthless.

When the car in front stopped and moved, she pursed her lips and slammed her fist on the seat.

The sharp edge cut through her fingertips, and bright red blood slowly dripped with pain.

She looked indifferent as if she didn’t notice it.

Lin Qing’s lips twitched, and she cried even louder.
An invisible pressure broke through her psychological line through that cold voice.

Knowing she couldn’t fool Shen Man, she hurriedly apologized, “Sister Man, I know I’m wrong, please forgive me this time, okay?”

“We’re over now.” Shen Man smiled coldly and hung up the phone.

Holding the phone with one hand, Shen Man deleted all of Lin Qing’s contact information and photos.

Her circle of friends, Weibo, and other social accounts.
Everything related to Lin Qing, she clicked and deleted without reluctance.

It was as if this person had never appeared in her life.

When in love, she wishes to tell the whole world about it.
But once that love is broken apart, the only thing she wishes for is to never get involved again.

This is Shen Man’s consistent principle of doing things, and it will not be changed by anyone.

The red light finally turned green, Shen Man threw the phone aside and accelerated past the cars in front, leaving her behind one car after another.

Such impatient behavior is very dangerous on busy roads.

There was a smile on Shen Man’s lips, and she didn’t care at all.

The wind brought by the speed of the car was more enjoyable, blowing away the depression and irritability in her heart.

Suddenly, a vehicle driving in the wrong direction was approaching in front.

The car next to it blocked her sight and the speed of

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