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“What’s wrong?”

“I must have been really sleepy and cold.”


“I thought I was wearing a robe….”

There was silence in the house.
Reg and Herrin exchanged glances for a few minutes, and then Reg coughed.
It was a bit of a snowball fight, and he was losing.

“Hey, Cylon, is there a particular reason you’re wearing a robe, or are you just trying to hide your face?”

Reg and Herrin scrutinized my face.
Their narrowed eyes suggested I might be a celebrity.

“…Are you curious?”


Herrin’s eyes lit up.

“It’s… unobtrusive.
It’s quiet, like I’m not there.
It’s perfect.”


“I don’t want anyone to notice me.”


The two of them had a strange look on their faces, like they were smiling but their eyebrows were furrowed.

They didn’t speak for a long time, so I thought the conversation was over.
This time, as I dozed off as I felt the warrior move toward the valley, Regs spoke up cautiously.

“But do you really think it works?”

It was a very strange question.

“Of course, all the non-entities are wearing robes.”


Even Herrin looked puzzled.

“You’ll see.
It’s an immutable law in this world, if not elsewhere.”

“…For a mage, you sure do have a way with words.”

“Reg, beware of prejudice…!”

“Is this prejudice?”

See, you’ve gone from talking to me to being in a world of your own in no time at all.
You’re not wearing your robes anymore, but the effects of wearing them must be showing.

I cheered up a bit and squared my shoulders.

Noticing, Reg looked back at me, and then made a puzzling suggestion.

“Since I’m not much of a talker, let’s ask the warrior.”

“Ask him what?”

“Whether that robe really does make you invisible.”


I was so confident.

Even though the warrior had stuck by my side all day, it was clearly for the sake of a fellow outcast.
Besides, there was a part of me that believed.

This world, this fantasy world, where all the extras with powers but no parts wear robes, and my hundred were countless fantasy writers from past lives!

So the three of us huddled around the fire and waited for the warrior.
He had been in the valley for a while and was on his way back.
He would be here soon, for the valley was not far from the house.

“He’s coming.”

They both nodded at my words.

It was as if they had made a bet.
What was at stake was my pride, or something?


“I’m back.”

The warrior still wore his shirt.
I’d heard that Moroccan estates were warm all year round, and he seemed to be quite resistant to the cold.

“Warrior, come on over here.”

“What is it?”

The warrior smiled crisply as he approached.

“Cylon told me why he wears robes.”


The warrior clenched his fists.
He nodded, his face serious.

I think I’d already told the warrior once during the day, but not in detail.
Regs seemed to have grown serious.
I glanced at him.

Does he really have to be that serious? No wonder drab robes are such a must-have for hiding your presence….

“He says it’s good to be inconspicuous in a robe.”


“He also said that no one would notice him.”

“That’s because all the things that don’t have a presence in this world wear robes.”

Herrin interjected, adding to Reg’s comment.
He grew impatient at the warrior’s lack of a straightforward answer.

“Mohan, come on, tell me, am I right?”

The warrior’s eyes flickered for a moment, and then he looked me straight in the eye, his fingertips gripping the hem of his robe as they scanned the top of my head before returning to his face.

“…I see.”

The fire must have been too hot for him.
His face flushed red.

“See, I told you I was right.”

I smirked and looked at Reg and Herrin.

But to my surprise, Reg, with his hand on his forehead, and Herrin, with his head bowed, were shaking their heads in unison.

“…on this issue, let’s move on.”

“You’re not admitting what I said…?”


Herrin, who had been so nice the whole time, answered firmly.
I felt a little resentful.

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