limb and a curse from the God.

I raised both hands and slapped my cheeks.

“Not the time for this.”

Ding- ding-

I tried to make the connection against the backdrop of the bells ringing overhead.
I’d already been in this church and the bell had rung four times, which, assuming there was an hour between bells, meant I’d already been in this boring, creepy place for four hours.

I couldn’t wait to get back to my companions and convince them that we could go to the woods somewhere and spend the night in my sweet home.
This stress was not going to be relieved without a visit to my lovely mattress.

Knock on the outside three times and say ‘Jewellery Field’.


Wiiiiing-! wiiing-!



The communication orb emitted a silver glow.

A sound similar to that of a security spell being activated was mixed in with the connection.

The entire building felt the amplification of magical energy.
It seemed that the detection and security tricks the demons had installed had worked.

My impression was crumpled.
I hadn’t been convinced because I hadn’t recognized it from my experience of the afternoon prayers.
But this was different.
The security rituals that were now being invoked were too much like magic.

Demons had been spotted every few decades even before the arrival of the Demon King, but the records of their appearance only said that they used ‘sake’, not ‘magic-like sake’.

In the first place, magic and magi are similar, which is why the Eighth School studied magic and magi objects.
If the demons had been using magic-like techniques for a long time, there should have been at least one or two lunatics in the Tower who wanted to go to the Demon Realm to study their techniques.

Wiiiiing-! wiiing-!

-Cylon! What’s going on!

I needed to find out.
For now, later.

Still, my uncontrolled magic made me feel even worse.

I brought the communication orb to my mouth and whimpered.

“…I just happened to be in a church.”


There were no beeps when I used subspace magic in the bathroom, so I’m guessing that security measures were in place here.
It was proof that this place was so special to the church.

This was the only place I’d ever been left alone by a demon who was desperate to be next to me, and I’m an idiot.
I thought you just didn’t want to wait for me.
I didn’t expect you to believe….

I’m muttering excuses that aren’t excuses, and there’s one more noise to add to the mix.

Tadadadak, tadadak!

I heard several people running down the corridor.

In front of me was a bathtub filled with murky water.
The water was so murky that it was impossible to see what was inside.

“Mohan, shhh.”

I quickly rolled the communication orb to the side.
The steam would make it difficult to spot the communication orb in the corner.
I could only hope that my words would reach the warrior and that he wouldn’t get caught.

I squeezed my eyes shut and dove into the bath.


There’s already a ruckus.
I decided to just use my magic for good.

After being dragged around by demons for hours, my magic had calmed down a bit.
I was relieved.

At least I didn’t have to draw a magic circle and use a spear; I could just use the control I’d evolved from a mouse to a rat and use the spear to slap the magic around.

If I just use the control that can turn a rat’s tail into a rat and pour magic into it, I can do magic with only a chant.

It would be an extremely inefficient spell, but it would allow me to use magic underwater.

I squeezed my magic as hard as I could.
I created a giant bubble of air over my head.
As I watched the bubble struggle to rise above the water, I poured more magic into it.
Gradually, the bubble formed a complete circle.

I had to use enough magic to launch ten fireballs just to do this.

With the uncontrolled leakage of magic, I had to use magic just to maintain the small amount of magic I had.
Normally, I would have been able to blow up the church building with just the power that was escaping.

What a shame.

As I crouched down with all my might, I gradually sank to the bottom of the bath.
The water was deeper than I expected, so it was almost impossible for anyone above to see me hiding here.

Ding- wiiing- wiiing-! bolkok! tadadak.

The noises that had invaded the water swam dizzily.

“Where… the magic… It’s obvious that…!”

“…far away….”

“…Find him now!”

There was a furry of words, and amongst them, a shouting voice belonged to Robe, who was chanting a prayer on the podium.
He was alone, wearing a colorful patterned robe.

I held my breath long after the voice had faded.

I opened my eyes slowly.

Suddenly, a dark hand popped out through the murky water.

I slowly lay back, avoiding the stirring hands, swirling through the water.
In that state, I swam away from the hands by imitating the squid.

The hand that stirred the water a few more times disappeared.

But I was not reassured.
These guys were a little creepy.

He clenched his teeth and entered multiple casting.
Recently, I lived in slow motion, but it was my second time working as a researcher.
I was confident of persistence, strength, and patience.

The objective was to create a reflective film around me, making it look like no one was in the water.
The point was to illuminate the water, not the surface.
Controlling the power, calculating the angles, maintaining and executing the spell at the same time felt like splitting my brain.

I had barely covered half my body.

The water cracked, and this time a face appeared.

It wasn’t a demon.

But it wasn’t a pleasant experience to make eye contact with brown eyes that were filled with madness.

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