“You have a letter.”

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As soon as I walked into my dorm room Dora threw something at me.

I took it and looked the envelope over.


I ripped it open with a pleasant face.

Inside was just a normal letter asking about how I was doing.
It also went on about how he missed me and how he’d send me a carriage to pick me up when school ends.

“I miss my dad.”

My nose tingled as I lay down on my bed.

But how should I tell him about my grades? Oh, I really don’t know.

“What are your plans for vacation? It’s going to be pretty long this time,” Dora asked, laying on her bed.

“Me, oh, I’ll probably just stay at home.
Want to come over and do something together?”

“I’ll be at my aunt’s house.”

“Ah, the one that lives in the Lowell Kingdom?” I mumbled as I nodded my head.

Without Dora, it’s sure to be an awfully long and boring vacation.
Just as well.
I need to rest anyway.

I shifted around on my bed.
Dora’s curiosity seemed to have gotten the best of her as she opened her mouth with another question.

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“What about your thing with Noah?”


“Hey, you know what I’m talking about.”

Dora curled her hair with her fingers and looked at me with crinkled eyes.
Personally, I thought she looked revolting.

“I have no thing with him,” I remarked vaguely and turned my back to her, but I still felt her suspicious gaze on me.

The real work is going to begin when summer break is over.

Until then, my life should pass by rather uneventfully.
I should be avoiding Noah during that time as well.

Yeah, I should take the long break to organize my thoughts and get myself sorted out.

I let out a carefree sigh and shifted around on my bed once more to make myself more comfortable.


Perhaps the thought of the fast-approaching summer vacation made me careless.

“May I sit down?”


Noah sat down right beside me.
I lowered my head to avoid his gaze.

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This is crazy.
I can’t even eat my lunch.

As soon as I picked up my spoon to eat my soup, Noah placed a pastry on my plate.
It was a fresh one.

Oh, I like it.

“Thank you.”

He gives me his precious dessert? Does he not like it?

My eyes sparkled as I swallowed back my drool.

I have two now.

I was happy to have another pastry on my plate.
Noah smiled at me and spoke in a soft voice.


I realized once again what kind of situation I was in right now.

No, my face is too… The look of me eating probably makes me look very unattractive.

Instead of eating the bread, I looked at him with a serious face while sweating profusely.
My friends sitting around next to me saw that something was up and whispered in my ear, “Do you want us to sit somewhere else to give you guys some privacy?”

I frantically shook my head at these words.

Please don’t leave me alone with him, you guys.

Ahh! This again!

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Our eyes met and he gave me a warm smile.
His golden eyes graciously beamed at me.

I almost spit out the soup I was eating.

I’ll probably get an upset stomach now.

I quickly drank some water while rolling my eyes.
I quickly stole a glance at Noah who was sitting in front of me.

Erm, but this isn’t… so bad, I guess.
Yeah, it’s actually rather nice being able to see his beautiful face up close like this.

I ate the pastry in one bite and looked back at him.

I set my spoon down and took a gulp.

I-I feel like I’m floating.
What should I do?

“Noah, you’re here? The teacher was calling for you just a moment ago.” Flora’s voice came rushing to my ears just as I was starting to feel at a loss for what to do.

Oh, my rescuer.

Noah nodded his head and stood up to follow her.

“Oh, okay.
I’m coming.”

“Oh, Kate’s here too.
Enjoy your lunch!”

“Bye,” I said, bowing my head goodbye to both Noah and Flora.

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This may sound contradictory to my earlier sentiment, but I felt disheartened to see Noah actually get up with his tray and leave.
It looks like I still like him.

Somebody shoot me.

“Take care.
Eat well.”

“Oh, yeah.
You too.”

Noah just smiled back at me from afar.
I don’t think he heard my reply.
Dora, who had been watching the whole scene this entire time, broke the silence.

“… What was that?”

I vigorously shook my head at her question.

I didn’t know either.


Noah’s strange behavior continued to the end of the term.

Noah kept coming for me every day to walk me to class and like a fool I allowed it to continue.

I couldn’t give him up.

To be honest, I didn’t know what to do.

Now that I think about it, how did he know my schedule?

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