“Kate, I heard from Noah that you’re feeling sick.”

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Her young sky-blue eyes looked straight into mine.
Her eyebrows were drooping to the side, giving her face an apologetic expression.

Now that I think of it, I hadn’t attended even one club meeting since my stomach started hurting.

“For sure, simultaneously studying for the exams and attending all the club meetings must have taken its toll on you.
Is that it? I’m so sorry.
I really should have known…”

Seeing the always cheerful and giggling Flora with such a sad and teary-eyed face even put me down, but I guess that wasn’t saying much as I was already depressed.
It seemed that the whole atmosphere around me was sinking down into a dark abyss of misery and despair.

I quickly waved my hands in the air as this was not her fault at all.

“No no no, I’m fine, really.
It’s not that at all.
I think it was just something I ate.
That’s all.”

“Really? It’s not the club meetings? That’s a relief.”

Flora’s breathing began to return to normal and her expression showed a sign of relief.

“Oh right! I have something for you.”

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She took a deep breath as she remembered the real reason she came up to me and took something out from among the belongings she was carrying.

“Oh, something for me?”

“Ah, here it is.”

She presented me with a variety of candies and snacks and then petted my hair.

Flora’s beautiful sky blue eyes opened up wide.

“Don’t give any to Dora; this is all for you.
I know you studied very hard for your exams.”


“Oh no, that’s right! Your stomach has been upset.
So, you can’t eat them, right? Oh, how thoughtless of me…”


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I looked up at Flora, who seemed intent on cheering me up, and I just gave her a gentle smile.

I think I knew the reason why she was the main female character in that stupid novel.
Because there could be NO other girl in this world, or universe for that matter, more perfect for Noah than her.
As I have said before, Flora was a goddess.

“It’s alright.
I’m much better now, really.”

It was sad to think about, but she and Noah were well suited for each other.

I took the lollipops and other snacks that she offered me with a smile on my face and joyful eyes.

“Thank you, Flora.
I’m sure I’ll enjoy them.”

“Oh yeah, there’s that kind too.”

Flora pointed to the mint-flavored lollipops in my hand as she spoke.

“Noah gave me those.”

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“… Huh?”

“He gave me those mint ones in case I ever got a stomach ache.
Also, they’re his favorite kind, anyway.
But I think you’ll be needing them more than me.”

Flora explained as she gently shook her head about, typical of the cutesy style girl that she was.

What? Is mint the favorite flavor of prodigies or something?

I didn’t bother to look down at the mint lollipops she was pointing to in my hand.
I just tightly squeezed my grip around them as I bowed my head to her.

My heart was pounding again.
Again, any fruitless hope and excitement that I still had left within me began to wither and die.

I looked like a fool, and I hated it.

Though my emotions were boiling, it wasn’t in my nature to disturb the relationship between Flora, the flawless girl I admired, and Noah, the young man for whom my heart so longed.

I really liked Noah, and I think if it weren’t for these feelings, I would have sincerely blessed the relationship between those two.

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“Noah has been worried about you recently.
He has such a good heart, you know.”

Flora was right; Noah did indeed have a warm heart.
However, unlike his actions towards her, all of his kindness and gentle mannerisms towards me were weightless.
His warm-hearted treatment towards me was not uniquely for me.
Despite me thinking that every single little smile he directed at me or every positive word he said to me was some kind of sign of special affection, it was all in my head.
His interactions with Flora, on the other hand, were more intimate and meaningful, I’m sure.

Perhaps it would have been better had I never met Noah.
Had I never set eyes on him and never felt his touch upon me, I never would have experienced this emotional torture.

If it wasn’t for this vague, one-sided feeling I had for him, then maybe…

“Oh no! I had better get going.”

Flora’s voice came rushing back to my consciousness, having been muffled from me being trapped deep in thought.
She was looking at her cute little watch with an alarmed expression.

“I’ll see you later, Kate.
Enjoy the snacks and good luck with your classes.”

She waved her hand goodbye to me and she ran off out of sight in the distance, like an angel disappearing amongst the clouds.
She definitely was an angel, that girl.
I subtly bit down on my lower lip.

… Why couldn’t I be the lead female character? Why did I just have to be an extra, a minor one at that?

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