Ch7 – Tennis

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  In the evening, the tennis coach came looking for his team members. 

  This time, the military instructor didn’t want to let anyone go.
Ou Yang Ge had to meddle.

  He had been scarred by Hou Mo.



  After learning about what Hou Mo had done, Coach Wang also gave him a scolding.


  Members of the tennis team formed a line and as they were waiting, they saw a group of girls approaching.
There were about seven or eight of them.


  After the group of girls lined beside them, they waved to Ran Shu and said, “Ran Shu, Ran Shu! Come here.” 

  Seeing this scene, Deng YiHeng became unbalanced again and muttered, “Stuttering can also be popular?”

  Hou Mo glanced at him and replied coldly, “You can’t even see what people look like.”



  Ran Shu was very handsome and had a distinguished figure.

  He had the standard small face with big facial features- big eyes, nose, mouth and protruding ears, but his face was small.


  The combination gave the effect of a filter turned on during a live broadcast, and he looked like that.
The small face and the sharp chin would make his mouth look bigger, especially when he smiled. 


  Ran Shu’s appearance was like that of the legendary big mouthed internet celebrities. People often disliked his character when they first met him.
But after spending some time, they would start liking him.

  There was no need to worry whether Ran Shu was scheming something because he always showed everything.


  Ran Shu went to the girls and asked impatiently, “Why did you call me?”

  He didn’t stutter when he spoke short sentences.

  Sui HouYu was also dragged by Ran Shu who stood beside him, but he looked at everyone coldly.
The girls were already familiar with it and didn’t care.


  A girl sneakily dragged Ran Shu closer, hid herself behind him, and secretly pointed out, “What’s the name of that boy from your class?”

  The girl made sure to move secretly, but Ran Shu sharply turned his head and looked straight at Hou Mo.


  Sui HouYu also looked at Hou Mo.

  The girls panicked for a moment.
This was definitely a pig teammate move. 


  “Hou “Mo”.
I don’t know which “Mo” specifically, but this is what it sounds like.” Ran Shu replied with a huge grin. 

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  After that reply, he was unhappy.
That little white face was really good, military training had just started but a girl had already inquired about him.

  He really wanted to tell the girl about how much of a dog Hou Mo was, but he didn’t know how to say it. 

  It seems… not too much.


  The girl asked again, “Do you have his WeChat ID?”

  Ran Shu shook his head, “No.” 

  ”What about the class group chat?”

  Ran Shu was surprised and asked, “You-you-you have one? It would already be good if none in our class would fight, but to make a group chat?” 

  “The monitor made it!”


  Ran Shu pointed at Sui HouYu, “The monitor is here.”

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  The girls looked at Sui HouYu at the same time and sighed when they received a cold glance, “We understand that your class won’t be in harmony this semester.”

  Ejc Vte “tftf”-fv jcv jugffv ab la.


  C ulgi jrxfv jujlc, “Qtja jybea atf ajii bcf? Qtja’r tlr cjwf?” 

  Ejc Vte ragjcufis ibbxfv bnfg jcv mjwf eqbc j yijcx ktfc tf rjk Vjcu Wljc.
Lf aegcfv abkjgvr Vel LbeTe.


  Vel LbeTe rtbbx tlr tfjv; tf vlvc’a fnfc xcbk atf ues’r cjwf.


  The girl whispered, “He is also very handsome and domineering.”

  Ran Shu grinned, “It’s a pity that his face, age and attitude seems like a tyrant.” 

  The girl asked, “Isn’t Mr.
Ba’s face handsome?”

  Ran Shu shook his head, “He looks like he’s in his twenties.” 


  After the girls left, Coach Wang approached Sui HouYu, “Are you from Lantau high? Did you have a tennis team there? Are there any students who are good at tennis?”  

  Ran Shu was Sui HouYu’s little secretary.
Before Sui HouYu could reply, he said, “We-we don’t have one, we just play the usual games like basketball and volleyball during gym class.
But he plays well.” 

  Saying that, he pointed towards Sui HouYu. 


  Coach Wang looked at Sui HouYu.
His height was actually passable.

  The ideal height for a tennis player would be around 185cm to 190cm, which was usual for  the Grand Slam Winners.

  If you looked at Sui HouYu’s height, it was enough, although he was too thin.
He looked weak but he could be trained. 

   Coach Wang was a little disappointed having heard this.
He planned to ask the PE teacher from Lantau in the next two days.


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  At this moment, Ran Shu asked, “Will you be exempted from military training if you play tennis?”

  Coach Wang replied, “Well, I will take them away for training.” 

  Ran Shu hurriedly pushed Sui HouYu and said, “He can and could even beat all your members.”

  Coach Wang was happy to hear this.
Ou Yang Ge arrived just in time to help Coach Wang take Sui HouYu with him. 



  When they left, Deng YiHeng frequently looked back and muttered in a low voice, “What’s going on?” 

  Hou Mo knew what Coach Wang had planned and replied, “Coach Wang wants to recruit people from Lantau.”

  ”Are we really that short of people? There are a lot of candidates!” 

  ”No, it’s about my and Sang Xian’s partners.”

  ”You haven’t given up playing doubles?” 


  After arriving at the tennis court, Sui HouYu was asked to warm up together with the sport students, and he followed behind them.

  Sui HouYu became confused.
Why was he here?

  After warming up, Coach Wang handed him a racket and said, “Try playing a game.” 

  Deng YiHeng was the first to raise his hand to volunteer, “I’ll do it!”


  Deng YiHeng always suffered losses at the hands of Sui HouYu,  and always wished to get back at him.

  Deng YiHeng has practiced tennis for many years.
How could he be defeated? When he found an opportunity, Deng YiHeng immediately took it. 


  After the two went to the court, Deng YiHeng let Sui HouYu serve, which made him seem magnanimous.

  It was known that benefits were for the player who served first.
After all, the rhythm of the ball and the game would be defined by that.

  Sui HouYu didn’t try to be humble either.
He tested the weight of his racket, then turned his body to the side.
His posture seemed to be that of a professional. 


  Hou Mo sat in the lounge with his legs stretched out, looking at the court lazily.


  His friends around him were betting on how many points Deng YiHeng would win by.

  Hou Mo wanted to laugh.
If Sui HouYu really had manic disorder, then even if he was  thin, his physical strength should not be the same as ordinary people – actually it might even be very very excellent. 


  Sui HouYu served cleanly, sending the ball straight towards Deng YiHeng.
His service was one of the good playstyles.

  Deng YiHeng was an experienced player, he quickly responded.
After receiving the ball, Deng YiHeng’s heart suddenly trembled.

  This kind of service he had only experienced from Hou Mo and Sang Xian, and the speed was amazing. 



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  Combination of the two. 


  The record for the fastest tennis serve was 253 kilometers per hour.

  Relatively speaking, in a men’s tennis game, if a player’s serve speed can reach 200 kilometers per hour or more, it was already considered good.

  Sui HouYu’s serve speed was probably around 170 kilometers per hour – just a random serve by an unprofessional player. 


  After their match started, the number of hits were quite a lot.
Deng YiHeng seemed to be on par with Sui HouYu, but in fact he was losing ground.

  Sui HouYu’s return hits were quite high, and he was accurate and fast.

  His racket followed his thoughts precisely. 

  His body had an eerie agility and looked very light.



  Yes, lithe and graceful.

  Maybe it was because he was very thin.
His body had no sense of weight and was flexible, he could easily follow the ball’s fast trajectory. 

  As if… he was dancing?


  It was a strange scene .


  The evening wind ruffled Sui HouYu’s curly hair – layer after layer, but couldn’t quite mess it up entirely. 

  His hair danced with his movements- the shocking volume really made the movements look dynamic.
No one knew why he had so much hair.

  His body was so thin and slender that his clothes were getting blown away by the wind with  each movement. 

  Hou Mo was looking at Sui HouYu when the hem of his camouflage short sleeved top rode up.
Those perfect abdominal muscles and slender waist didn’t really make sense. 

  Just like Nezha in “One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes”, only he didn’t look as muscular.
He was thin yet had muscle, not to mention paired with that face that could overthrow cities and countries.


  Some members of the team gradually began to whisper: “It’s amazing.”

  Hou Mo agreed with them, “The way he changes his moves is excellent; Deng YiHeng is getting tricked.” 

  Coach Wang was happy.
He didn’t expect to find good tennis players in Lantau high school.


  The way Sui HouYu returned the last ball was a bit tricky, and it flew beautifully to the sidelines.

  Deng YiHeng watched the ball flash in front of him in amazement.
He wasn’t able to return it back in time and lost against Sui HouYu. 


  When the game ended, Sui HouYu walked in place to calm himself.
He was not feeling tired at all. 


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  He walked towards Coach Wang and asked, “Is there anyone else that can play?”

  When Deng YiHeng came over, he happened to hear this.
He held onto one of the team members and cried “ao wu”, wailing without tears. 

  He could not bear the injustice. 

  Deng YiHeng wasn’t good as a solo player.
He was better in doubles.

  Their doubles team was their team’s weakness and a pain in Coach Wang’s heart.
Deng YiHeng and Shen JunJing's team was their most powerful.


  At this moment, Hou Mo stood up and said, “Wait a minute, I’ll take a photo.” 

  After Hou Mo said that, Deng YiHeng stopped crying.
When he turned around, there were no tears.
He looked at Hou Mo and said, “Da Shixiong, I knew you were the best.”


  Everyone thought that as long as Hou Mo fought, there was no competition at all. 

  Even Coach Wang said, “Hou Mo, this classmate had just finished a match.”

  Hou Mo replied in a low voice, “Hm, I know.”


  Sui HouYu looked at them when he heard the coach’s tone.
He became unhappy.
He frowned slightly and said under his breath, “Don’t go easy on me.” 

  Then he walked back to the court and waited.


  Hou Mo still had that lazy look, bored expression, as if he couldn’t raise his spirits for anything.

  After he took his racket, he did a few simple stretches before following to the court.
He also  let Sui HouYu serve first. 


  Hou Mo started playing tennis because he had the proper physical condition for it and was good at strategizing.


  There was a huge space to simulate in his head, one that could immediately calculate the ball’s trajectory the moment it was stroked.
It was based on those calculations that he planned  his moves. 

  His calculations were only for a split second, and then he would get into action. 

  His playing style could be summed up as: Deception.


  For example, after a few returns, Hou Mo’s body moved, but suddenly he struck the ball without much strength.

  Sui HouYu was surprised for a moment, he hurried to the net to catch the ball but it had already fallen to the ground. 


  Hou Mo has long been used to this kind of play, but he was shocked for a moment when he saw the opposite side.

  Sui HouYu ran too fast and couldn’t stabilize his body in time, as a result his feet slipped into a split – the kind that was absolutely straight.

  Sui HouYu quickly stood up and patted the dust off his pants.
It seemed like there was nothing wrong with him. 


  Hou Mo hesitatingly asked, “Splitting like that, would the eggs remain unharmed?”

  Sui HouYu turned back and stared at him instantly.

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