Ch6 – Military Training

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Edited by Vai

  Ran Shu was in a bad mood as they were taking out the trash.
“That dog-dog-dog is probably just making fun of us?”  

  When Sui HouYu recalled the scene just now, his expression turned for the worst.
He whispered, “It’s probably true, otherwise they wouldn’t be so smug.” 

  ”Then what should we do? Prepare medicine in advance?” Ran Shu’s face scrunched up, almost like a grandpa squinting at a mobile phone on the subway.  




  Both boys didn’t know what to do.
They constantly had a feeling that the sports students might ambush them at the infirmary and tell them it was all a joke.
If they went, they would be ridiculed.   

  After they stood there for a moment, Sui HouYu received a WeChat message from Su AnYi.


  Su Ayi: I bought some medicine.

  Su AnYi’s name has a homonym.
People who were on good terms with her called her Aunt Su.



  Among the people who got along well with Sui HouYu was Su AnYi- a girl who was spoiled by them.
She won’t be allowed to do something like throwing garbage.

  Just now, Su AnYi heard their conversation and took the initiative to buy medicine.



  Then, Su AnYi sent a picture. 

  Su Ayi: I took a look into the list of restaurants blacklisted by the school doctor.
Every time a student had a problem, they would take a note of where they ate and put it on the blacklist.
We ordered from one of them.
The list will be in the school’s handbook but the school year has just started, the handbook is still being printed and so is yet to be distributed . 

  Su AnYi seldom talked to others but wouldn’t hold back around familiar people.

  Sui HouYu handed his phone to Ran Shu, who immediately started cursing after reading the message.


  After the two returned to the classroom, Ou Yang Ge asked Sui HouYu to make arrangements for that afternoon’s cleaning.

  After hearing the teacher, Deng YiHeng, who sat next to Hou Mo, immediately whispered, “It’s over.” 

  Hou Mo rubbed his face and pretended to be calm, “What goes around comes around.
I just didn’t expect it to be this fast.” 


  During the students’ cleaning time, Ou Yang Ge sat down and wrote something.

  He obviously had a posture that said: I’m in charge; don’t even think about making trouble.



  The sports students were sent by Ran Shu to do the dirtiest and most tiring work.
Among them, Hou Mo’s assigned area was the equipment warehouse, and he was cursing a lot.  

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  Hou Mo wore a cap and took a broom to sweep the dust at high places.
Unexpectedly, a dead mouse was swept by him. The carcass fell mere centimeters away from him. He clearly heard a “squeak” when □□ collided with the ground. 

  How did it get there?

  Hou Mo was so frightened that he cried out in surprise, continuously spewing out curses while jumping around like a monkey. 


  He ran to hide.
Taking a peek from his hiding place, he gritted his teeth in disgust and stomped his feet as if he would shake his goosebumps off.
His angry appearance looked extremely interesting.

 Suddenly he heard a light laugh.
As soon as he turned his head, he saw Sui HouYu at the door looking at him.

  Hou Mo pointed to the dead mouse and said, “Monitor, I can’t do this job.”  

  ”Oh… So you don’t want to take part in the cleaning?” 


  ”I can do anything else, but this thing….
No, I don’t even want to stay in this place.” 

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  Sending him to clean the warehouse on his own was clearly to make trouble. 


  ”Pa klii mbra sbe, rb ktja mjc sbe vb? Jifjc atf ablifa? Vtbeiv P mtjcuf sbeg pbyr klat mijrr 16? P xcbk atflg mijrr wbclabg.”    

Lbe Zb gjlrfv j olcufg jcv qblcafv ja Vel LbeTe.
Lf kjrc’a jyif ab rjs jcsatlcu obg j ibcu alwf.

  ”Zf? Jjc sbe vb jcsatlcu ab wf?” Vel LbeTe gjlrfv tlr fsfygbkr, abcf qgbnbmjalnf.   

  ”I’m not that desperate.” Hou Mo could only walk out of the equipment room and stand in the corridor.
After a while, someone came to greet him.



  Hou Mo asked this person to help him remove the dead mouse. 

  The person also began to help Hou Mo clean the warehouse. 

  Friendship is good. 


  Seeing Hou Mo being frightened by the dead mouse calmed Sui HouYu.
He no longer cared about the other and walked back to the classroom.


That night, Sui HouYu and Ran Shu got diarrhea.
Su AnYi only felt some discomfort in her stomach.
After all, she had eaten less so felt better after taking the medicine.

  Sui HouYu’s condition was more serious because he had eaten a lot.




  During the military training the next day, Sui HouYu’s stomach still wasn’t feeling well and he was uncomfortable.

  But he believed he could hold on for a while.

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  Their first task was to fold the quilt, which was relatively easy.

  Ran Shu was definitely in a tragic situation.
He was delicate.
His quilt had been changed- it was now soft and fluffy and couldn’t be folded at all.
He pressed down on the quilt with his own body in anger, but to no avail. 

  Later, with the help of Sui HouYu, they placed a book inside the quilt cover to straighten it up a bit.


  The second task was to line up.

  Class 17 had many tall PE students.
Sang Xian was 190 cm tall and Hou Mo was 188 cm tall. 


  So, Sui HouYu’s height of 183 cm placed him in the third row, while Ran Shu being 178 cm tall was in the middle of the platoon.


  As soon as they were all lined up, Hou Mo suddenly shouted, “Report.” 

  The instructor stood in front of Hou Mo and said, “Speak.” 

  ”I’m an albino and must not be under the sun.” 

  The instructor walked closer and observed Hou Mo.
He was really white, to the point that it didn’t seem to be a bluff. The instructor took his arm, rolled up his sleeve, and stared at the skin.
It was almost seven or eight shades different from the instructor’s arm.  


  The instructor looked at Hou Mo’s hair and asked, “Is your hair color natural?” 

  ”Yes, due to my albinism.” 

  ”I’ll check with your adviser, don’t you lie to me!”  

  ”I didn’t lie.” Hou Mo replied without changing his expression. 


  The instructor believed it and asked Hou Mo to leave before he reorganized the platoon .

  Many sports students watched Hou Mo walk away, their teeth itching with hate. 

  What fart albinism! He was just simply pure white! 


  The instructor had no time to look for Ou Yang Ge in the morning.
Ou Yang Ge was the director of the moral education department and so was busy.
Hou Mo would avoid military training at least for the rest of the morning.

  Military training would only be for five days.
It was already good enough to avoid one morning. 


  Sui HouYu endured for two hours, afterward he couldn’t hold on anymore and reported to the instructor.


  When the instructor came over, he saw that Sui HouYu’s lips had turned pale, he didn’t ask any more questions and asked Sui HouYu to go to the bathroom immediately.


  Normally people can’t handle diarrhea during military training but Sui HouYu had strong willpower and managed to hold on.


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He came out of the bathroom and washed his hands.
As he shook the water droplets off his hands, he looked up and saw Hou Mo sitting on a chair in the rest area not too far away; long legs resting on the armrest.

  He was tall and had long legs, taking up space when he sat on a chair. 


  Hou Mo was holding a bottle of mineral water in his hand.
The water was frozen so he was knocking it onto the armrest of another chair to break the ice so that it would melt faster.

  Noticing that someone was near, Hou Mo looked up at Sui HouYu- smiling, “Did you escape too?” 


  Sui HouYu didn’t reply.

  Hou Mo continued, “Remember to turn off your cell phone.
As long as Ge-ge can’t find you, he won’t bother.” 

  Sui HouYu nodded, then took out his phone from his pocket and held it up.
He recorded a short video of Hou Mo and sent it to Ou Yang Ge, typing: The person who pretended to be ill to escape military training is on the first floor of the complex building.

  As the class monitor, he had reluctantly added Ou Yang Ge as a friend, which came in handy this time.
Catching undisciplined students was also one of the monitor’s tasks.  

  After sending the news, he turned around and walked back towards the military training.

  Hou Mo slowly realized that something was wrong and began to think about where he could escape.
Maybe to one of those empty buildings? There seemed to be no monitor there. 


  Within half an hour after Sui HouYu had left, Hou Mo was carried back by Ou Yang Ge and was ordered to run ten laps on the playground alone. 

  In fact, running ten laps was nothing to the sports students.
They ran every day.

  However, it was 11 am when he was dragged back – when the sun was at its hottest.
Many platoons hid in the corridor, where connecting ceilings blocked the sun.


  Sui HouYu was in the last column of the platoon.
When he turned around and stood in a military posture, it was just in time to see Hou Mo running.


  During his first lap, Hou Mo couldn’t tell who was who.
After all, everyone was in uniform.

  It was only on his third lap, when he passed by their platoon, that he raised a middle finger.
It was obviously directed towards Sui HouYu.

  Sui HouYu was next to Deng YiHeng, who had a good relationship with Hou Mo.
When he saw this, he laughed hard making fart-like noises “pu pu pu” and was obviously gloating.


  In the afternoon, Hou Mo came back to attend military training and became the focus of their instructor.

  If others ran one lap, Hou Mo had to run two laps.


  While they were resting, Deng YiHeng sat beside Hou Mo.
He saw that Su AnYi had sprayed some sunscreen on Sui HouYu and Ran Shu, and turned into a huge lemon.  

  Deng YiHeng sighed deeply, “They have someone who sprays sunscreen.” 

  Hou Mo lazily replied, “You don’t need to; you have a good foundation.” 

  ”How is my foundation good?” 

  ”There’s nothing more that can be tanned.”  



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  After a while, Deng YiHeng sighed again, “As long as they have sister Su by their side, we will lose completely.” 

  Hou Mo didn’t understand: “In your heart, are girls so important?”  

  ”Da Shixiong, we are different from you.
We like beautiful girls, but we don't have them around us! They have!”  



  Hou Mo was sweating; sat in a place practicing “keep it calm and you won’t feel heat” while ignoring Deng YiHeng.

  After a while, Deng YiHeng’s body shook in anger: “Da Shixiong! Look, there are beautiful girls looking for Sui HouYu again! Why is he so good with girls? Do girls like boys who are more beautiful than them?”     

  Hou Mo lazily opened his eyes and took a look, only to see a discordant scene.

The girl who came over seemed to be concerned about Sui HouYu’s condition, looking gentle and careful.

  Not to mention, the girl was really beautiful and gentle like water, not at all the cold type like  Su AnYi.

  Sui HouYu ignored “Xiao DaiYu” and looked away. 


  Xiao DaiYu handed Sui HouYu a bottle of water, which was obviously newly bought.
The bottle was still covered in mist, and droplets of water dripped down.
The water seemed to be half-frozen, which was the state that people undergoing military training preferred. 

  In the end, Sui HouYu refused to acknowledge her.


  Ran Shu couldn’t seem to bear it, and reached out for the bottle and placed it on the table next to Sui HouYu.

  But Sui HouYu violently swatted the bottle away, making it fall to the ground and crack open. “Gudong gudong” could be heard as the water spilled into the dry ground and spread into the crack of the stone bricks as if “bearing one’s fangs and open one’s claws.”

  Xiao DaiYu was obviously startled and looked lost for a while.
She looked at Sui HouYu again before quickly running away.


  Deng YiHeng became really angry when he saw this scene.
“How can you treat a beautiful girl like this?! Do you know how many people wish for such treatment but can’t have it? At this time, it’s hard to line up to buy water, not to mention iced water! Slag man! Brother is going to teach him how to be a man today.”     

  Then he began to roll his arms and sleeves.

  ”You are not his match.” Hou Mo casually said after drinking a mouthful of water. 

  Deng YiHeng instantly became honest. 


  ”Besides, he seems to be someone who doesn’t go too far.
Has he targeted you during this time?” Hou Mo asked again. 


  Deng YiHeng shook his head.

  ”So don’t go making any rash judgments.
Maybe something happened between them, and Sui HouYu couldn’t forgive that little DaiYu?”  

  ”Xiao DaiYu?” 

  ”Er… That charming Didi.” 


  At that moment, Sui HouYu picked up the water bottle and threw it in the trash can. 

  After that, he didn’t move for a while and seemed to be in a trance.

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