Ch5 – Grudges

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  Despite the complaints, the issue about the second years doing the military training again was finalized.

  Fenghua campus was large, so the military training could be done at the school grounds.




  Before the training began, Hou Mo and the other tennis team members approached their coach. 

  ”I’ve known about this for a while now.
For these five days when you need to attend the military training, I will arrange for some time in the evenings for the practice matches, as our training should never be missed.”  



  The players dejectedly agreed.

  They had actually planned on asking the coach to have them instead train for tennis rather than participate in the military training, as it would be too hot doing the latter.


  At least, they liked playing tennis.
Military training, on the other hand, they couldn’t care less.


  Finally, Hou Mo and Sang Xian were left behind.


  The coach looked at them somewhat helpless, voice regretful as he asked, “Won’t the two of you really play doubles?”  

  Hou Mo and Sang Xian didn’t even spare the other a glance as they nodded.


  They participated in doubles twice.
Although their opponents were obviously not as good as them, they still lost during those two matches, and it was due to Hou Mo and Sang Xian having a hard time cooperating.

  Both of them were highly skilled players.
Unfortunately, their playing styles were just too different and none was willing to back down; resulting in both of them having no harmony. 

  They were the only partners who clashed and almost got into fights with each other.

  If they paired with other people, their partners got overshadowed to the point of being traumatized, but if their partners moved on and found new partners, they would perform pretty well. 


  Hou Mo sighed, “My teammate is not good.”  

  Coach Wang became so angry that his beard almost blew away; eyes narrowed, “And you are the only one who is good?” 

  ”They can’t cooperate with me.
I’m guilty.” 



  Coach Wang felt a little regretful.
After thinking about it, he said, “With the merger, I’ll observe the students from Lantau and see if anyone can play doubles with you.”  

  Hou Mo looked like he was angry enough to commit murder, “I think it would be hard finding someone worthy of me.
Besides, there are no sports students from Lantau.” 

  ”Get lost! Get lost right now.”  


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  Hou Mo gestured “Ok” and left. 

  Sang Xian yawned and followed him.


  When they arrived back at the classroom building, Hou Mo paused in the hallway and told Sang Xian, “You go back first, I need to call my mother.” 

  Sang Xian didn’t reply and only nodded, directly walking back to the classroom. 


  After the call was connected, his mother’s gentle voice could be heard from the other line, “Momo, is class over?”  

  ”Well, honestly the school has yet to officially start.
Starting from tomorrow, the school has arranged for us to do the military training for five days together with the first years.” 

  ”Oh, do you need to pay for it?”  

  ”It’s fine, I have won enough money from the school competitions.
You don’t need to worry about it.
I just wanted to inform you that I won’t be able to return for the weekend due to the training.
How are you doing recently?”  

  ”My health is fine, you don’t need to worry.” 


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  ”Po sbeg ybvs mjc’a ajxf atja pby, pera dela.
Gbc’a algf sbegrfio bea.” Lbe Zb tjr jikjsr yffc ufcaif ktfc tf’r ajixlcu ab tlr wbatfg, jcv tlr kbgvr kfgf jikjsr oeii bo kbggs.  

  Zbatfg Lbe kbgxfv jr j mifjclcu ijvs obg atf yelivlcu atfs ilnfv lc, jcv kbeiv erejiis mifjc atgff gbbwr qfg vjs. 

  If the residents weren’t too disorganized, she generally didn’t have a hard time cleaning up, although occasionally there would be a few bastards who would leave the rooms incredibly messy.
During those times, mother Huo would stay until the night, just cleaning. 



  ”I’m not tired.
One of the rooms has been leased long-term.
The resident comes back only during the weekends, otherwise the room is empty.
Also, he asked me to take care of his cat.
I only need to feed it once every day and he gives me 300 yuan for five days.
It’s not that bad.”   

  ”That’s too much.
The rent there is already three times more expensive than the ordinary rental house, and it’s a long-term rental?” 

  ”Well, what do we know?” 

  ”Don’t let yourself get too tired.
I’ll help you clean over the weekend.” 



  After ending the call, Hou Mo sat on a windowsill and stayed there for a while.

  Sunlight filtered through the window and shined on Hou Mo, making the crown of his flaxen hair look a few shades lighter, and the tips shine a bright gold.
When he lifted his gaze, his long lashes looked like a halo of light. 

  After a long time, he exhaled and then walked back to class. 


  When he was near, he heard his friends swearing in the corridor.
When he approached them, he saw that they had been locked out of the room and were cursing the ones inside.

  The door of the classroom had a glass window.  Hou Mo looked through it and saw Ran Shu provoking them, making the sports students jump in anger. 

  Hou Mo walked over and asked, “What’s going on?”  


  The crowd stopped talking.

  Hou Mo looked at Sang Xian.
He was sitting on a windowsill in the corridor.
He shrugged; things were already like this when he returned.

  Hou Mo turned the doorknob and said, “Open the door.”  


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  When Ran Shu saw Hou Mo, he dragged Sui HouYu in the front.


  Sui HouYu stood at the door and told him, “Press the F key to open the door.” 

  Hou Mo turned towards his friends again and asked, “What’s going on?”  


  This was all caused by Deng YiHeng’s flirting.

  He liked Su AnYi, who was close to Sui HouYu, and wanted her WeChat but Su AnYi had been ignoring people.

  Today, when Su AnYi returned from the toilet, Deng YiHeng suddenly blocked her and refused to let her in the classroom, saying that until she gave her WeChat, she wouldn’t be able to enter. 


  When Sui HouYu saw this, he directly kicked Deng YiHeng away.

  Most of the sports students were brainless.
Seeing that Deng YiHeng had been kicked, they quickly came together and fight Sui HouYu.

  Who knew that after Sui HouYu dragged Su AnYi inside the classroom, he would close the door; ultimately locking out the group of sports students. 


  After listening to this, Hou Mo pointed at Deng YiHeng and helplessly asked, “Deng YiHeng, how many times have you already provoked him because of a girl?” 

  Deng YiHeng was also wronged, “I’m already seventeen, if I don’t fall in love now, then it would be too late for me.” 

  The other people who weren’t aware of the truth asked, “He already has a similar past record?” 

  Afraid of such a dark past being dragged into the light, Deng YiHeng quickly shook his head at Hou Mo, who stayed silent.


  Hou Mo adjusted his expression before turning to Sui HouYu and said, “Sorry, I’ll apologize on behalf of my friend.
Can you let us in?” 

  Sui HuoYu shook his head, “I don’t know.”  

  Hou Mo looked at Sui HouYu’s face, which was so beautiful it could bring disaster to a country and its people.
Hou Mo felt the anger brewing in his heart instantly disappear. 



  ”Xiao Yuyu, my friend was wrong.
Come here and apologize.” Hou Mo said, pulling Deng YiHeng by the neck and asking him to apologize. 

  At being called Xiao Yuyu, Sui HouYu was so angry he almost rushed out to beat him. 

  Deng YiHeng listened to Hou Mo and soon apologized.

  Sui HouYu turned towards Su Anyi.
She didn’t say anything and only went back to her seat, which showed she didn’t care.

  So Sui HouYu opened the door.


  After the door opened, Hou Mo entered and as he passed by Sui HouYu, he whispered, “I thought you would pick a fight.” 

  ”I merely let him have a taste of his own medicine.” 

  “Hmm… How upstanding of you!” 



  Hou Mo walked towards his seat.
When he sat down, he noticed a green light flashing from his mobile phone.
He had received a WeChat message.

  Uncle Sang: Little Monkey, I heard you would be doing the military training again? Do you also have new school uniforms? Godfather will give you 50,000 yuan, take it and you are not allowed to return it.  

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  Hou Mo stared at his mobile phone before looking at Sang Xian, who seemed like nothing had happened. 

  He shouldn’t have told Sang Xian he was going to call his mother……

  If others bought BaiSuiShan water bottles, he could only buy the cheapest mineral water.
In order to buy KangSuiShan noodles, uncle Sang would give him money. 

He wanted to go swimming but he didn’t have a swimming suit so uncle Sang gave him money.
In short, as long as there was any reason, uncle Sang would give him money. 

Give money, give money, it’s like he would smack him to death with that money!  




  AbundantWealth : No need, I have prize money from the competitions.

  Uncle Sang: Your prize money isn’t enough to buy even a pair of shoes. 

  AbundantWealth: The team has sponsorship, same with my clothes and shoes.

  Uncle Sang: Just take it!

  AbundantWealth: It’s really not needed.


  After the last message was sent, a red icon popped out on the screen, indicating that he had been deleted by the other party as a friend.

  Hou Mo handed it to the guy, he really did everything just so that he would accept the money.

  However, uncle Sang had transferred the money using a card so Hou Mo could just return it anytime he wanted.
Being deleted as a friend wouldn’t affect it at all.
So he decided not to mind it any longer and sent a message on uncle Sang’s phone number: Okay, I’ll keep it for a rainy day. 


  A moment later, uncle Sang added him as a friend on WeChat again and replied: Isn’t that right?





  Morning of the first day of the school was spent in the introductions and distribution of the books and uniforms.

  In the afternoon, they had  to clean up.
The school was big, so they wouldn’t be able to finish it in a day.
They would be dismissed after that, and military training would begin tomorrow.


  When the lunch break came, Sui HouYu and the others didn’t go to the school cafeteria.
Instead, Ran Shu took out his phone and contemplated which restaurant had delicious takeout.
“Just-just trying to order a meal from here is like gambling.” 

  After speaking, he turned to look at the group of sports students next to him, hesitating to ask anything. 


  Sui HouYu knew what Ran Shu meant, but he had a very bad impression of the sports students so he said, “Do it your way.” 



  The sports students’ meals were specially prepared and would be sent directly to their classroom.
Each person would receive a lunch box.

  They could safely eat steak at school.
After all, the meat had been strictly examined.

  When it was time to eat, several sports students from other classes would gather in Class 17, making the classroom noisy. 


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  After a while, someone came to deliver the food and students from other classes helped to get the boxes. 


  Ran Shu’s way was that if you weren’t sure about which restaurant to order from, it would be better to order from all of them.
If you think one is delicious, then you can order from there again.  

  In this way, at least you won’t be hungry or endure eating bad food.


  People are foolish and often capricious.


  The sports students nearby saw a magnificent sight of a table filled with takeaways and looked at it with wide eyes.

  ”Local tyrant…”

  ”Could they finish all that?” 

  Deng YiHeng, who knew how much Sui HouYu ate and had witnessed his “Mukbang” before, replied, “Yes.”  

  Everyone looked at Deng YiHeng at the same time, surprised how he knew this.



  Deng YiHeng glanced at their takeout again and suddenly thought to say something, “That…”

  Hou Mo also took a look and immediately said, “Shut up.”  

  Deng YiHeng immediately shut up and obediently resumed eating.


  After eating, as Sui HouYu was sorting out the boxes, Hou Mo had returned from disposing of the garbage and stood beside him, saying casually, “Recyclable garbage should be thrown in the bins on the first floor.
Can you sort them out?” 

  Sui HouYu glanced at Hou Mo and responded coldly, “Oh.”  

  Hou Mo suddenly smiled craftily and seemed like a ruffian at that moment.
“Actually, getting takeouts like this is a good way to know the restaurants but… you also wouldn’t know which place would give you diarrhea.
There are many small shops nearby, so it’s best to be careful.”  


  Sui HouYu paused.

  Sui HouYu had noticed when Hou Mo stopped Deng YiHeng from saying something.
At that time he was puzzled, but now he understood that Hou Mo waited until they finished eating to tell them about the garbage.  

  He stared at Hou Mo and gradually his expression became ugly.


  Sui HouYu wouldn’t have gotten angry if Hou Mo stayed silent.
After all, he had no obligation to inform them.

  However, it was annoying how he deliberately came to gloat. 


  Ran Shu directly cursed, “Why-why are you such a dog?” 

   Hou Mo believed he was innocent, “Why am I a dog? You didn’t ask.” 

  Sui HouYu walked out with a garbage bag in hand and deliberately bumped into Hou Mo.
Hou Mo didn’t care, merely rubbed his shoulders and reminded, “The infirmary is in building 6.
Remember, they are only open until five.”   


  Sui HouYu stared at Hou Mo for the last time before he left the classroom.


  After leaving, Sui HouYu vaguely heard a burst of laughter coming from the group of sports students.

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