Ch4 – Class Monitor

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Edited by Vai


  After Hou Mo was cursed at, a friend of his immediately became furious, “Well, aren’t you shameless?” 

  There were many sports students in the class, which made them confident in numbers and were ready for a fight anytime.



  Ran Shu wasn’t the one to back down and replied angrily, “What-what do you mean?” 

  Similarly arrogant, Ran Shu was not afraid of such things. 



  The class adviser knocked on the table.
He looked like he was no stranger to such happenings and spoke in a surprisingly calm tone, “Do you think I’m dead?” 

  This group of sports students was obviously afraid of their adviser and sat down obediently again.

  After all, this was their former adviser.



  Ran Shu sneered and secretly gave the middle finger to the person who spoke up earlier while mouthing off provocations.

  Although Yu-ge was no match against a hundred opponents, if it was only against ten people then he had no problem.
Are you afraid of farting?


  Sui HouYu was already used to Ran Shu acting like this and didn’t try to stop him. 

  In the eyes of others, Sui HouYu looked timid compared to Ran Shu.


  A few of the sports students sitting in front of them turned back to look at Sui HouYu and someone muttered, “Is he that Sui HouYu? Wasn’t it said that he was ugly? Why does he look… like a little milk bean?”   

  Another sports student followed, “Well, I own a face that can anger anyone.”  


  Hou Mo kept on smiling.
He sat back down and cried, “Laoshi, I’ve been good but this classmate really has a bad temper.
I’m hurt, ying ying.”  

  The teacher, who was as straight as iron and steel, couldn’t stand the cries and berated coldly, “Stop acting weird.” 

  Hou Mo sighed, “Don’t worry, I won’t stir up trouble.”  


  It can be regarded as giving face to the teacher.


  It would seem like Sui HouYu wasn’t that extraordinary.


  The teacher was also familiar with Hou Mo and commented, “You would still be regarded as a sports student even if you go to Class 10.
There was no need to come to Class 17.” 

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  In other terms, Hou Mo was a study god.

  Class 10 was the science faculty’s star section.


  Hou Mo lowered his voice, tone feeble and weak that it grated on his ears.
“There was no other meaning.
Even if I do well on this exam, I still won’t get a scholarship.
Better not waste any ink.” 

  Hou Mo’s friends couldn’t bear it anymore.
“Da Shixiong, you have really entered into a new realm.” 

  Hou Mo grinned and made no further comment.


  The self-introduction continued but got stuck again when it reached a person.

  The person sitting next to Sang Xian said, “Laoshi, Sang Xian is asleep.” 

  The teacher was too lazy to wake him and replied, “Continue on.” 


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  Compound Surname.

  Olxf rbwfbcf ogbw Aljcute.

  Lbkfnfg, la kjr delaf jqqfjilcu ab yf mjiifv “Xf-uf”. 


  Ye Tjcu Xf-ijbrtl kjr jybea ab rjs rbwfatlcu ktfc tf rjk j ugbeq bo qfbqif jqqgbjmtlcu.


  Ofv ys j ofwjif afjmtfg, rtf uelvfv akb obgwfg vlgfmabgr bo Mfcutej Vmtbbi ab atf mijrrgbbw jcv qblcafv ab Vel LbeTe, “Glgfmabg, atja raevfca erfv ab yf bcf bo wlcf.
P mjc afralos atja tlr tjlg lr cjaegjiis megis.” 

  It was Li-laoshi, a beautiful woman of the Onee-san type.
She used to be Sui HouYu’s adviser back at Lantau high. 


  One of the directors pushed his glasses, looked at Sui HouYu, and decided, “Shouldn’t you ask to cut his hair shorter?” 

  Li-laoshi sighed, “It would be better to not.
He had cut his hair short before.
It looked really ugly; like earthworms were crawling on top of his head.” 

  Sui HouYu coughed in shock after hearing this description and suddenly felt unwell. 

  Ran Shu collapsed after hearing this, “Ling-jie! Could you not describe it?”  


  After seeing Ran Shu, Li-laoshi told Ou Yang Ge-laoshi, “You should separate Ran Shu from the others, he tends to harm a lot of people.” 

  Ran Shu protested loudly.
When Li-laoshi turned her attention towards him, he immediately raised his arms above his head and made a heart shape. 


  Hou Mo heard his good friend mutter, “His hair is just amazingly curly.
At first, I thought it was carefully styled, as the curls and the bangs seemed to be perfectly placed.” 

  ”Hair wax, isn’t it?” 

  ”Looking at that fluffy hair, it seemed like it was just naturally curly, and no wax was used.”  

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  ”I’ll say… Good-looking people would always be good-looking no matter what.”

  Hou Mo was glad to hear that.


  Ou Yang Ge watched Li-laoshi leave before opening his notebook in preparation to talk about further announcements related to the school merger.
Halfway through, Li-laoshi returned, though this time she brought the headmaster and once again informed that Sui HouYu’s hair was naturally curled.  

  Sui HouYu looked numb as he felt like a monkey being visited at a zoo.

  As she spoke all that, a student from Class 10 suddenly came and approached Li-laoshi, “Laoshi! Your microphone is turned on and connected to our classroom’s stereo.
We heard everything you said.”  


  ”Oh, oh, oh, I’ll be right back.” Li-laoshi hurriedly turned off her microphone and closed the door. 


  Ou Yang Ge sighed and looked back at his notebook to know where he last left off.
At the same time, he casually informed, “The little yellow hair at the back of the classroom is naturally yellow.” 

  Hou Mo stressed, “Laoshi, my hair color is flaxen.” 

  ”Is there a difference?” 

  Hou Mo’s friend said, “Don’t embarrass Ge-ge.
As someone who doesn’t have a girlfriend, how can he distinguish hair colors when he can’t even tell lipstick shades apart?”  


  Ou Yang Ge “tsk”-ed before moving his attention towards Sui HouYu.
“Sui HouYu, right?” 

  In front of him was Sui HouYu’s file, which he read quickly.

  After finding out that Sui HouYu would be a student in his class, Li-laoshi specifically sought out Ou Yang Ge.
He listened in a muddle, as she explained Sui HouYu’s specialties.
He was really forced to listen to a special lesson for ten minutes.  


  Sui HouYu replied with an “Um”.

  Ou Yang Ge told him, “You should be the class monitor.” 

  ”I refuse.” Sui Hou Yu replied without thinking.  

  He was completely unwilling and hated troubles the most.
He has never once been a class monitor since childhood.


  ”You don’t have to do anything, just keep a watch.
If you sleep in class, then the whole class can sleep with you; but if you don’t sleep, then no one else is allowed.”   

  Having said that, he then pointed at Ran Shu.
“Ran Shu, right?”  

  Ran Shu quickly agreed, “Yes,” 



  Ou Yang Ge continued, “As the vice monitor, help Sui HouYu scold anyone who refuses to obey.” 

  Ran Shu was stunned, then he nodded very happily. 

  The class adviser was a little crazy.

  Sui HouYu had a disorder and was energetic.
He sleeps for no more than five hours and has never slept during the day.

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  In addition, to let Ran Shu scold people, he really was someone who was capable of scolding anyone to death.


  Ou Yang Ge wasn’t finished, “Hou Mo, you are the study committee member.” 

  Hou Mo refused to accept it, “Wouldn’t that be ridiculous?” 

  Ou Yang Ge replied, “You are responsible for collecting the sports students’ homework.
If anyone fails to pass one, I’ll settle it with you.” 

  The sports students collectively wailed.
They gradually felt that there was something fishy in regards to Ou Yang Ge’s arrangements, but had no idea what it was exactly.
They all looked at Sui HouYu and Ran Shu for the answer. 


  After Ou Yang Ge finished his arrangements, he ordered, “Later, the class monitor should collect the student’s class form.
Record their clothes size, and in the last column, write the last school they attended.” 

  After the merger, the school would change the school uniform again.

  Those from Lantau would be given Fenghua’s PE and school uniform, while students from Fenghua would be given Lantau’s. 


  Sui HouYu didn’t want to work, but Ran Shu had already left to take the form.
He was very willing to be a class officer.

  Sui HouYu simply handed the work over to Ran Shu.

He had to have a word with the class adviser and find a chance to quit from being the class monitor. 


  At this moment, loud wailing could be heard from the classroom next door, with some of the students even going as far as shouting.


  Ou Yang Ge listened and then said, “It seems like they were already informed.” 

  Ran Shu became curious and asked, “Know what-what?”  

  Ou Yang Ge thought for a while before warning them, “Don’t cause a scene.” 


  Hou Mo looked at Ou Yang Ge at that moment and figured out what he meant.
Although a little puzzled, he still slightly coughed and said, “Don’t cause any trouble.” 

  This sentence was said to the sports students he was familiar with.
It could be regarded as effectively silencing them. 

  The atmosphere in the class became tense.


  ”The school has decided that you would spend five days of military training together with the first years.” Ou Yang Ge finally said. 

  Even if they were prepared, they still couldn’t help but exclaim, “What the hell?!”  

  ”We already finished the military training back when we were first years, and now we will train again in our second year?” 


  After finally managing to calm the students with difficulty, Ou Yang Ge continued, “Within these five days of military training, you can take the opportunity to get familiar with your new classmates and cultivate team spirit.
Compared to the half-month of training back when you were first years, this time would be different as the people who would train with you won’t be the same.” 

  Ran Shu was so anxious he spoke quickly, “Laoshi, it doesn’t matter whether I take the training with them or with others, I don’t wish to cultivate anything.
This military training is unreasonable!”  

  Hou Mo was on the same page with him and added, “It’s a waste of time to do these unnecessary things.” 


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  Ou Yang Ge ignored their protests and directly told Sui HouYu: “Sui HouYu, record their clothes’ sizes and the school would collectively distribute half sleeved camouflage shirts.” 

  Sui HouYu reached out and took the form, ripped it into pieces and threw it in the air.
The fragments fluttered and fell, the pleasant sight in contrast with the tense atmosphere.  

  The sports students who hadn’t crossed paths with Sui HouYu actually began to whistle.



  Ou Yang Ge stared at the students and suddenly smiled.

  When he smiled, all the sports students quietened. 

  Ou Yang Ge suddenly said, “I forgot to introduce myself.
I am a PE teacher who is also in charge of the school’s specialty faculty.
The main training program is Sanda.
I’ll see you at the Sanda Hall if you have any comments.” 


  A sports student whispered to Sui HouYu, “Brother, all the PE teachers in our school participated in competitions and won the prizes.
They’re really not just scaring you.” 

  Sui HouYu didn’t respond. 

  Hou Mo suddenly opened his mouth and told Sui HouYu.
“Ge-ge is still the head of the Moral Education Department of our school.
He likes to sit in the classroom’s last row when he has no classes.
He is likely to be your deskmate in the future.” 


  Ran Shu, who thought he had occupied the Feng Shui’s treasure land, was suddenly surprised and widened his eyes at Hou Mo.

  Even Sui HouYu was shocked for a moment and looked at Hou Mo in surprise. 

  Looking at Ou Yang Ge again, they didn’t seem to be joking.

  The teacher also seems to be very difficult to deal with.


  The teacher raised his hand and handed out a form again.
Ran Shu looked back at Sui HouYu before still getting up to fetch the form and returned with a sigh. It was considered a compromise. 



The author has something to say:

There are 88 random red envelopes in this chapter. 


When I was in my third year of Junior high school, the school implemented a new military training.
It was said to cultivate the spirit of hardship and lasted for ten days.


Now that I think about it, I can’t help but reminisce.



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Please excuse the comments I’ve made if they aren’t up to your liking.
I originally planned on removing them but Vai suggested I keep them because they were funny.
I hope someone else gets entertained by them too!

On that note, please be aware that those comments were made under work induced stress so if anyone finds them rude, please excuse me hahaha! (Though it is true I don’t like SHY for now, but I am aware that he will get better as the story progresses so that judgement is still up in the clouds hahhah.) 

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