Because the two schools merged and moved campuses, the school started a few days earlier.

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At this time, the students did not realize the conspiracy¹.


[1] Can also mean “issue”



After the two schools merged, the students will have to be gathered together.


High school students have a separate campus and are arranged to live in the original campus of Qingyu High School.
Year One and Year Two school students are placed on the campus of Fenghua High School.


The school name was also changed to Fengyu High School.


Hou Yu dragged his suitcase to the Fenghua campus, and stood at the school gate as looked at the teaching building.
Looking back to the endless cornfield positioned diagonally from in front of him, his expression gradually collapsed.


The slender leaves of the green-blue corn bushes rustled in the breeze, looking comfortable under the sun.


This kind of vibrant green matched Houyu's face.


The school was very close to Xingjia Alley, which is why Houyu chose to live there.
He never imagined that the location of the school would be more remote than that of Xingjia Alley.


Xingjia Alley is surrounded by mountains and rivers, while Fenghua High School campus is surrounded by loess slopes.


He was also afraid that the reason they made a high school occupy such a huge area was because of this biased place.
It was said that one could easily get lost inside the school campus.
Some buildings that were finished constructing were left empty because no one knew what to do with them.




Get lost in school.


Get lost after leaving school.


Houyu could only follow the flow of people and comfort himself that he can return to the original campus next year.



Today was Oritentation² Day.
The students weren't wearing their school uniforms.
If they were unfamiliar with their schoolmates, they won't be able to tell who is who, or whether they were old alumni.


[2] It can also mean Homecoming Day but 'orientation' makes more sense


Houyu wore noise-canceling headphones, a twilight red buckled on top of his head.
It made his fluffy hair a bit settled.
It was just that the tips of his hair that were not pressed down by the headphones stubbornly curved and swayed back and forth in the wind.
Even the wind can't smooth down the parts of his hair that stayed arched.


The students surrounding and following Houyu all looked at him intently, aware that this young man was particularly dazzling in the crowd.
It's a pity that the young man was cold, his gaze sharp and pointed.


Houyu walked into the crowd.
From time to time, someone who recognized him would greet him: “Yu-ge.”


Another person said, “Yu-ge, Ran Shu is at the entrance of that arched building.”


Houyu responded casually before walking towards the building.
As he approached, he saw that there was a group of people gathered, all of whom he knew well.


When teenagers arrive in an unfamiliar environment, they all want to show off their aura and don't want to be compared with people from another school.
This group of boys gathered together, in different shapes and sizes, trying to display the folds of their clothes arrogantly.


Zhonger³ and idiotic⁴ .


[3] It means the usual behavior of a teenager when going through puberty

[4] The word here literally translates to 'sand sculpture' but it is commonly used as a slang to describe a stupidly funny or foolish person or way of acting


Houyu wanted to laugh.


Ran Shu was different from the others.


He squatted on the table, his head lowered.
He glanced sideways at Sui Houyu, stood up abruptly and cursed: “Fuck, fuck, fuck, they will be re-tested and divided into classes according to their grades.”


Ran Shu, the best friend who has a close relationship with Houyu, is a fuerdai⁵ whose daily hobby is to show off his wealth.

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[5] Rich second generation or a person who was born rich and has a lot of money to use


He has no other advantages besides being rich, so he can only use this to prove himself and get the approval of others.
Learning is his short board⁶.
So short that it can just be ignored.


[6] Meaning his weakness


Houyu chewed gum and said nonchalantly: “Maybe I'm afraid of being grouped together with them.”


The two schools had merged and the students were all of young age.
It was easy for them to become divided into two camps and start disliking each other.
The school's approach was to spread them apart.
There is no such thing as a definite boundary.
They have to become friends with students from the other school so they can't make too much trouble.


Ran Shu asked with a bitter face, “Then, what should I do?”


Ran Shu and Sui Houyu's academic performance were two extremes.


Sui Houyu can easily rank first in the school, and Ran Shu can easily be the last place in the school.
It is already a miracle that the two of them became friends.


Houyu looked over at Ran Shu and said with a smile: “Don't worry, ordinary people can't kill you.
They can't get rid of you even if they wanted to.”


Ran Shu had no choice but to accompany Houyu to the dormitory.
When he went there, he still mumbled: “Don't look at them.
The classes are scattered but the dormitory is not scattered.
The fifth and sixth floors belong to our school.
There are also some on the lower floors.
The first floor is close to the garbage station.
What a fucking dog.”


Ran Shu and Sui Houyu's bedroom was on the sixth floor.


For Sui Houyu, this floor was okay.
But for the “Jiao Didi⁷” elder, this floor was really disgusting and it is easy to grind his little jiojio⁸.


[7] Didi means 'little brother'

[8] Jiao means foot and is pronounced as 'jio' in some dialects, and here it means 'to have cold feet'


Sui Houyu didn't care either way.
He chatted with Ran Shu on one topic and then another while moving around the dormitory and bedroom to clean up.


Ran Shu mentioned something about renting a house with Houyu: “I, my family has a lot of houses and I don't have to look for one when I go out to live.”


“My mother can easily find out that I am away from home.
I can go to your mother and ask her to let you live somewhere else if I can help it.”


“It's also…” Ran Shu sat grinning on one side, “You only pass by the broken and broken⁹ house on weekends, it doesn't matter.
But the air conditioner in this broken dormitory doesn't make the room cool for a long period of time.”


[9] This is because of Ran Shu's stuttering


The task of returning students today was to move into the dormitory and clean up.


Both of them didn't go to the assembly and no one came to call them.


In the evening, the students who had been cleaning up came back one after another.
They knocked on the door when passing by Sui Houyu's bedroom, opened the door and said, “Yu-ge, Shu, the exam will start at 7:00 tomorrow morning.
You two are in the no.
11 exam room.
Take a look at the tallest building, in Building 2.”


One who is not familiar with this place can only describe which building it is.


Ran Shu nodded and waved his hand: “Thanks, thanks.”


Houyu only with a nasal “um.”



According to the number of people in this level, there are thirty-two classes divided into two parts.


Classes 1 to 9 are liberal arts, and classes 10 to 17 are sciences; there are also 15 international classes, which are signature classes of their two private high schools.
The first class of the liberal arts class has the best academic performance, the second class is poor, and so on.
The same goes for science classes.


The exam was over in one day, and only the main subjects were taken.
The school’s grading rate is fast.
It was rumored that the teachers worked overtime until the early hours of the morning.
The next day, classes were already separated.


Ran Shu already knew which class he would be in, so he didn't join the crowd as they looked at the big list.
He went to Class 17 early and occupied his favorite position in the classroom.


The window side of the classroom, the corner of the last row.


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Bask in the sun if you want, and sleep if you want to sleep.
It is a treasure trove of feng shui¹⁰ for the scumbag.


[10] Feng shui is a practice in ancient China where they determine places with good energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment.
For example, a place with good feng shui can bring good luck


Ran Shu sat on his seat, swaying the chair, when he saw a group of people walk in mightily.
In this group of people, they were tall and smiling.
Despite being in the seventeenth class, they were still in a good mood.
Indeed, they were all quite talented.


Their group also walked to the last row and sat in the four seats connected together in the middle.
One of the good-looking boys sat near the aisle, quite close to Ran Shu's position.


Ran Shu glanced sideways at the boy and curled his lips.


He looks good.
His smile is a little greasy¹¹.
He was afraid that this kid will splash his oily ideas.


[11] Can mean disgusting, trashy and/ or repulsive


The next group of people who came in was familiar with these boys, and they started greeting them as soon as they came in.
They were so noisy that Ran Shu rolled his eyes in annoyance.


Someone said: “Class 17 will not be occupied by our sports specialties?”


Fenghua High School used to have a sports specialty class and an art specialty class.
These two classes had a lot of scumbags, and there was a group of them in the seventeenth class.


While Ran Shu was swaying his chair, swaying, he saw Sui Houyu walking in with his bag on his back.
He immediately turned silly as he watched Sui Hoyu walking towards him stupidly.
He asked: “You, are you looking for me?”


Houyu walked to his row and dropped his schoolbag on the desk in front of Ran Shu and said, “Is it possible to leave you alone?”


“It's really you? The class won't be changed in third year!” Ran Shu didn't stammer in anxiousness.


Ran Shu's stuttering is formed afterward, and he doesn't stutter when he is in a hurry or when singing.


According to Ran Shu, his stuttering was developed because he was frightened of his harsh father.
Maybe, one day, his injured little mind will be healed and he would be fine.


“Where is it different? Your father will always be your father.” Sui Houyu didn't care.
As he sat down, he glanced sideways and looked at the person next to him.


The “gege who didn't stand up” that he encountered a few days ago was actually from this high school.
He was still sitting not far away, just an aisle away from his position.
He was holding his chin and watching them with interest, not shying away from Huoyu's straight gaze.


Ran Shu was very excited.


He knew what Houyu has accomplished.
He was so touched that he jumped up and hugged Houyu without letting go: “You, you are my dad¹²! My dad!”


[12] Dad/grandfather is used when you think of someone as more superior than you


“Go away.”


“Okay.” Ran Shu let go of him of particularly quick.


Once Ran Shu let go of Sui Houyu, he helped him move his chair back.
He looked up and saw his acquaintance again.


Su Anyi walked in.


Another one who fell to Class 17 for him is still an angel.


Ran Shu had tears in his eyes as he shouted: “Mom!”


Sui Houyu patted him on the head and he realized that he had called out the wrong name.
He immediately changed his words: “Jie¹³.”


[13] Jie here means older sister, but it's not necessarily always used for blood-related older women


Su Anyi didn't answer.
She directly sat in front of Sui Houyu.


Ran Shu thought for a while, picked up his bag, and decided to stop sitting at the same table as Houyu.
Instead, he sat beside Su Anyi.


He knows what's wrong with Houyu, so let Houyu be beautiful alone.


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Hou Mo saw Su Anyi walking past him and instantly thought of the next scene.


He turned his head and saw that his friends' eyes were all looking straight at her.


This is a common problem in the sports specialty class 一 there aren't many girls in the class, very rare.
There are more men than girls.


He helplessly covered his face, fearing that his friends would do something embarrassing.
Fortunately, they just started to act handsome and didn't do anything excessive.


Other students came in one after another.
Hou Mo was bored so he spun the tennis ball on the table.
He heard his friends say hello to those who had just entered, and when he looked up, he saw that Sang Xian had come in.


Hou Mo stared at Sang Xian, his teeth starting to hurt in an instant.


This product is really lingering¹⁴.


[14] It means that Sang Xian is wherever Hou Mo is, following him around and hard to get rid of


Hou Mo asked Sang Xian, upset: “What's your situation?”


Sang Xian replied lazily: “Oh, I just think you are here.”


Hou Mo immediately cursed: “Fuck.”


When the classroom was almost full, the headteacher finally walked in.


Seeing the class teacher, the boys in the last row suddenly wailed: “No!”


“Gege, why are you so annoying?”


“Gege, we want a female headteacher.”


He was called the group's headteacher.
He looked like he was in his early thirties, with half-length hair and a sloppy stubble on his chin.


He looked up lazily at them and answered without care: “When would I want to see you?”


He sorted out the student information sheet in the class and then pointed his hand, saying, “Start from here and introduce yourself.”


He didn't even want to say one more word.


The first person who started to introduce themselves was in the column with Houyu.
One by one, the students introduced themselves when it was their turn.


After Su Anyi stood up, she just said nonchalantly: “My name is Su Anyi,” and sat down.


Teacher Gege raised his eyes and glanced at her.
He asked, “Nothing?”


Ran Shu answered first: “Old Teacher, she doesn't like talking.”


“Then you can continue.”


Ran Shu immediately stood up and introduced himself: “My name is Ran Shu.
I used to be from Qingyu.
I also went to Qingyu in junior and junior¹⁵ high school.
I like to dance 一 street dancing, and to sing…”


[15] This is him stuttering again


Houyu lifted his head and watched Ran Shu introduce himself.
Then he looked around with a frown, seeing the mocking expressions as expected.


He came here because of Ran Shu.


Ran Shu is a very temperamental person, and there was a lack of students.
He was obviously stuttering, but he has to make trouble with everything.


Ran Shu didn't plan to correct this problem and he lived quite comfortably.


But there were always people around him who would mock him.
Just because Ran Shu stutters, they laugh at him, making Sui Houyu very angry.

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Sui Houyu had a lot of double standards, and these standards were open and frank.


He can bully¹⁶ Ran Shu, he can laugh at Ran Shu, but others can't.


[16] As in with friends, like teasing and just for fun


He came to the seventeenth class deliberately, because he was afraid that Ran Shu would be bullied.
He could only feel relieved if he was there to protect him.


After Houyu looked around, he saw Hou Mo and his friend, who was separated from him by an aisle, looking at each other.
They were laughing together.
Hou Mo seemed to notice Sui Houyu's gaze on him, so he returned his gaze.


He gave him a quick glance.
Houyu felt his eyes were very disgusting.


Hou Mo was surprised.
He and his friends were whispering but they were still heard?


His friends said before that the homophony of Qingyu High School is like passion.


Just now, Ran Shu introduced himself and mentioned Qingyu.
It was a bit like love.
Several boys looked at each other and smiled with meaning.


Before Hou Mo's smile disappeared, he was glared at by Houyu.
He immediately retracted his smile.


Houyu got up after Ran Shu finished introducing himself.

Some girls in the class had already noticed him, and they were shy and dared not to look at him too much.


When he introduced himself, the girls finally dared to look at him calmly.
Deep inside, they were all secretly excited.


Sui Houyu mumbled: “My name is Sui Houyu and I have a bad temper.
Don't mess with me, I'm sick¹⁷.”


[17] Sick in like a personality way, not physically ill


He sat down again after introducing himself.


Hou Mo looked at Sui Houyu and couldn't help raising his eyebrows.


When Hou Mo introduced himself, he stood up slowly and said with a smile: “Hello everyone, my name is Hou¹⁷ Mo.
I have a very good temper.
You can provoke me.
I am not sick.”


[17] Just know that Hou Mo and Houyu have the same 'hou'


This sentence caused Ran Shu to look back at Hou Mo and scolded: “Fuck…”


Why is this person so petty on purpose?


Sui Houyu looked at Hou Mo pointedly.


Hou Mo remained smiling, looking welcoming.


At this time, the teacher looked at Hou Mo and said, “You two have not yet dealt with each other? I heard that you two got together in school with a stick.
Why? A fight?”


This teacher was also an individual talent, and he asked in an indifferent tone.


Hou Mo still smiled: “How can I? I will definitely get along well with my new classmates, right?”


Hou Mo reached out a hand to Houyu after he finished speaking.


Houyu also extended a hand, but instead of shaking Hou Mo's hand, he only patted it away: “I can't.
Get out.”


The author has something to say:


Hou Mo: Successfully attracted the attention of my wife.


Sui Houyu: Why is this person so annoying?

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