9;t have the same skin tone as other children since he was a child.


Here, warm and white skin was common. Hou Mo's skin was a rare cold light white, one degree whiter than ordinary people with fair skin.
It seems that he was born with a little melanin, and his hair, eyebrows, and irises are not black, but linen-brown. He had fluffy short flax hair with light-colored eyes, like a cat. When looking at people, his eyes were light and fluttering, as if he doesn't care about anything.


He is always smiling, but there is no smile in his eyes.
This is probably due to his naturally smiling eyes.


In addition, he has a sharp-cut face, a high nose bridge, and deep eyes.
His face is full of three-dimensionality.
He is often asked if he is a minority or mixed race.
In fact, he really doesn't have the slightest pedigree in this area.
The three generations of his grandparents are all Northeast people.


Hou Mo and the other two walked out of the restaurant and sat at the table near the restaurant, watching the night sky.


The cool breeze at night brings a scent of nature⁸.
Living in this paradise-like place was just a little more comfortable at this time.


[8] I'm not sure what's the correct word but it refers to the kind of scent you'd smell in forests or areas with lots of trees


At this moment, Hou Mo received a video call from the coach, breaking the silence.


He took a deep breath and connected the call.
He heard the coach yell: “I can see how much you are relaxing! Run at night if you don't want to run during the day! Even during summer vacation, training can't be left off!”


Hou Mo has a good attitude.
He is more clever than the “OK” gesture toward the camera: “Alright.”


“Don't think of running round and round to fool me. I want to see your different steps change, and run separately.
After I get home, I will use the APP and the video will be clear for me to see!”


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Hou Mo cleared his throat and replied with a smile: “Okay.”


He hung up the video call, and the three people wailed at the same time.
The physical education students who took online classes were definitely the most embarrassing existence.


Hou Mo and others walked to the stadium.


This is the biggest sports venue in their neighborhood.
The middle field was originally a football field, but it was occupied by square dance teams all year-round.


Although the running track around is a little mottled due to improper care, it is also a good running venue.


When the three of them were warming up, they saw a familiar figure 一 Houyu had just run past them.


The three people looked at each other.


Deng Yiheng couldn’t help asking, “What’s the matter with this stuff? Didn’t he run away right after eating? Aren’t you afraid of a sagging stomach? This is the standard way after eating too much, right?⁹”


[9] It basically means that after eating too much, it is the most normal thing to do afterward


Shen Junjing shook his head and muttered: “I guess it took him 20 minutes to get here.
If he is not familiar with the nearby roads, it will take forty minutes to get to here.
I guess he has just arrived.”


Deng Yiheng nodded: “Yes, he came with his suitcase today. I guess he just arrived here.”


Shen Junjing: “He is also an athlete?”


Deng Yiheng remembered how this kid was when he was beating people, and agreed to this speculation: “Maybe he was practicing Sanda¹⁰.
I really can see it.
He's so skinny so he was able to fight.”


[10] Sanda, also called sanshou, is a Chinese kickboxing sport


After Hou Mo finished warming up, he ran towards the track and followed Sui Houyu.
The distance between the two wasn't too close. Hou Mo didn't surpass him, and no one stopped.
They continued for ten laps together.



When Houyu returned to the guesthouse, he felt bored and uncomfortable. After playing the game for a while, he got bored.
He got up and cleaned up the room.


In fact, this type of homestay is expensive, but it has other benefits.
Things such as toiletries, toilet paper, etc., are provided by the homeowner.
As Houyu had lived with his family for a long time, the homeowner simply sent him a new set.


Utilities and electricity bills are also borne by the homeowner. There is also a cleaning staff coming every day, so he doesn't really need to clean up.


However, he just can’t stay idle.


After he finished packing, Hou Yu pinched his waist and looked at the room, as if there was nothing else to do. He sat down on the sofa, forcibly suppressing his irritability by eating two pieces of gum.
He put his hands on his legs, opening and clenching them restlessly.


In the end, he still couldn't hold back.
He walked out the door, and started running up and down the stairs.


This unfamiliar environment made him feel uneasy.

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Anxiety can aggravate anxiety even more.


He wanted to vent, but he couldn't think of a good way to do so for a while.


The soundproofing here is average, and his running back and forth like this still alarmed the neighbors.


One of the apartments opened the door.
The person looked out from the crack in the door and happened to directly face Sui Houyu who was going upstairs.


It was actually Hou Mo.


Hou Mo was also startled when he saw Sui Houyu, then he laughed and asked, “What are you doing?”


“My treadmill will arrive tomorrow.” After Houyu said this, he continued running.


Hou Mo leaned out while holding the doorknob, only to catch a glimpse of the AJ sneakers¹¹ already upstairs in the stairwell, so he returned to the door and explained to his mother: “Someone is running.”


[11] I assume it's a brand of sneakers


Hou Mo's mother remained gently smiling, saying: “Well, I see. I'm going to rest. You should also go to bed earlier.”


Hou Mo helped his mother back to the room before returning to his own room.


He turned on the computer and looked at the computer screen, hesitating for a while before typing a few words in the search box: ADHD.


He has watched Sui Houyu fight and watched him eat, and found that even when Sui Houyu endured it very well, there were always some anxious little movements.
Hou Mo couldn't help but feel a little curious.


After comparing for a while, Hou Mo felt that Sui Houyu might not have ADHD.


Then, he saw other keywords in the related entry: mania.


He clicked and looked at it, and then looked at the introduction on Baidu Encyclopedia: Feeling proud about himself, such as feeling that the mind is particularly flexible, or the body is particularly healthy, or particularly energetic; sleepless, and not tired; increased activity, or extreme excitement; recklessness and reckless behavior, or adventurous; obvious hypersexuality.


Hou Mo looked at the page, touched his chin subconsciously, and couldn't help but sigh: “Good physical strength, strong desire… this is a perfect match.”

The author has something to say:


The last part is copied from Baidu Baike¹², and Baidu Baike's style is also reflected in the paragraph.


[The age setting in this book is to be able to fall in love.]


[There are indeed Chinese who are born with light-colored hair and light-colored pupils.
There are examples in reality, but the ratio is very low, and there is no shortage of nutrition.
Don't worry.
(The latter is a copy) Chinese people occasionally have red hair, but they are not necessarily “hybrid,” because Chinese people have had red hair since ancient times.
Liu Tang¹³, the “red-haired ghost” in “Water Margin,” got this nickname because of his red hair.]


[12] Baidu Baike is a kind of dictionary, kind of like a Thesaurus

[13] Liu Tang is a fictional character from “Water Margin,” one of the four classical novels in ancient Chinese literature

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