After Sui HouYu entered the office, he just stood to the side, and did not join in.
He just listened to those people argue.

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    He was a little confused; did these people call him over just to listen to them squabble?

    Guess they just lacked an audience.


    Ou Yang Ge’s argument was: “I don’t agree with your decision.
Wouldn’t it be in line with their wishes if we agree to change their dormitories just because they were raising hell? Then in the future they would just constantly make trouble until we follow what they want.
If this gets out, what would the school look like?”  

    Li-laoshi waved her hand in denial but did not give in.
“Things escalated to this because they had told the school beforehand and were ignored.
It’s not like they made trouble for no reason; the school dormitory assignments indeed were unfair. This oppressive government drives the people to revolt.*”  

    Director Li was so angry that he rubbed his chest, and then rebutted Li-laoshi, “Your attitude of protecting the calves is not suitable to being a class adviser.”

    Li-laoshi was ten thousand times disappointed, “This is not protecting the calf but being reasonable! What era are we now? We should respect the students’ ideas.”  


    Ou Yang Ge took out a stack of files from the side, “We were already sorting out the rooms in preparation for a re-arrangement, but what happened now is they all got into trouble.”

    It seemed like in Li-laoshi’s mind, whoever had the loudest voice made more sense so she yelled: “Then make arrangements for them! And tell them you are sorting it out! They didn’t know anything so they took matters into their own hands.
If they had been told, do you think they would’ve made trouble? This is due to your inefficiency so why are you blaming the students?”

  She spoke with such passion that her jade earrings trembled.

    Ou Yang Ge choked on such a response, and looked at Director Li, “Director, can you calm her down?”

    Director Li then yelled at Teacher Li, “Can’t you articulate better?!”

    Ou Yang Ge was stunned again.
These two people are indeed father and daughter, and are quite similar. 

    Li-laoshi continued to be stubborn, then went over to ask Sui HouYu, “Were you the one who led your classmates?”

    Sui HouYu lowered his eyelids and replied, “I didn’t take the lead, but I participated.”

    “Who was there?” 

    “…” Sui HouYu went silent.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

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    Ou Yang Ge observed for a while before going out and called a student, “Go to Class 17, and get Hou Mo over.
He is the one with the yellow hair.”

    The student nodded and ran away. 

    After a moment Hou Mo arrived with a wad of homework in hand and said listlessly, “Ge-ge, I’m collecting homework.
Can’t you call me another time?”

    Ou Yang Ge stared at the stack of homework books he brought, which could only be counted in one hand, before glaring at Hou Mo, and waved for him to enter.

    As Hou Mo went in, Ou Yang Ge pointed at Sui HouYu and said, “You stand beside him.” 

    Hou Mo walked over with a smile, and stood shoulder to shoulder with Sui HouYu then asked, “Why, going to choose who is the most handsome?”

    Really shameless.

    While describing the event, his hand made all sorts of motions as if trying to draw what happened.

    Li-laoshi was seriously listening, but after hearing Hou Mo’s description, an image instantly came to her mind, and she couldn’t help but let out a “Pu” in laughter.
Director Li had to kick her before she was able to fix her expression and turn serious again. vrsaue

    Ou Yang Ge glanced at Li-laoshi, then with a stern face asked Hou Mo again, “You really had nothing to do with it?”

    “What’s wrong? I am innocent, would you still punish me?” Hou Mo replied with a straight face. 

    Ou Yang Ge snorted coldly, “I heard that you were the one who took the lead, and occupied the dormitory rooms.” 

    Hou Mo shook his head like a rattle, “No, no, no, it wasn’t me.
I just followed everyone else.”

    “Why did I hear that when they saw you making a move, they also moved, and tried to be on the same floor as you?”


    “…” Hou Mo sighed. 


    Indeed, it was not Hou Mo who took the lead, but one of the sport students.
Hou Mo did not participate at first.

    But other sports students also moved, and it was not appropriate for him to stay alone, so he moved with them.
After he moved, the whole school moved with him.

    Ou Yang Ge took a few steps, and stood in front of the two boys. 

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    Ou Yang Ge was 177cm tall, shorter than the two boys, but he had great presence.
After all, he was also a champion.

    He stared at the two students.
He kept his silence but his gaze was steady.
The subtle atmosphere made Hou Mo and Sui HouYu silent at the same time.

    After a moment Ou Yang Ge said, “Neither of you took the lead but only participated.
Yet, you are the only ones called here.
Do you know why that is?” 

    Sui HouYu continued to be indifferent, only Hou Mo glanced at Ou Yang Ge.

    Ou Yang Ge began, “You are aware how influential you are.
A lot of the students look up to you, and you know it.
Since you have such a presence you must weigh your own words and deeds.
When you do good they would also do good; if you do something bad then they would also copy it.
I was a student once so I know about these things.”

    “Who hasn’t been a school bully.” —— Ou Yang Ge 

    “Not like I haven’t been a big brother for many years.” —— Ou Yang Ge 

    “In this regard, you are all brothers.” ——Ou Yang Ge

    Sui HouYu & Hou Mo: “…” 

    Ou Yang Ge continued, “I know you don’t want to drop any names, but in this case the school needs to take action.
Maybe you might think I’m unreasonable, but I will hold you two accountable.
After all, if neither of you got involved, then you wouldn’t be able to gather as many participants as you had.
You two are their backbone.”  

    As a result, Hou Mo suddenly seemed like he had been given life, and became energetic, “No, Ge-ge, you did not ask.
I am willing to tell you all of their names so that we can all be punished, and not just me alone!”


    Ou Yang Ge paused… Now the school bully’s style of painting has changed? 2hAga

    Sui HouYu had been indifferent at first but was surprised by Hou Mo’s move.
His eyes went wide with shock; looking at Hou Mo incredulously. 

    Hou Mo stared back at Sui HouYu, smiling, “What, you didn’t tell them? Such commendable friendship! Then you from Lantau must be ‘One Piece’, while us from Feng Hua are ‘Gintama’.”  

    Sui HouYu couldn’t help sighing, “How amazing!” 


    Hou Mo laughed heartily, and asked Ou Yang Ge for a piece of paper, “Ge-ge, give me a piece of paper, and I’ll write down names of these people.
You should punish them thoroughly for their crimes, don’t be lenient.
I’m such a good person, no need to thank me.” 

    Ou Yang Ge really gave Hou Mo a piece of paper.
Hou Mo went to a desk, and wrote a small report conscientiously.

    Sui HouYu looked at him, and couldn’t help rolling his eyes.
What a man; what a dog!

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     Li-laoshi observed for a while, before approaching Ou Yang Ge and asked, “How are you going to deal with this matter?”

    Li-laoshi was very adamant about changing dormitories.

    Ou Yang Ge sighed, “Change.
I won’t go to the next two self-study classes today, instead I will leave school early, and reshuffle the rooms.
I will make a new list, and send it to all the students once I’m done.”

    Then he sat at his desk, and turned on the computer to sort out the forms. 0b8yiA

    Li-laoshi was finally satisfied and asked again, “What about Sui HouYu?”

    “He will stay on the sixth floor, write a reflection letter, and read it aloud in front of the whole school on Monday.”

    He won’t receive any demerits, and would only need to write a reflection letter.
After thinking about it Li-laoshi did not argue any longer, and left the office for her class. 6wRJL1

    After Hou Mo finished writing he stood beside Ou Yang Ge, and watched him sort out the forms.
The forms were printed out one after another.
Hou Mo picked it up and took a look then asked in confusion, “Ge-ge, the dormitory building 11 is not yet ready for use, right?”

    “Part of it is under renovation.

    “Part of?” 

    “Yes, it was already partially furnished but after it was found that there would not be a lot of students staying, they stopped renovations.
Don’t worry, it’s fully equipped.”  

    Hou Mo really had no one to talk to so he approached Sui HouYu, and showed him the list Ou Yang Ge had made.

    When Ou Yang Ge mentioned the sixth floor, they thought it would be of their building . 

    Unexpectedly, they are getting moved to the sixth floor of some other building – building 11.

    At that time, only buildings 1-10 were being used.

    Building 11 remained vacant, and the gate had been sealed due to the lack of usage. 

    Hou Mo and his friends had once secretly trespassed on building 11, just to hang out for a short while.
The floors didn’t even have tiles then; just cement all around.

    “We are in the same dorm room.
Is this punishment?” Hou Mo stared at the list and asked.

    Sui HouYu looked over the list, and found that Ran Shu was also in the same room as them. 

    The room was equipped with six beds – four upper bunks, two lower bunks, and two desks.

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    The list was as follows:

    Sui HouYu, Ran Shu, Hou Mo, Sang Xian, Deng YiHeng, Shen JunJing. 

    Ou Yang Ge knew them very well, and was aware of who had a good relationship with whom.

    Sui HouYu also looked puzzled.
He turned to Hou Mo and asked, “Is it really that bad there?”

    “It’s not like that.” Hou Mo pondered and replied, “Our room will be the only one used in that entire building.”   

    Sui HouYu: “…”

    Ou Yang Ge suddenly interjected, “No, this building would be used soon.
The teachers and staff will live with you.”

    Hou Mo and Sui HouYu understood this time.
They were about to live in the same building as the teachers. 4KzuB9

    This treatment was second to none, giving them the most unique care.

    From time to time, Sui HouYu’s desk mate was Ou Yang Ge.
Absolutely amazing!

    Just couldn’t bring himself to laugh. aFdfzl

    Hou Mo asked again, “Will we be the only students in the building?”

    Ou Yang Ge took another blank piece of paper, “Continue writing your small report, and I will find some more people to accompany you.”

    Hou Mo nodded and turned around to comfort Sui HouYu, “Don’t worry, I will do my best to make our floor full.” NXAoBs

    Then he continued to write.

    Sui HouYu stood behind Hou Mo, and peered down on his list.
He noticed Hou Mo had also written the names of two green onions of the school.  

    This person truly had a good memory.
How he could hold such grudges!  

    Sui HouYu’s feelings at that moment –  at ease yet disdainful. 


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