Ch11 – Coax Him

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Edited by Vai

    Unlike Deng YiHeng and the others, Hou Mo obviously was trained like a soldier.
    Sui HouYu had been training since he was a child.
He had learned Sanda, Taekwondo, and Boxing, and he had sparred with his coaches.
In addition to having a good physique, he had obviously never lost a fight.
    However, Hou Mo he met today was obviously not to be underestimated. 


    The two of them exchanged a few blows, with Sui HouYu always being somehow caught by Hou Mo.
While struggling, he noticed that Hou Mo was still able to take off his shoe cover with his other hand.
    Sui HouYu became anxious at that moment, and raised his foot to attack Hou Mo.
    Hou Mo stretched out his hand to block Sui HouYu’s kick, and felt his palm tremble.
The power of that kick was really strong, and Hou Mo struggled to parry.




    Hou Mo had seen Sui HouYu and Deng YiHeng fight once, and at that time Sui HouYu hardly moved his feet, he had just used his fists.
    At this moment, it was clear that Deng YiHeng and the others were only slightly injured last time due to Sui HouY holding himself back.
    This time, Sui HouYu didn’t hold back, and Hou Mo had a bit of difficulty coping with it. 



    Sui HouYu kicked him once again, and this time his pelvis was hit.
Hou Mo’s body trembled in pain and he couldn’t help but curse, “Fuck, do your feet have fucking steel nails?”
    This kick was so fucking ruthless, it hurted enough for Hou Mo’s three souls to dissipate.
    Hou Mo seized the opportunity and caught Sui HouYu’s ankle.
Sui HouYu could only use his one foot on the ground to pull out of Huo Mo’s grip but before he could, Huo Mo pounced on him, throwing him on his back to the ground and punching him in the face. 
    Even though the punch came fast, Sui HouYu still noticed that Hou Mo had changed its direction. It was originally intended for his face, but at the last minute, he punched his chest.


    Hou Mo was indeed Hou Mo; only he could say such words in the middle of a fight, “I really don’t want to hit your face.”
    Sui HouYu groaned when he heard the provocation, and was so angry that he wanted to break free from Hou Mo.
But ultimately, using only one hand, Hou Mo pinned both of his hands on top of his head, while the other hand flicked his head, “Call me father and I’ll spare you.” 
    “Your uncle!”



    Sui HouYu wriggled around and used his legs to try and push Huo Mo off his chest. 
    Hou Mo thought that Sui HouYu was like a snake; he could bend his body and was slippery.

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    Huo Mo struggled, letting his hands go and instead clasped Sui HouYu’s ankles before he could get back on his feet, ultimately restraining him again.



    He noticed a moment later that there seemed to be something wrong with their posture.
Wasn’t it wrong to split someone’s legs open?
    Hou Mo let go again. 


    Sui HouYu stood up and raised his fist ready to land another hit when Hou Mo asked him, “Could you stop fighting?”
    Sui HouYu was so angry that his brain hurt; he had never seen anyone fight by flirting.
He didn’t agree with Huo Mo and continued throwing punches while Hou Mo dodged each one.
    After playing around for a while, Sui HouYu had to admit that Huo Mo was skillful.
He was always caught and subdued by him, making him wonder, just what did he practice! 

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    Every few punches, Hou Mo could find an opportunity to grab Sui HouYu’s hand.
    Qlatlc j ofk xlmxr, Lbe Zb mbeiv wjxf Vel LbeTe ifjc abkjgvr tlw jcv tbiv tlw. 
    Ktlr qgbvema kbc’a oluta kfii!
    Lbe Zb kjr jikjsr juugfrrlnf.
Lf tjv jikjsr yffc atja kjs, tf yjrlmjiis agbiifv qfbqif.  


    Hou Mo clasped Sui HouYu’s hand.
Seeing that he was still struggling, Hou Mo took him to the bedroom and pressed him on the bed, asking, “Can we chat rationally, friendly and harmoniously?”
    “Rb!” Vel LbeTe kjr rb jcugs atja tf kjr jybea ab fzqibvf!
    “Tbe rff, joafg kf xffq olutalcu jcv olutalcu, kf klii aegc la lcab oglfcvrtlq.
Jjc kf rtjxf tjcvr jcv wjxf qfjmf?”
    Sui HouYu had never experienced such a way of making peace.
Hou Mo was about to handcuff Sui HouYu.


    When Hou Mo heard it, he could only pat the other on the side of his head for being so arrogant.
“Why are you so difficult to get along with?” 
    After that, he hesitated and added, “Your hair is so thick.
Does it have a absorbing shock-effect when you get hit?”
    Sui HouYu was so angry that he wanted to bite.
He tried to break free by pulling Hou Mo’s clothes until it exposed his shoulder.
Fortunately, he fell on the bed, otherwise Hou Mo would suffer much. 


    Sui HouYu rushed again, caught Hou Mo and started beating him up.
    Hou Mo had also gone anxious.
He no longer cared about things and fought back when he found an opportunity.


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    Whether the two of them fought too hard, or the quality of the bed was not very good, the bed suddenly collapsed.
    The bed frame broke in the middle, and the two got stuck in the crack simultaneously. 
    At the moment when the bed collapsed, Hou Mo subconsciously pulled Sui HouYu into his arms to protect him.
When he came back to his senses, he saw Sui HouYu staring at him. 


    Hou Mo couldn’t help but “tsk” in complaint, “You really don’t know how lucky you are.”
    Sui HouYu reached out and pushed him away, “Go away!”
    “It’s not a big crack.
Where can I go? Wait, I’ll adjust my position to climb out.” 
    The bed board was broken in the middle, the two people were stuck in the V-shaped gap.
The quilt and pillows on the bed were still sliding down, which hindered them a lot.
    Hou Mo adjusted his posture to climb out, but he was afraid of squishing Sui HouYu, so it took him a long time.
    After feeling Sui HouYu’s impatience, Hou Mo could only crawl towards the edge, but his movements were still very slow.


    Sui HouYu urged, “I said, can you hurry up?”
    Hou Mo also became upset and replied, “You think I am willing to stay here? It’s hard to move around and you are stuck in the middle.
How could I hurry up? Do you think I am willing to do this? You’re all bones and also panicking.”
    After Hou Mo crawled for a while, he looked up and suddenly saw a black cat, green eyes staring at him fiercely and let out a “Miao”. 


    Da Ge was woken up from his sleep.
When he came to check the situation, it seemed that Hou Mo was bullying his poop picker.
He readied his claws to swat Hou Mo.
    Hou Mo was so startled by this elder brother that he stumbled back.
“Fuck! Fuck, what the hell is this?!” 
    Sui Hou Yu looked up and replied, “Cat!”
    “Why is it so dark?” 
    “Black cat!”


    Hou Mo was really scared of Da Ge.
He kept stumbling back as Da Ge kept jumping and waving his claws at him.
    Hou Mo, who was quite majestic before, now became a coward.
He was covering his head with his arms to block the incoming attacks.
    After a while, he peeked from between the gaps to see that Da Ge was still on to him, so he could only wiggle around and hug Sui HouYu’s waist, not letting go.
“It’s scaring me, you deal with it.
Why does it keep attacking me?”
    “He thought you were bullying me.” Sui HouYu watched Hou Mo squirm and felt helpless.
He stretched his arms out and caught his Da Ge. 


    Two people and one cat calmed down, Hou Mo was holding Sui HouYu, and Sui HouYu was holding the cat.
    Sui HouYu’s voice was extremely cold, “Get off me.”
    Hou Mo immediately let go, but Sui HouYu was still squeezed with him.

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    Sui HouYu had no choice but to climb out by himself, holding his Da Ge so that he could not attack Hou Mo.


    Hou Mo climbed out after him and squatted to the side aggrievedly.
He took a peek at Da Ge before closing his eyes in despair and ignoring it.
    Sui HouYu got confused and asked, “I can understand why you are afraid of mice, but why are you afraid of cats?”
    “Its fur is so dark, and its eyes are green.
Aren’t they generally amber?” 


    Sui HouYu shrugged and replied, “I like the color green, so I especially like him.
I don’t like the color amber very much, or any color similar to your eyes and hair.
I hate it the most.”
    “Hey, why are you personally attacking me?” 
    “How can it be considered as a personal attack? It’s just a preference.
I don’t have any clothes of that color.” 


    Hou Mo waited for a while before getting up and checked the place that was attacked by the cat.
There was no scratch on it.
    He turned around and looked at the bed, feeling helpless.
“I’ll find a way to give you a bed.”
    “No, I’ll buy a new one.”
    Hou Mo looked at him and said, “The new ones are all full of formaldehyde.
Would your body absorb the formaldehyde? I’ll look for a way and bring it to you this afternoon.”  


    When Hou Mo went out of the room, he felt bursts of pain in his body.
When he looked back, he saw that Sui HouYu was also secretly rubbing his chest.
    Both of them were in the same situation.



    Hou Mo didn’t leave right away, but went to the living room and sat down to catch his breath.
    Then he called Sang Xian and asked, “Do you have an extra bed at home? A double bed that hasn’t been used much would be ideal.
If you have one please give it to me.” 
    Hou Mo seldom asked Sang Xian anything.
The only time he did was when he had no choice. 


    Sang Xian’s answer was very relaxed, “Yes, our house has a guest room that has never been used.
I will send you that bed.”
    “Okay, send it today.”


    Sang Xian asked, “What’s wrong? Did something happen to your bed?” 
    “Don’t mention it.
I got into a fight with Sui HouYu and the bed collapsed.”

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    “The bed… Collapsed?”
    “Don’t dare think of dirty thoughts.”
    “I won’t.” 


    Sang Xian smiled and asked, “So you like that type?”
    “I’ve said it many times, I’m straight.”
    “Oh, all right, I’ll ask the housekeeper to call a car to deliver it now.”
    “By the way, if you have an extra bed frame, send it too.
Though please make sure it won’t be easily destroyed.” 
    “What do you mean?”
    “Never mind, hurry up.”


    Sui HouYu’s bed was filled with delicate quilts.
It was quite soft to sleep in, but if you laid on it for a long time, your back would hurt.
Simply fooling people.
    After hanging up, Hou Mo browsed his phone for a while before telling Sui HouYu something, “Hey, just a piece of advice.”
    Sui HouYu asked angrily, “What?”
    “Try not to go out at night.
A lot of couples will be roaming.”
    “What’s wrong with there being a lot of couples?”
    “What if they get disappointed in their partners after seeing you? “ 


    Sui HouYu looked at Hou Mo, his expression indifferent yet puzzled.
He didn’t smile at all.
    Hou Mo looked back at his mobile phone and sighed.
Then he showed his phone to Sui HouYu, “Look, it’s a joke from the internet.
They said that coaxing good-looking people is the most effective way.
    Sui HouYu glanced at the screen and saw: how to make good-looking people happy.
    When he saw the sentence, Sui HouYu couldn’t hold back his smile.


    Hou Mo just stared at Sui HouYu, and his gaze didn’t seem to be innocent.
    It was like a random gust of wind in the wasteland.
The wind was not strong, just light and fluttering, but it was enough to sweep the heavens and the earth. 


 The author has something to say:

    Leave 88 red envelopes at random.
    By the way: Sui HouYu’s black cat is named Da Ge (big brother), which was mentioned in Chapter 1.
    [Note: The joke of coaxing brother Yu is an inside joke, which is also reflected in the text, and I have said it again.

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