Ch9 – Battle of the Dormitories

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Edited by Vai

  After their five-day military training ended, classes began for the second years while the first years still had ten more days left of their military training.
  Second year class 17 seemed to have their own routine.
For them it was to sleep, play, and play more and their books seemed to be still brand new.

  The biggest conflict nowadays was the dormitory arrangement.
  The students of Lantau high gradually realized that they were given rooms on the worst dormitory floors.
After inquiring about it, they found out that after the students of Fenghua High had learned about the merger, they had moved into the dormitories the same day the third years had moved out.
  Or in other words, the students themselves had taken the initiative to occupy the good floors.

  Merging two schools was like having two children, everything has to be fair to both.  

  During the military training, the Lantau high students had to climb to the fifth or sixth floor to rest.
They gradually couldn’t stand it anymore and complained to their teachers.
  However, the teachers always said they would look into the matter but nothing had happened.
  After the Fanghua students found out about it, they became naughty and mischievous.
They took the initiative to provoke by saying that they were wasting their efforts.
“What’s wrong with running up a few more floors? Just think of it as exercise.
We also sacrificed ourselves and gave you the opportunity to exercise.”  

  The students of Lantau high became upset and wanted to do something.

  On Thursday, the items ordered by the boys of Lantau high arrived.
  After the doors to their dormitory were closed, they carried the boxes to their rooms to unpack.
Ran Shu picked up a black water gun from the box and handed it to Sui HouYu, “This-this is handsome.”  
  Sui HouYu took it and felt the weight in his hands.
It was quite heavy, and would undoubtedly become heavier once filled with water.

  While he was looking at his water gun, he noticed something on Ran Shu’s back.
There was a rabbit shaped container which had a white body and a small pink skirt.
The container had a tube coming out of it which got connected to a gun. 

  So can you handle this?
  Sui HouYu told Ran Shu, “It’s quite girlish…”
  Ran Shu was still studying how to fasten the water tank, and replied casually, “It will-will only be used once.”

  Sui HouYu wore a cap, a mask, and night vision goggles.
Just in case, he also changed into a hoodie sweater and pulled the hoodie up and tied the string at the base of the neck to be fully covered.

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  After their weapons were ready, more than 50 boys gathered in the building’s corridor, waiting for Sui HouYu’s signal.

  Sui HouYu neither organized this nor was it his idea, but a group of people begged him for help.
  After he reluctantly agreed, he was promoted as the leader in an instant, and was asked what their next move should be.



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  Sui HouYu really had no choice but to take the job.

  Sui HouYu told the boys, “Only target the people, not their valuables and bed, or else they wouldn’t be able to sleep.”
  Ran Shu did not agree, “No-no-no, why would you let them sleep? Couldn’t they still sleep soundly on the floor? Don’t you think what they did was immoral?” 
  Sui HouYu replied, “This time would merely be a warning.
If we don’t achieve our goal, then we will take drastic measures.”

  Ran Shu asked again, “Then-then what if a fight broke out?”
  Sui HouYu’s voice was calm as he replied, “As much as possible don’t let yourself get carried away by their provocations, or else we’ll suffer losses.”

  After making plans, they went for the action.
The first group went to the third floor.
  Most of the students there were still awake.
Some were playing games in their rooms, some were chatting in the corridor, while others were washing up.
  About 50 people from Lantau high school began to attack when they reached their destination.
They were organized and disciplined.
They attacked everyone they saw.
  Then they kicked open the bedroom doors, sprayed water on the faces of the people inside before running away.

  Gradually, curses could be heard from the third floor.
  Someone who had a lot of courage rushed directly into the corridor, but saw that there were more than 30 people loitering around.
In the space of a moment, sprayed all of them and quickly ran back amidst all the litany of curses he received.
  Sui HouYu kicked open the door to Hou Mo’s room.
Hou Mo had just finished washing his sports wear and was about to hang it on the balcony.
Hou Mo was in the middle of lowering his sleeves after he had taken his clothes from the basin and had shaken them.
  Sui HouYu held a water gun and looked at Hou Mo.
He hesitated for a moment before spraying water on the other’s body.

  Hou Mo was so surprised by the attack that he subconsciously threw his laundry on the bed and walked towards Sui HouYu.

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  Deng YiHeng jumped out of the bed and asked, “What are you doing? What is this?” 
  Sui HouYui sprayed water on Deng YiHeng’s face, which made him make “pei pei pei” sounds repetitively .
  When Sui HouYui was done with his attacks, he withdrew from the bedroom.
But, Hou Mo had caught up with him.

  There was already a scuffle in the corridor.
The boys from Lantau high had originally planned on only putting on a show and bolting out of there afterwards.
  Hou Mo was someone who was fast and had a flexible body.
Constant training made his reflexes faster than an ordinary person.
He reached for Sui HouYu’s body but the other nimbly avoided his attack.
  As a result, Hou Mo only saw Sui HouYu’s hair popping out from under the hat.
Those wisps of hair were very unique, curly and rolled up together.

  You can’t hide such obvious personal characteristics!
  ”Sui HouYu!” Hou Mo recognized it immediately.
  Sui HouYu looked back at Hou Mo as he continued to run carrying his water gun.
  Hou Mo ran wildly in the corridor following Sui HouYu.

  The corridor was in absolute chaos.
Sui HouYu stumbled over a boy in the corridor who had fallen due to the slippery floor and jumped over him.
When he jumped, his shoe brought up a string of water droplets like a curtain.
When he landed, he stepped in a puddle of water and ran towards the stairs. 

  Hou Mo chased after him.
While running he too stepped in a puddle, which made his shoes let out squeaks every time it hit the floor.
  He finally managed to grab a corner of Sui HouYu’s clothes and pulled the other towards him.
When Sui HouYu crashed into his body, Hou Mo trapped him by wrapping his arms around the other’s waist and rubbed his wet body to Sui HuoYu’s.
“You guys really did some damage.
How is the water, is it cold?”

  The moment Sui HouYu was caught,  his body stiffened.
He looked at the strong arms holding his body.
He couldn’t help feeling disgusted and began to struggle violently. 
  Hou Mo didn’t let him go at all.
Instead, he held him harder.
  In their struggle, Sui HouYu squatted down and Huo Mo held him from back.
Huo Mo changed his grip and got Sui HouYu’s calves making him a ball in his arms.
  It was possible because Sui HouYui was thin and soft.
If it had been another person, then they wouldn’t be able to bear it.
  After being restrained in this posture, it was difficult for Sui HouYu to wriggle out.

  It was an unfortunate situation where the thief was captured before the king!
  While Sui HouYu was under Hou Mo’s control, the students from Lantau high stopped running and looked back at the stairway where Sui HouYu was.
  FengHua’s students had also gathered there.
Deng YiHeng and Sang Xian stood beside Hou Mo as if they were ready for a fight. 

  Hou Mo tried to assert dominance over Sui HouYu and asked, “What have they done?”

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  Deng YiHeng wiped the water from his face and replied, “Just sprayed water on my body.
They didn’t do anything else but it’s so fucking cheap! My pants and underpants are now stuck to my body.” 
  After thinking about it, Ran Shu took two steps towards Hou Mo and said, “You-you let him go.”

  Hou Mo was delighted when he heard Ran Shu’s words: “Why are you still wearing a mask? You have already given yourself away as soon as you spoke.” 
  ”No-no, you should first let him go.”
  ”What’s wrong with me not letting go?” Hou Mo asked quite arrogantly.
  ”If you don’t let go, your life will end soon.
Have you ever seen me sharing a table with him?” 


  Hou Mo looked at Sui HouYu, who was still under his hold.
The hoodie had fallen off, and only the cap, the mask, and the night vision goggles remained on his head.
  However, he could see from what was illuminated by the light from the corridor that Sui HouYu’s neck and ears were red.
At that moment, the other was still struggling hard, so he didn’t dare let go.

  Deng YiHeng stood beside him and said, “He really doesn’t seem to want to get close to others, especially turtle Mo.”
  Sang Xian lazily took out his phone from his pocket to look up something.
  Hou Mo looked at Sang Xian and asked, “Are you still in the mood to play on your phone?”
  Sang Xian replied, “No, I’m just noting your death anniversary.”
  Deng YiHeng was also inspired.
He took out his phone, looked at it and said, “Da Shixiong, as long as you hold on for another hour and a half, you can live for another day.”

  Sui HouYu became stimulated by these people’s words and began to struggle violently again.
  Hou Mo was about to lose control and cocked his chin towards Deng YiHeng.
Deng YiHeng immediately understood, so he pushed the crowd and made a path for them to go to their rooms.
  Hou Mo took a look, then let go of Sui HouYu and ran towards his dorm room, like a wild dog off the reins.
  After entering, he locked the door and didn’t open it for anyone.
Sang Xian was locked out of the room.

  Sui HouYu just stared at the path he had taken, teeth itching in anger.
Finally, he picked up his water gun from the ground and told the Lantau students, “Let’s go.”
  Ran Shu followed Sui HouYu upstairs.

  After he left, Hou Mo opened the door for Sang Xian and made sure that Sui HouYu couldn’t get in.
Several FengHua students came inside too.
  Hou Mo’s cowardice disappeared in an instant, and he asked his roommates with his head held high,  “Why should I run?! Ah? Am I afraid that he will do something? They came first to look for trouble!”   

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  Deng YiHeng flashed back to Hou Mo running like a wild dog earlier and couldn’t help his lips from curling up, but he still comforted the other.
“We are the heroes who don’t suffer from such losses, we are above them in all aspects. Da Shixiong, what was your surname before you changed your name?” 

  Hou Mo lazily replied, “An.”
  ”Well, forget about it.”
  ”Tsk… Bullshit!”

  Other students from FengHua asked, “Shall we go upstairs and take our revenge?”
  Hou Mo shook his head, “It must have alarmed the dormitory teacher, and it will be us who will be blamed if we go up.”

  Deng YiHeng sighed, “The people from Lantau are too cheap.
They didn’t fight or damage anything.
Even if they sprayed people with a broken water gun, it would not be investigated as it could pass as them just playing around.”
  ”I’m afraid they will make trouble until their dorm rooms are changed.”
  ”Then come on, we’ll buy water guns too.”

  Hou Mo sighed and climbed onto the upper bunk to sleep.


  Sui Hou Yu took off his sweater and threw it on the ground, and Ran Shu came over and helped him to step on it a few times, “We don’t want this dirty-dirty clothes!
  Sui HouYu still felt very uncomfortable and wanted to take a shower.
  Ran Shu nervously followed him and asked, “Why don’t we go down and start a fight?”
  ”If we go, more than 50 people would be investigated at once.” Sui HouYu said and entered the bathroom.

  Ran Shu wiped the cold sweat from his forehead when he saw how calm Sui HouYu was, and not like he was having a panic attack.
  If he had an attack, he couldn’t control it.
  Alas, he shouldn’t have asked Sui HouYu to join… Ran Shu began to regret it.

  What Ran Shu didn’t know was that Sui HouYu was still shaking from anger, and he had turned the water heater inside the bathroom to the hottest setting.

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