, but stared at the photo of Lu Yanzhou that he used as his desktop.

He didn’t speak, however, the person on the other side kept chattering: “Water God, what happened to you recently? Why are you not online every day? You must know that you are the Water God who claims to never be offline!”

Water God is quite well-known in their hacker circles.
In addition to his good skills and aloofness, the best thing about him is that he is online most of the day.

No matter how outstanding they are online, they are ordinary people in reality, and many of them have to go to work or school.

Even those who don’t go to work or school, were busy with their parents.
They are forced to go on a blind date, to meet people, etc.
They are not necessarily online every day.

However, Water God is different.
Although he doesn’t like to talk to people, he is online every day, and the online time is still very long.

They all felt in private that Water God should be a super otaku who had serious social fears and stayed in his room and never went out.

However, such a Water God has had very little online time in the past week.

“There’s something going on.” Xie Chengze replied.

Recently, he had to talk to Lu Yanzhou during the day, then practice writing, do the homework that Lu Yanzhou left him, and to play the mentally retarded games that Lu Yanzhou asked him to play, so he had no time.

As for the night, he used to sleep irregularly, but recently Lu Yanzhou urged him to go to bed early every day and put him to bed after nine o’clock…How could he have time to surf the internet?

“What’s the matter? Is your life okay?” the person opposite asked worriedly.

An otaku like Water God who doesn’t go out all day can easily ruin his physical fitness.

Xie Chengze stared at the words for a long time, then replied, “No problem, just troubled by one thing.”

“What’s up?”

“I really like someone.
I want him to never leave me.
I want him to stay by my side all the time.
I want to kiss him and hug him…” Xie Chengze typed many words quickly.

“It turns out that you are in love, Water God.
No wonder you have been offline! Wait, he? Are you a female, Water God?”

“I am a male.”


“You said I was…in love?”

“Mm…Water God, you are obviously in love with him, ahem, what is that person like? Is he from our circle?”

Xie Chengze didn’t reply, but fell into deep thought.

So his feelings for Lu Yanzhou is love?

Many years ago, when he first met Lu Yanzhou, he liked this person a lot.

At that time, his mother had passed away for two years, and his father married Lu Qiqi home.

Lu Qiqi wanted to please him, but he didn’t like to talk or talk to people, so Lu Qiqi brought Lu Yanzhou to accompany him.

Lu Yanzhou, who was a few years older than him, was very impatient with accompanying him.
He was fine when he was in front of him, but he was very perfunctory when he was not in front of him, and sometimes he even laughed at him.

However, he doesn’t know why, he just likes Lu Yanzhou.
He is happy when he sees Lu Yanzhou.
He always wants to pinch Lu Yanzhou’s face.

Of course, Lu Yanzhou didn’t let him pinch.

However, his love for Lu Yanzhou at that time was actually similar to that of a child who especially likes a certain toy.
Later, Lu Yanzhou stopped coming to see him, and he also didn’t miss him much.

As he grew older, he felt more and more that life was boring.
At this time, Lu Yanzhou appeared in front of him with a face full of calculation…He still liked him.

There are very few people and things that can interest him.
If Lu Yanzhou wants a good job, he will give Lu Yanzhou a good job.

Even if he knew that Lu Yanzhou had taken 30 million from his account, he didn’t care much.

Money is just a number to him, but Lu Yanzhou, he likes to see him.

However, he didn’t expect that Lu Yanzhou would suddenly change.

After taking the money, he probably felt guilty so Lu Yanzhou got close to him.
As for him…He didn’t know what was going on, the urge to get close to Lu Yanzhou suddenly became many times stronger.

He followed his heart and got close to Lu Yanzhou.

Is this love?


Xie Chengze is not someone who doesn’t understand anything.
In fact, because he was able to access the Internet very early, he was exposed to things that minors should not watch earlier than ordinary people.

However, he never thought that he would fall in love with anyone, much less that he would fall in love with Lu Yanzhou.

However, he did.

He couldn’t accept Lu Yanzhou being with others, not even a little intimacy, but he wanted to kiss Lu Yanzhou.

However, he couldn’t touch Lu Yanzhou at all.
The germs and bacteria on Lu Yanzhou’s body would kill him.

Xie Chengze sat quietly, like a statue, when suddenly his cell phone rang.
It was Lu Yanzhou who sent a video call to him.

Xie Chengze picked it up and showed a sweet smile.

This was not a disguise.
He really wanted to smile when he saw Lu Yanzhou.

Lu Yanzhou started rambleding to him.
After talking a bit, he suddenly asked, “Aze, have you ever thought about moving out of Xie’s house?”

Xie Chengze was taken aback.

Lu Yanzhou continues: “You live in Xie’s house, it is inconvenient for me to find you.
If you can move out…”

Xie Chengze immediately said, “I can move out!”

“That’s great, but if you want to move, isn’t it troublesome? How do we prepare? You tell me, I’ll do it.” Lu Yanzhou seemed very happy.

Seeing him so happy, Xie Chengze couldn’t hold down the corners of his mouth.
He really wants to kiss his mobile phone screen: “Brother Yanzhou, you don’t need to prepare.
I can leave Xie’s house by putting on a special protective suit.
As for the sterile room, my grandfather also has a sterile room in his villa.”

When his grandfather wanted to pick him up, he built a sterile room.

However, he was not interested in anything, and his grandfather was in poor health…He went to live in the sterile room for a few days, and then went back to Xie’s house.

For him, it doesn’t matter where he lives.
He can also watch the fun when he lives in Xie’s house.

However, now because he is at Xie’s house, Lu Yanzhou can’t always come to see him and accompany him…He wants to move out.

“There’s also a sterile room in your grandpa’s villa? That’s great, we can move there as soon as possible.”


“I’ll live with you, okay?” Lu Yanzhou asked.

Xie Chengze smiled: “Okay.”

After nine o’clock, Xie Chengze was urged by Lu Yanzhou to go to bed.

He lay down obediently, trying to sleep.
After a long while, he finally fell asleep slowly.

When he was a kid, he used to be in and out of the hospital.
He would then wear a protective suit like an astronaut suit, or simply be contained in a large sterile bubble.

He also has to stay inside for a long time, unable to move around.

He doesn’t like that…

Little Xie Chengze, who was lying in the bubble, was always a little dizzy because of the bumps.

However, the bumps continued.

A woman used both hands and feet to hit him in places: “How could I give birth to a monster like you!”

“I spent so much money for your treatment, but it didn’t work at all!”

“You are so useless!”

“Why don’t you just die?”

The woman cursed hysterically, and he was pushed into a daze.
At that moment, a man would come over, take the woman away, then give him a disgusting look before leaving.

Xie Chengze suddenly opened his eyes.

He woke up from the dream about his childhood.

It is said that his mother loved him a lot when he was born, but his illness caused his mother to suffer from postpartum depression.
Her mental state became worse and worse, and she was later diagnosed with cancer…

His mother broke down and began to hate him and resent him.

As for his father, his father didn’t like him, after all he was just a failure.

Even if everyone felt that he was valued by his grandfather, who loved him, they were unwilling to talk to him more.

No one has liked him since he was a child.
The housekeeper listens to him because he has the housekeeper’s handle.
What about those who call him ‘Water God’ one by one? Secretly, they would also say that he was difficult to reach.

Lu Yanzhou…would he like him?

He doesn’t want to know.

What Lu Yanzhou likes is his money.

However, that’s okay.
If he has money, Lu Yanzhou will like him.
As long as he gives enough money, Lu Yanzhou will accompany him.

Xie Chengze sat for a long time, then lay down to sleep.

Lu Yanzhou didn’t know that Xie Chengze had a nightmare.
He was in a good mood before going to bed and slept soundly.

He wanted Xie Chengze to move out of the Xie family.
He thought it would take at least a month at first.

It takes time to convince Xie Chengze and the sterile room is very troublesome to move, and it may even be necessary to renovate a house to accommodate such a large sterile room.

However, things went very smoothly.
As soon as he said it, Xie Chengze agreed.
There was even a sterile ward in another place!

The Xie family doesn’t care about Xie Chengze, why didn’t Xie Chengze leave Xie’s house before?

Wait, although Xie Chengze is already 22, he doesn’t have much contact with people, so psychologically, he is probably still a child.

Of course he didn’t want to leave his family, and he had no one to rely on…

When he woke up in the morning, Lu Yanzhou, who realized this, stopped brushing his teeth.

He’s afraid Xie Chengze had been wronged before, and he had nowhere to ask for help…

These worlds are related to Black Tortoise.
It was Black Tortoise who threw Xie Chengze into these worlds.
Black Tortoise is going after Xie Chengze.

Lu Yanzhou brushed his teeth harder.
After brushing his teeth and washing his face, he made another video call to Xie Chengze.

His little cutie appeared on the phone screen.

Xie Chengze also seemed to have just washed his face, the place where his hair was touching his scalp was wet.
Water droplets fell down his cheeks to his chin: “Brother Yanzhou!”

“Aze.” Lu Yanzhou smiled.

“Brother Yanzhou, when will you come to see me?”

“I’ll see you after dinner today.
I’ll go to your grandfather’s villa first to see how things are like there.”

“Is that so…” Xie Chengze sounds a little disappointed.

“When you move out, we can live together.” Lu Yanzhou comforted him.

He was worried that Xie Chengze would live alone.
He would have to prepare more generators at that time, so he can live by Xie Chengze’s side to ensure Xie Chengze’s absolute safety!

“Um,” Xie Chengze smiled, and suddenly became lost again, “Brother Yanzhou, you will get married in the future.
When you have a wife and children, will you leave me alone?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t get married.
I will always be with you.” Lu Yanzhou said.

The people in their world management do tasks, they won’t get married and have children in the small world unless there are special circumstances because it’s easy to leave cause and effect.

He has done countless missions before, but he has never been in love and married.
This time he came to this world for Xie Chengze, so it is even more impossible to fall in love with someone in this world.

Xie Chengze’s eyes lit up.


the housekeeper talking to Lu Yanzhou here.
It is the young master from the madam family kind


To draw a pretty picture of the future(something that wasn’t real)

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