Lu Yanzhou left Xie’s house as usual before dinner, and then went to a small restaurant without stopping.

He made an appointment to meet someone yesterday.

Lu Yanzhou made an appointment with one of his high school classmates named Zhao Chaoyuan.

Zhao Chaoyuan is very rich.
He is a rich second generation, but he is different from ordinary rich second generation.
He does not pursue material enjoyment but pursues spiritual satisfaction.

When other rich second-generation were enjoying urban life, he ran to impoverished areas every day, carrying a camera to take pictures and documentaries for the elderly and children there to raise money for them.

When other people’s Moments send a big meal, he sends peppers mixed with potatoes; other people’s Moments are of scenic spots, he sends a mountain; when others send red-lipped beauty, he sends a blushing little girl in the plateau.

The original owner felt that Zhao Chaoyuan was just filling himself and holding him up, he was thinking of making a name for himself, but Lu Yanzhou really admired such a person.

When Lu Yanzhou arrived, there were still ten minutes before the appointed time, but Zhao Chaoyuan was already there.

“Sorry, there’s a traffic jam,” Lu Yanzhou said.

“It was me who arrived early.
What would you like to eat?” Zhao Chaoyuan, who was in his twenties but had a dark face, asked with a smile.

This restaurant was decided after Lu Yanzhou asked Zhao Chaoyuan’s home address.
It mainly deals in set menus such as rice bowls and barbecued rice.
The price per serving ranges from 25 yuan to 50 yuan.

Zhao Chaoyuan asked for black pepper beef rice, and Lu Yanzhou asked for black pepper chicken rice.
He even took out his mobile phone and used the app to order it — it would be cheaper.

After ordering the meal, Zhao Chaoyuan asked, “By the way, Lu Yanzhou, you want to donate?”

Lu Yanzhou invited him to dinner yesterday, saying that he wanted to donate money.
He nodded directly: “Yes, I want to donate money.
I hope the money can be put to practical use.”

“Then you are right to look for me! The non-profit organization I joined has completely transparent accounts, and I also cooperate with many other organizations…” Zhao Chaoyuan took out a tablet and showed Lu Yanzhou the various materials inside.

After reading the original owner’s memory, Lu Yanzhou felt that Zhao Chaoyuan was credible, and now that he saw the real person, he believed it even more.
However, he still carefully read the various information provided by the other party.

“By the way, your donation is also tax deductible…Even if you don’t donate money, you can donate clothes and books.
However, we don’t need complicated styles, but simple styles that can keep one warm.” Zhao Chaoyuan was very enthusiastic.

“I’ll donate money first.
If you have materials you need, send me a list, I can also look for it.” Lu Yanzhou said.

“Okay, How much do you want to donate? If the total donation exceeds 10,000, we will send small gifts.
If you sponsor the children to study, they will write to you!”

Lu Yanzhou smiled: “I’ll donate 30 million first.”

“What?” Zhao Chaoyuan was dumbfounded.

When Zhao Chaoyuan was in high school, he had little contact with Lu Yanzhou.

Lu Yanzhou got to know Zhao Chaoyuan through other people’s descriptions and Moments.
Zhao Chaoyuan also got to know Lu Yanzhou through Lu Yanzhou’s Moments.
After he received a call from Lu Yanzhou yesterday, he urgently turned over Lu Yanzhou’s Moments.

Lu Yanzhou had a luxury car in his Moments, and his family condition also seemed to be good.
When he came, he thought that it might just be Lu Yanzhou’s regular donation every year.

However…30 million…Did he hear it right?

His family runs a company, but his dad has absolutely no funds available like 30 million!

It’s really unbelievable.
He didn’t expect Lu Yanzhou to be so rich!

Lu Yanzhou is willing to donate all the money he has…

At this moment, Lu Yanzhou’s chicken rice was served along with the small pickles in seaweed soup.

Seeing Lu Yanzhou pick up the spoon and take a big big, Zhao Chaoyuan couldn’t help but be in awe.

A person who donates 30 million is willing to eat a 30 yuan meal!

“This money is actually not mine, but my boss’s.
He wants to help more people.” Lu Yanzhou said while eating.

He needs merit.
Whether the merit is his or Xie Chengze’s, it doesn’t make much difference.

Anyway, he collected it to use on Xie Chengze.

It turns out that…Zhao Chaoyuan sighed: “Your boss is really a good person!”

“I think so too.” Lu Yanzhou said.

If he is not in a hurry, Lu Yanzhou will spend the money and take his time, but he is in a hurry now.

After telling Zhao Chaoyuan to sign the agreement tomorrow and give the money to Zhao Chaoyuan, and expressing his hope that Zhao Chaoyuan can spend the money as soon as possible, Lu Yanzhou went home.

On the way home, he went to the pharmacy to buy a can of american ginseng, a can of wolfberry, and two bottles of calcium-containing multivitamin tablets.

Father Lu and mother Lu are not too young anymore, and they still live frugally too.
Although during the company’s physical examination, they did not find any major problems with them, they always have leg cramps or something.
It would be better to eat some health supplements.

Lu Yanzhou told his parents in advance that he would not go home for dinner today.
However, when he came home, mother Lu still asked him if he wanted something to eat.

The original owner would be very impatient in such a situation, but Lu Yanzhou likes this kind of care: “Mom, I have already eaten.”

After speaking, Lu Yanzhou gave them the american ginseng, wolfberry, and vitamin tablets in his hands and told them to eat them every day.

Father Lu and mother Lu had never eaten these before.
They said that they didn’t need to eat because they were not sick, but their faces bloomed with a smile.
After a while, they began to talk about people in the company and whose daughter bought them something.

Lu Yanzhou listened to them with a smile, then he told his parents that one of his classmates was raising money for people in poverty-stricken areas, asking them to sort out the clothes they don’t wear at home.

Father Lu and mother Lu are reluctant to throw things away, so there were a lot of clothes and shoes that the original owner didn’t wear anymore.

Mother Lu kept saying, “Your feet are big, and your father can’t even wear the shoes you replaced.
It’s a pity…These shoes are still new.”

Of course, the shoes are not new, but the original owner buys seven or eight pairs of sneakers every year.
It’s a fact that these shoes are not worn though.

In addition, there are a lot of warm clothes that the original owner no longer needs, so it is very good to donate them.

Lu Yanzhou made another video call with Xie Chengze in the evening.
The next morning, he went to see Zhao Chaoyuan, and then donated the 30 million that the original owner had embezzled from the company, as well as the clothes that he had packed up yesterday.

After the donation, the morning was almost over.
Lu Yanzhou found a place to eat something then went to Xie’s house again.

Yesterday, Xie Chengze gave away a ten millions flat when he opened his mouth, which shocked Lu Yanzhou.
After chatting with Xie Chengze, he found that Xie Chengze had no idea about money, which also related to his mentality.

Xie Chengze grew up in a sterile room.
He didn’t get to pursue or want anything, and he didn’t lack money…Of course he didn’t care about money.

Xie Chengze said he wanted to give him the flat, which was given to Xie Chengze by his grandfather ten years ago.
Xie Chengze only knew that he had such a residence, but he could not live there, so of course it doesn’t hurt him to give it away.

Lu Yanzhou brought something to Xie Chengze today.
After giving it to Xie Chengze, he asked, “Aze, do you have anything you want?”

Xie Chengze was a little at a loss.

Lu Yanzhou said: “We are just talking, you can say whatever you want.”

Xie Chengze lay on the plastic film and looked at Lu Yanzhou seriously: “Brother Yanzhou, I want to hug you.
The kind that is not separated by this thing.”

He said and patted the plastic film in front of him.

Lu Yanzhou’s heart ached, but he smile: “Don’t worry, when you’re well, you can hug me as much as you want!”

Xie Chengze didn’t take Lu Yanzhou’s words seriously.

If he could recover, he would be fine by now.

Although no one cares about him now, he received many many treatments when he was a child.

Xie Chengze smiled and nodded: “Yes.”

Lu Yanzhou put his hand into the rubber gloves and straightened the messy hair on Xie Chengze’s head.

Xie Chengze suddenly said, “Brother Yanzhou, I also want to kiss you.”

Lu Yanzhou was stunned for a moment, and then said: “Okay, I will give you my face when the time comes.
You can kiss it as you like.”

Xie Chengze had never had the hugs and kisses that ordinary children would have.
If he wanted, he would naturally supply him.

Lu Yanzhou chatted with Xie Chengze about something else, and said, “Aze, do you remember what I said before, I took some money from you? I donated the money.”

“Mm,” Xie Chengze responded casually, “Brother Yanzhou, hug me.”

Seeing that Xie Chengze was not interested in these things, Lu Yanzhou didn’t say much and just hugged him.

After the hug, Lu Yanzhou pulled out some financial information from his mobile phone and wanted to study it with Xie Chengze.

However, Xie Chengze had no interest at all.
He instead pestered Lu Yanzhou and asked Lu Yanzhou to talk about his childhood.

Lu Yanzhou said a few things, including the original owner and his own experience.
In order to make Xie Chengze happy, he also picked interesting ones and said: “This season, loaches will hide in the mud.
I will go to the rice fields to look for them.
Once I was digging and digging, I saw a loach that was very big, I was very excited and pulled it out.
The more I pulled it, the more I felt that something was not right.
Why is this loach so long? Guess what happened in the end?”

“What happened?” Xie Chengze was curious.

“That’s a hibernating snake!”

“Ah…” Xie Chengze was a little worried, “did it bite you?”

“No, it’s hibernating.” Lu Yanzhou said.

Xie Chengze blinked and stared at Lu Yanzhou, as if Lu Yanzhou had done something extraordinary, and his performance made Lu Yanzhou more interested.

Xie Chengze then followed closely and asked, “I have never seen a loach, what does a loach look like?”

“I’ll find it online for you to see.” Lu Yanzhou said, searching for a small video for Xie Chengze to watch.

Xie Chengze watched it with gusto, then asked Lu Yanzhou what the snake was like.

Lu Yanzhou went to find similar pictures to show him.

Time passed in the blink of an eye.
It was already past four o’clock, and Lu Yanzhou had to leave again.

Xie Chengze reluctantly said, “Brother Yanzhou, don’t forget to come see me tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Lu Yanzhou hugged Xie Chengze before leaving.

The next day, Lu Yanzhou still had something to do—the residence Xie Chengze gave him.
He was going to go to the residence.

Real estate transactions in big cities are quite troublesome, but he is a local and has the qualifications to buy houses, and the company has a special team, so it was done very quickly.

In fact, compared to the flat, Lu Yanzhou wants money more.
However, the flat is not small and it’s not easy to find a buyer in the short term so he didn’t bother about it.
After transferring, he took the mortgage with the real estate deed and donated it with the loaned money.

Xie Chengze has saved a lot of money in the bank, and it’s a quick thing to do.
As for how to repay the loan…He earns a lot of money every month.

The loan needs to go through the process.
After Lu Yanzhou went to the flat to take a look, he put the flat on the intermediary for rent.

This flat was originally sold as a finely decorated house, but it has been unoccupied and unattended for all these years.
The interior decoration is very old.
If one were to live in it, it’s not only necessary to renovate, but they also need to buy furniture and appliances.
Renting is easier, the most is he has to lower the rents.

Lu Yanzhou ran around, but he didn’t forget to accompany Xie Chengze.
In the blink of an eye, it was Saturday.

There was nothing to do that day, Lu Yanzhou arrived at Xie’s house at 9am.

As the chairman and CEO, Xie Yuan has very flexible working hours.
Usually, he doesn’t like to go to company meetings, but he is still very professional.
He likes to manage things, so he usually won’t stop going.
He will go to the company even on weekends.

When Lu Yanzhou arrived, Xie Yuan was no longer there, but his cousin Xie Chengyun was having breakfast.

“Chengyun, long time no see.” Lu Yanzhou greeted.

Xie Chengyun pouted: “You are here to find the little princess again.”

The original owner and Xie Chengyun were ten years apart, so they couldn’t play together, and Lu Qiqi wouldn’t let them play together.
Naturally, their relationship is normal.

In addition, because Xie Chengze’s illness is very rare, people often ask Xie Chengyun about Xie Chengze, and they always mention that the illness is hereditary.
Xie Chengyun has always disliked his brother Xie Chengze, and wishes that others didn’t know that he had such a brother.

He gave the ‘Little Princess’ nickname to Xie Chengze when he was still a child.
He has alway called Xie Chengze that way since then.

“Mm, I’ll go see him on the fourth floor.” Lu Yanzhou said.

Xie Chengyun didn’t even think about stopping his mouth: “When will he die?”

Lu Yanzhou’s face changed instantly: “Xie Chengyun, what did you say?”

Lu Yanzhou has always had a good temper, but at this moment, he had the urge to hit him, but he resisted it and didn’t do it.

He was afraid that if he get angry with Xie Chengyun, Xie Chengyun would do something irreparable to hurt Xie Chengze.

When Xie Chengyun was young, he didn’t believe that Xie Chengze was so weak, so he got into the disinfection pipeline and tried to open Xie Chengze’s sterile room.

It’s just that he couldn’t open it, otherwise Xie Chengze might have died by then.

Later, when Lu Qiqi talked about this incident, she also complained that Xie Chengze didn’t stop Xie Chengyun, and felt that the disinfectant that Xie Chengyun came into contact with in the disinfection pipe might be bad for his health.

“Why are you angry? Was I wrong? The doctors have said that he will not live to be thirty years old.” Xie Chengyun said.

Lu Yanzhou took a deep breath: “Talking nonsense like this, are you not afraid of being heard and everyone will know that you are such a cold-blooded person?”

It wasn’t known what Xie Chengyun was thinking about, he really didn’t say anything else.

Lu Yanzhou ignored him and went up to the fourth floor.
When he saw Xie Chengze, his face was still not very good.

“Are you angry?” Xie Chengze looked at Lu Yanzhou curiously.

“Yes, I’m a little angry,” Lu Yanzhou clenched his fists, suddenly thought of something and asked Xie Chengze, “Is there any surveillance here?”

He suddenly thought that on the original historical trajectory, after Xie Chengze’s death, a hacker disclosed the surveillance on the fourth floor of Xie’s house before Xie Chengze died.

Although he is very close to Xie Chengze these days, even if he is seen, it can be explained by the fact that he wants money from Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze said: “I used to have it, but then I was unhappy, so I closed it.”

The surveillance camera should be closed, at least for the Xie family, otherwise Father Xie would not be so careless.
The hacker should had gotten the surveillance camera by another method.

Lu Yanzhou locked the door he came in and sat down beside the plastic film: “Xie Chengze, your brother really needs a beating!”

T/N: Another name for american ginseng is panax quinquefolius

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