Lu Yanzhou was tied up by people from the Inspection Department and sent to Xie Chengze’s room.

Xie Chengze had tied him up before, but not this tight.
It was very easy for him to escape then, but today was different.
His hands and feet were tied very tightly.

There were also thin pieces of cloth wrapped around his legs, making him unable to struggle.

Lu Yanzhou lay upright on the bed and secretly sighed.

Xie Chengze must have recognized him last night.

Now that Xie Chengze treats him like this, it is easy to understand.

He went to assassinate Xie Chengze yesterday! Xie Chengze must be angry!

It should be that Xie Chengze wanted to teach him a lesson by tying him here.

As long as he is obedient, Xie Chengze will let him go sooner or later, and then he will have a good talk with Xie Chengze.

Lu Yanzhou thought very well, so he was very relaxed.

Xie Chengze came in from the outside.
Seeing that he was not afraid at all, his mood was extremely complicated.

This Lu Yanzhou is really a qualified spy.
He has been captured by him, and he still doesn’t show the slightest difference.

His head hurts intermittently and his reason also disappears along with the pain.

Thinking that this person lied to him and wanted to kill him…Xie Chengze stepped forward and slowly cut Lu Yanzhou’s clothes with a pair of scissors.

When there were outsiders before, Lu Yanzhou kept ‘struggling’, but now he was sure that Xie Chengze was alone in the room, so he stopped struggling and let Xie Chengze do whatever he wanted.

Xie Chengze probably wanted to scare him again.

He woke up from his sleep, then was brought here before he had time to put on his clothes.
Right now, he was only wearing pajamas, which were cut open by Xie Chengze, so he couldn’t help feeling cold.

However, the next moment, a warm body pressed down.

Xie Chengze leaned on his chest and bit him.

At this moment, there was only one thought in Lu Yanzhou’s mind—fortunately, he took a shower after returning home early in the morning!

Lu Yanzhou was already familiar with everything that happened next.

He thought that in this world, he and Xie Chengze would not have any emotional entanglements, but…

He only met Xie Chengze a few times and they didn’t even say a few words, but suddenly they developed to the last step!

Well, he has to admit, he loves it.

The many skills he had got from experience before, he couldn’t use them this time.
He was tied up like a mummy, so he couldn’t even hug Xie Chengze.

He doesn’t know if Xie Chengze is tired or not.

In his words…not physically tired, but mentally tired.

Of course Xie Chengze was tired, but he felt good.

After he took a fancy to Lu Yanzhou, he knew what he felt toward Lu Yanzhou.

He originally thought that with his identity and appearance, Lu Yanzhou would definitely not want to take the initiative to hug him, so he feared that he would never have the chance to be with Lu Yanzhou.

Now…it’s alright to force a little bit, right?

Man is really…Even if he is unwilling, he will become energetic after a tease.

After it was over, Xie Chengze lay beside Lu Yanzhou and soon fell asleep.

Lu Yanzhou: “…” Xie Chengze just fell asleep? Still don’t let him go?

Forget it, he didn’t sleep much last night, and it’s good to sleep for a while now…

Lu Yanzhou followed and fell asleep.

Lu Yanzhou was woken up by the movement on his body.
Xie Chengze was molesting him again.

Oh, it’s not just teasing, immediately afterwards, Xie Chengze sat on him again.

It feels good, but…can he let him go?

Of course Xie Chengze would not let Lu Yanzhou go.

This was his first time, so he didn’t want to hear the person he liked yell at him and glared at him.

During this period, he even refrained from making a sound, lest Lu Yanzhou suddenly couldn’t do it because he heard his voice.

Of course, he didn’t encounter such troubles.

Seventeen or eighteen-year-olds are really very energetic.

Lu Yanzhou was captured early in the morning by the people from the Inspection Department.

After some willful scenes, it was already evening.

Xie Chengze felt a little uncomfortable seeing Lu Yanzhou not only being tied up by him, but also had a lot of teeth marks bitten by him.

But he quickly hides his emotions.

If he hadn’t been lenient, Lu Yanzhou would have been arrested and killed last night.
He had saved Lu Yanzhou’s life, so even if he did something, it should be right.

Even though he thought so, Xie Chengze still used scissors to cut the cloth strip wrapped around Lu Yanzhou’s face.

Lu Yanzhou’s skill is very good, he is comparable to him.
He was injured when he forced Lu Yanzhou just now, so he may not be able to beat Lu Yanzhou now.

He didn’t want to fight either.
After sleeping for a few hours, he was very satisfied now and didn’t want to move.

However, he was hungry, and Lu Yanzhou should be hungry too.
They needed food and water.

Thinking of facing Lu Yanzhou’s disgust after releasing Lu Yanzhou, Xie Chengze was not in a good mood.

“Lu Yanzhou, I like you very much.
If you are sensible, just stay with me and I won’t treat you badly.” Xie Chengze said while cutting the cloth from Lu Yanzhou’s face.

Lu Yanzhou is not a fool, he must know how to choose.

At this time, Lu Yanzhou’s eyes were already exposed.

Xie Chengze thought he would see disgust in his eyes, but…Lu Yanzhou’s eyes were full of concern?

Xie Chengze suspected that he was wrong.

No, it’s not necessarily that he was wrong, it’s also possible that Lu Yanzhou is too good at acting.

Lu Yanzhou was indeed a qualified spy.
He was still assassinating him last night, but today he was able to look at him with such concern and even love.

But that’s fine too.

Xie Chengze dug out the handkerchief from Lu Yanzhou’s mouth again.

He began to wonder what Lu Yanzhou would say.

He recognized Lu Yanzhou last night, but Lu Yanzhou probably didn’t know about it, so for Lu Yanzhou, he simply fell in love with him.

Lu Yanzhou…should be trying to find a way to get information from him, right?

Then, Xie Chengze heard Lu Yanzhou ask, “Are you injured?”

Xie Chengze felt warm in his heart.

Although he knew it was fake, he liked that Lu Yanzhou cared about him.

What he admired the most was that Lu Yanzhou looked at such an ugly face of his, but he could still be so affectionate.

“It’s okay.” Xie Chengze smiled.

Lu Yanzhou sighed: “Let me go, I’ll take a look at you.” Xie Chengze had forced it before, he was very afraid that Xie Chengze would get hurt.

In their previous two worlds, Xie Chengze was afraid of pain.

Seeing Lu Yanzhou’s request, Xie Chengze immediately turned cold: “No.” Lu Yanzhou wanted to run, right?

Lu Yanzhou froze for a moment, then realized that Xie Chengze was guarding himself.

This is not surprising, he was still assassinating Xie Chengze yesterday.

Worried that there would be another accident and he would not be able to speak clearly, Lu Yanzhou immediately said: “Hi Zhaojun, I am your liaison officer Shancha.”

Xie Chengze froze instantly.

From the beginning to the end, he did not intend to let Lu Yanzhou know that he was actually a member of Chongcheng Command Station.

Firstly, he can’t expose his identity at will, and secondly…he wants to get Lu Yanzhou, but if he is a colleague, it is naturally difficult to do so.

In the end…Lu Yanzhou turned out to be his liaison officer?

Lu Yanzhou actually knew his identity?!

He had guessed before that Lu Yanzhou’s status in the Chongcheng Command Station should be very high…indeed it’s very high.

“Let me go, I’ll take a look at your injuries.” Lu Yanzhou spoke again.

Xie Chengze looked at Lu Yanzhou expressionlessly for a while, then cut the piece of cloth from Lu Yanzhou’s hand.

He suddenly thought that the last time Lu Yanzhou was captured by him, although he had been struggling in front of others, but after only the two of them were left, Lu Yanzhou became very quiet.

Same thing today.

And last night, when he had the opportunity to keep Lu Yanzhou, Lu Yanzhou actually had the opportunity to assassinate him too, but Lu Yanzhou didn’t do anything after seeing him.

So Lu Yanzhou has always known his identity.

In Lu Yanzhou’s eyes at that time, he, Zhaojun, might still be an admirable senior.

Then Lu Yanzhou was captured and forced by his senior.

If it hadn’t been for the many storms and waves experienced in these years, Xie Chengze might not be able to stabilize his expression right now.

Lu Yanzhou didn’t care what Xie Chengze was thinking.
Without any restraint, he rushed to Xie Chengze to see Xie Chengze’s wound.

Xie Chengze was indeed injured.
Reckless actions with no experience will not end well!

“You ask someone to boil some water, wash it well, and then apply some medicine…It will be terrible if you get infected!” Lu Yanzhou said.

Xie Chengze looked at Lu Yanzhou blankly.

Lu Yanzhou kissed him: “Good boy.”

Xie Chengze: “…” Is Lu Yanzhou coaxing a child? Even his parents never coaxed him like this!

Xie Chengze put on his clothes and got up, ready to ask someone to boil water.

Lu Yanzhou hurriedly followed, looking at him cautiously.

Xie Chengze was speechless: “I’m fine.” Such a small injury won’t affect him at all!

“It’s always right to be careful!” Lu Yanzhou said.

After Xie Chengze gave the orders, Lu Yanzhou urged him to rest on the bed, and said: “Hei She told me your information before he died, and I became your liaison officer.
At that time, there were people from the Secret Service by my side.
Afraid that our contact will be discovered like Hei She by the Secret Service, I dare not contact you rashly.”

Xie Chengze gave a ‘hmm’, he didn’t know how to face Lu Yanzhou now.

Lu Yanzhou continued: “Every time I saw you before, I always acted reluctantly, it was just acting.
I have always liked you very much.”

Xie Chengze looked up at Lu Yanzhou.

Lu Yanzhou kissed him again: “The first time I saw you, my heart was moved.” He could bear it before, but now he was already with Xie Chengze…Lu Yanzhou has no way to control his feelings for Xie Chengze now.

He is not very clear about Xie Chengze’s experience in this world, but he knows that Xie Chengze must have had a hard time these years.

Thinking of this, Lu Yanzhou pulled him into a hug: “AZe, I planned to pretend to be hunted down in a few days, and then rely on you, but I didn’t expect you to come to me on my own initiative.
I am very happy.”

Xie Chengze didn’t speak, but Lu Yanzhou continued to babble about love.

While talking, Lu Yanzhou felt the stiff Xie Chengze in his arms slowly soften.

Xie Chengze tied him up and did such a thing to him, which was a bit beyond his expectation.

However, when he thinks about it, it’s not surprising.

Although Xie Chengze didn’t know all the things in the past, they were close friends after all.
Xie Chengze must have felt close when he saw him.

Xie Chengze has been working as a spy.
He must be under a lot of pressure and felt cheated by him, so he wanted to teach him a lesson, and finally developed into this…it’s like that, right?

No matter what, they are already like this, so let’s be together in this life!

In the name of Zhaojun, Lu Yanzhou provided some information to both DaQi and the Self-Defense Regiment.

There is no merit in giving weapon design drawings, and there is no merit in letting the Self-Defense Regiment get rid of the encirclement and suppression—because of his information, many Yan people died at that time.

However, he gave the method of making medicine, provided financial support to the Self-Defense Regiment, and helped the people at the bottom of Chongcheng, all of which are meritorious deeds.

If he saves a little more, he will have enough merit to heal Xie Chengze’s face!

Of course, there’s no need to rush.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to treat Xie Chengze, it’s mainly about treating his face…After his face is cured, Xie Chengze will start a brand new life!

Therefore, they can wait for a suitable time, for example, when they no longer need to provide information, he will then heal Xie Chengze’s face.

At that time… even if those people wanted to capture Xie Chengze, they would have nowhere to find him.
After all, Xie Chengze’s face has changed.

Lu Yanzhou thought very well.
After thinking about it, he kissed Xie Chengze again.

What he recognizes is the soul.
Although Xie Chengze his face has changed, he still likes him: “AZe, I really like you.”

Xie Chengze didn’t believe a word.

It’s normal for him to like Lu Yanzhou, to put it bluntly, it’s just for his apperance.

However, Lu Yanzhou has no reason to like him.

So what if he is Zhaojun? He’s so ugly, and he’s still a man!

Compared to Lu Yanzhou liking him, the greater possibility is that Lu Yanzhou saw that things had developed to this point, so he could only use this to comfort him, so as not to lose such an important spy like ‘Zhaojun’.

But that’s not bad either.

As long as Lu Yanzhou is willing to accompany him.

Xie Chengze hugged Lu Yanzhou back: “I like you too.”

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