Lu Yanzhou and some others were imprisoned together in the Secret Service Bureau prison.

It’s also a coincidence that the original owner was caught by the Secret Service at this time in his previous life.

There are many people imprisoned in this prison, but they should all be captured by the Secret Service, so his inmates are quite different from the original owner’s.

The original owner’s inmates were all bloody and had been severely punished, but his inmates were at most beaten.

But even so, the prison environment is very poor.
There are still people who have been arrested here for many days…A stench permeates the cell.

When the original owner encountered this situation, he must have been very disgusted and couldn’t bear it…Lu Yanzhou held his nose and stayed in the corner, not letting anyone approach him: “Stay away from me!”

Lu Yanzhou looked difficult to get along with.
He was well dressed, so the others stayed really far away from him.
Only a middle-aged man who looked wealthy at first sight looked at Lu Yanzhou with contempt: “We’re all here and you’re still having a young master’s temper!”

Lu Yanzhou didn’t speak, so the man continued: “After entering this place, who knows how many days you can survive.”

Lu Yanzhou glanced at him, but still didn’t speak.

He should be able to go out, but other people here may not be able to go out.

He is not yet capable of saving them.

In this world, he doesn’t even know how many people die every day for no reason.

Lu Yanzhou remained silent, and the people around him also ignored him and sat on the ground one by one, crying from time to time.

Lu Yanzhou thought he would stay here for a long time, but he didn’t expect that someone would come to him after a while.
It was the Secret Service’s Bureau Chief Li who came to him.

Bureau Chief Li brought a group of people to look for Lu Yanzhou.
When he saw Lu Yanzhou huddled in a corner, he smiled.

He was not surprised at all that Xie Chengze would fall in love with Lu Yanzhou.

People like them, who have been stuck in the mud and couldn’t get out, sometimes like those who are pure and innocent.

This Lu family youngest son is young and good-looking, he is also kind, so people can’t help but want to dye him black.

“Come on, let young master Lu out,” Bureau Chief Li said.

Whether it was a member of the Secret Service or someone in the same cell as Lu Yanzhou, they were all a little surprised to see Bureau Chief Li treating Lu Yanzhou so kindly.

Does this young man have a great background?

Even Lu Yanzhou felt a little strange.
He knew that his father was capable, but he certainly wasn’t that capable to make Bureau Chief Li come to see him in person.

So what’s going on here?

Lu Yanzhou soon knew what was going on.

Bureau Chief Li took him outside and said, “Young master Lu, you are lucky that Section Chief Xie has taken a fancy to you.
As long as you serve Section Chief Xie well, you will have a good life in the future!”

“What?” Lu Yanzhou looked as if he exploded, but he was pondering in his mind.

The Section Chief Xie that Bureau Chief Li mentioned should be Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze took a fancy to him? It is impossible, he only met Xie Chengze once in this life!

And if Xie Chengze really took a fancy to him, why didn’t he come to him himself but make the Secret Service come forward?

So there is a high probability that Bureau Chief Li is talking nonsense.
As for why…did he want him to hate Xie Chengze? Want his father to fight against Xie Chengze? Want to make trouble for Xie Chengze?

“Young master Lu, you should have heard of Xie Chengze’s reputation.
If you don’t serve him well, you, your father, and the rest of your family may all die!” Bureau Chief Li said again.

“You, you…” Lu Yanzhou’s eyes turned red from anger.

Bureau Chief Li gave a ‘tsk’ sound, threatened again, and explained why he came — he wanted to give Lu Yanzhou to Xie Chengze.

Lu Yanzhou didn’t understand the current situation, but he pretended to be frightened and was pushed and shoved by the Secret Service…to take a bath.

Bureau Chief Li is quite polite, he specially washed the gifts before giving it.

Lu Yanzhou refused Bureau Chief Li’s request to find someone to help him take a bath, so he went to take a bath with a face full of humiliation, then changed into new clothes, got in a car, and was sent to Xie Chengze’s home.

Lu Yanzhou felt helpless.

He didn’t know how things had come to this, so he didn’t know what to do next.

After much deliberation, the only thing he can do is to maintain a good personality.

He was just a gift, Bureau Chief Li must have done this because of Xie Chengze.

And what Xie Chengze wants to do…depends on Xie Chengze.

Xie Chengze is very smart, he will never fall into Bureau Chief Li’s trap.

Lu Yanzhou sat in the main room of Xie Chengze’s residence with a face full of humiliation, waiting for Xie Chengze’s arrival.

It was already evening when Xie Chengze returned home.

Before he came back, Xie Chengze had already learned about Bureau Chief Li sending Lu Yanzhou to his home.

Ever since he knew that he liked men, Bureau Chief Li had given him several times, but he didn’t accept them.

Unexpectedly, Bureau Chief Li sent Lu Yanzhou to him.

Ever since he met Lu Yanzhou, he has been obsessed with him.
Now that he is in his hands…Seeing Lu Yanzhou looking at him with resentment, Xie Chengze smiled lightly, and then looked at Bureau Chief Li: “Bureau Chief Li, what do you mean?”

“Section Chief Xie, aren’t you interested in him? I found out that he is related to Jinyiwei Chongcheng Command Station.
I was going to torture him, but since you like him, I didn’t do anything to him and have someone sent him to you Instead.” Bureau Chief Li smiled.

“I have nothing to do with that intelligence station.” Lu Yanzhou said.

“The evidence of the crime is solid, it’s not like if you say you’re not involved, so you’re not involved!” Bureau Chief Li sneered.


“Why, you don’t want to stay here, you want to go back to the cell?” Bureau Chief Li asked.

Lu Yanzhou was at a loss and confused.

Seeing Lu Yanzhou’s appearance, Xie Chengze felt a strange urge to plunder him, kiss him, and hold him in his arms to comfort him.

The current situation is something Xie Chengze did not expect.

He showed his interest in Lu Yanzhou in front of Bureau Chief Li at the beginning mainly because he was not close to women, which often caused trouble.

He happened to fall in love with Lu Yanzhou, so he took advantage of the situation to make people think he liked the man.

And then…this happened.

He, Xie Chengze, is not a good person in the eyes of outsiders, he is not afraid of trouble, at least he is not afraid of Lu Tao.

Before he rejected Bureau Chief Li’s men, it can be said that he looked down on those men, but now that Lu Yanzhou was sent to him…It’s unreasonable for him not to accept him.

And who knows what Bureau Chief Li will do to Lu Yanzhou if he doesn’t accept him?

“Bureau Chief Li, what do you want?” Xie Chengze glanced at Lu Yanzhou with great interest, and then at Bureau Chief Li.

“I just asked Section Chief Xie to say some good words for me.” Bureau Chief Li said.

“Alright.” Xie Chengze said.

Bureau Chief Li saw that Xie Chengze had accepted him and quickly took him away.

Xie Chengze finally had the time to take a closer look at Lu Yanzhou.

An ordinary seventeen or eighteen-year-old man would have some pimples on his face, but Lu Yanzhou’s face was clean.
His eyes black and shiny, which made his heart skip a beat.

But this person’s eyes are full of anger and resentment towards himself, which is a bit annoying.

This young master Lu must have been spoiled to such an extent that he still dares to look at him like this, he needs to be taught a lesson.

Xie Chengze pinched Lu Yanzhou’s cheeks, and laughed: “Young master Lu, you really look good.”

Saying that, Xie Chengze kissed Lu Yanzhou’s lip.

Lu Yanzhou was shocked and his eyes widened.
Xie Chengze in this world, wouldn’t fall in love with him again, right?

No, probably not, they only met once.

Beside him, there are also Xie Chengze’s subordinates from the Inspection Department in this room.

Those people from the Inspection Department must have not known about Xie Chengze’s real identity, so in front of the people in the Inspection Department, he needs to act, so he can only look at Xie Chengze with hatred.

Xie Chengze should have kissed him for this reason too.

After thinking about it, Lu Yanzhou scolded: “You pervert.”

“Young master Lu is really brave.” Xie Chengze let go of the hand that was pinching Lu Yanzhou’s cheek, and then directly carried Lu Yanzhou up.

Lu Yanzhou: “???” Xie Chengze’s strength…is quite strong!

Xie Chengze is not only strong, Lu Yanzhou, who was carried by him, also found that his body is full of hard muscles, which is completely different from the previous two worlds body.

If he fights with Xie Chengze now, he might not be able to do anything!

However, if he trains for a while, he has confidence in himself.

Lu Yanzhou felt pretty good being carried by the person who he carried around in his previous life, but now he needs to act…Lu Yanzhou could only curse: “You bad guy! Let me go!”

He came and went with just a few words, mainly because he was reluctant to scold more severely.

Xie Chengze snorted lightly: “What a good baby, you can’t even curse.”

“You are the baby! Your whole family is a baby!” Lu Yanzhou looked extremely annoyed, then he was thrown onto the bed by Xie Chengze.

They have already come to Xie Chengze’s room.

It should be safe here, but Xie Chengze hasn’t closed the door yet…

“My father is Lu Tao.
If you do something to me, my father will not let you go…”

“You talk too much with this mouth.” Xie Chengze suddenly said, then took out a handkerchief and stuffed it into Lu Yanzhou’s mouth.

“!!!” Lu Yanzhou was about to spit out the handkerchief in his mouth when he was pinned down on the bed by Xie Chengze.
That was fine, but Xie Chengze even took out a roll of cloth and tied it around his mouth.

No, not only his mouth, Xie Chengze also covered up his eyes.

Xie Chengze liked Lu Yanzhou very much, it was the first time in his life that he liked someone so much.

However, he didn’t intend to do anything to Lu Yanzhou.

Though he didn’t plan to do anything, he still had to act.
He should teach Lu Yanzhou a lesson so that he could be more careful in the future.

As for why he had to plug his mouth and cover his eyes…He doesn’t have a hobby in listening to his sweetheart scolding him and having his sweetheart glare at him.

Xie Chengze is very strong.
He has received professional training too, so a normal 18 year old young man cannot escape his grasp.

Lu Yanzhou also didn’t struggle much.

So, after his mouth and eyes were covered, his hands and feet were also tied up.

Lu Yanzhou didn’t know what Xie Chengze was going to do, but he believed that Xie Chengze would not hurt him, so he wasn’t afraid at all.

It’s just that the door hasn’t been closed yet…He could only falter and struggle, making angry noises from his nose.

From time to time, people came to assassinate Xie Chengze, so Xie Chengze arranged for some people from the Inspection Department to live in his home.

Of course, no one is allowed to approach the place where he lives.

But now Lu Yanzhou’s ‘enraged’ sound is really too loud…The people from the Inspection Department, who heard the movement, looked at each other in blank dismay — their Section Chief’s movement is quite loud?

They didn’t expect their section chief to be like this…

Xie Chengze looked at Lu Yanzhou, who was humming for a long while, before getting up and closing the door, and then said: “You better stop struggling, or…I’ll strip you naked and throw you out!”

Lu Yanzhou: “…” The door was closed, so he didn’t intend to grunt anymore.

However, in the current situation…Xie Chengze didn’t intend to tie him up for a night like this, did he?

Xie Chengze really planned to tie Lu Yanzhou up all night like this.

Most of Lu Yanzhou’s face was already wrapped in cloth, only his nose was exposed.
Xie Chengze touched his exposed skin, then pressed Lu Yanzhou: “You’d better keep quiet for me, don’t move around, or your family will definitely suffer.”

Although Lu Yanzhou’s hands and feet were bound, only his wrists and ankles were bound.
Xie Chengze was careful not to tie them too tightly.

So if Lu Yanzhou really wants to move, he can move.
He could even stand up and walk forward.

Besides…With Lu Yanzhou’s ability, it is not difficult for him to untie the rope in his hands.

But now…he could only lie still.

Then he felt Xie Chengze lay beside him.

Ignoring that, Xie Chengze’s breathing gradually became smoother, this is…he’s asleep?

What’s the matter with this man! This is too careless! Why did he fall asleep?!

Lu Yanzhou thought so in his heart, but actually remained motionless, so as not to wake Xie Chengze up.

He had seen that Xie Chengze’s eyes were black and blue before, it could be seen that this person may not have had a good sleep for a long time.

Lying beside Xie Chengze, listening to Xie Chengze’s steady breathing, Lu Yanzhou also quickly fell asleep.

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