In this day and age, it is very difficult for people with disabilities to go to university.
Even if they registered to university, they may be rejected.

Lu Yanzhou is very aware of this.
In fact, it is precisely because of this that he has such high demands on Xie Chengze.

If Xie Chengze’s grades are mediocre, there is a high probability that those universities will not accept him, but if his grades are outstanding, they will always make an exception.

In three years, he had made Xie Chengze learn the knowledge from elementary school to high school, it was time to consolidate now.

After Liu Tongming left, Lu Yanzhou asked Xie Chengze a few more questions.

“Brother Yanzhou, can I really take the college entrance examination?” Xie Chengze asked.

“Of course.” Lu Yanzhou said.
He has always taken care of Xie Chengze, and even taught Xie Chengze to read, which has become a model praised by others.

The university may not be willing to accept Xie Chengze, but Xie Chengze should still take the exam.

“Is it possible for me to pass the exam?”

“Don’t worry, it’s definitely possible!” Lu Yanzhou said.

If Xie Chengze could not take the college entrance examination, or if he passed the entrance examination but was not allowed to attend, he would have to use other methods to take Xie Chengze away…

In the following days, Lu Yanzhou’s side was very lively.

Apart from Lu Yanzhou and Xie Chengze, there are four educated youths in Lianfeng Village, two of whom plan to take the college entrance examination.

Their level is not very good, so they only want to try when they sign up.
However, since they signed up, they still worked hard.
That’s why they come to Lu Yanzhou to ask questions from time to time.

Lu Yanzhou and Xie Chengze taught them together.

They were very convinced by Lu Yanzhou.
At first they didn’t like Xie Chengze at all, at the end, Xie Chengze knew all the questions they couldn’t answer.

They didn’t dare to underestimate Xie Chengze any longer, and felt that Lu Yanzhou was very powerful.

After the news got out, people from other villages also came over at night to ask Lu Yanzhou and Xie Chengze to answer their questions.

There are electric lights in the village committee compound.
Lu Yanzhou applied to the village head and simply opened his ‘infirmary’ so that those who want to go to college can go to his infirmary to study after work.

Even he himself was giving pointers.

Lu Yanzhou’s reputation is very good now, it has spread far and wide.
These educated youths already respect him, so seeing that he taught Xie Chengze, who has never been to school, so well, they respect him even more.

After studying for a period of time, college entrance examination is finally ushered in.

Just as Lu Yanzhou thought, the city did not stop Xie Chengze from taking the exam.

Their village was close to the city, the exam location was an elementary school in the city.
Lu Yanzhou took Xie Chengze to live with the original owner’s parents.

Lu Hongxing didn’t take the college entrance examination.
He didn’t like studying when he was a child.
Right now, he wanted to take advantage of other people going for the university entrance exams to find him a job.

Because of this, Lu Yanzhou and Xie Chengze have a room to live in.

However, the Lu family thought that Lu Yanzhou could pass the exam, but they didn’t think Xie Chengze could pass the exam at all.

Xie Chengze has only studied for three years, what can he learn?

Lu Yanzhou didn’t say much, he had already learned a lot in three years, especially Xie Chengze who didn’t have to go to work and studied for more than ten hours a day.

Some of the educated youth who participated in the college entrance examination this time have already forgotten all their knowledge from junior and senior high schools.
Didn’t they just learn the general ideas in these few months?

When Xie Chengze took the college entrance examination, it was Lu Yanzhou who carried him into the examination room, and carried him out after he finished the exam.

After the two took the exam, they returned to the village and began to wait.
The final result did not disappoint them.

Lu Yanzhou and Xie Chengze’s grades were very good, so both were admitted to Capital University.

So, before going to the school to report, they accepted another round of interviews.
Among the people who came to interview, there was a reporter who had interviewed him more than two years ago.

At that time, Xie Chengze had just finished elementary school studies, but now he got such a good result in the exam…The reporter was overwhelmed with surprise and pity.

With Xie Chengze like this, the university may not accept him.

Of course, Lu Yanzhou and Xie Chengze have been advertised as models, so Xie Chengze may also have the opportunity to study.

Lu Yanzhou thought the same way, so before he went to the capital, he collected all the newspapers that had reported on them in the past two years.

At this moment, a thousand things are waiting to be done and with few rules, he took Xie Chengze to take action.
He can always make Xie Chengze stay.

Lu Yanzhou took Xie Chengze to the capital in advance, visited some people, and finally made Xie Chengze enter the school smoothly, and studied chemical and pharmaceuticals with him.

The school has an 8 person dorm with upper and lower bunks.
Lu Yanzhou and Xie Chengze share a dormitory.
Xie Chengze sleeps in the lower bunk while Lu Yanzhou sleeps in the upper bunk.

Although Xie Chengze’s situation is special, his experience is really inspirational, coupled with Lu Yanzhou’s help, no one underestimates him.

Especially after school started, his grades were very good, so his classmates were convinced of him.

Of course, the one with the best grades was not Xie Chengze, but Lu Yanzhou.
Not only did Lu Yanzhou have good grades, he also took the initiative to visit the old professors in the college, and recommended himself to join the research team.

He seemed a little eager like this, so the professors didn’t have a good impression of him.
Some people even thought that he was showing off by bringing Xie Chengze everywhere, but there was a shortage of people, and he had the best grades, so he was allowed to help.

After several months of helping, Lu Yanzhou officially became one of them, and he still brought Xie Chengze along with him.

By the end of the first semester, their team had already achieved some results.

At this time, there are very few domestic medicines.
They are not capable of producing many medicines that have been developed abroad, so what Lu Yanzhou and the others first made were generic medicine.

After a year of trying, they started to develop new medicines, one of which was proposed by Lu Yanzhou.

In the blink of an eye, three years later, a new batch of students stepped into the gate of Capital University.

Zhou Hai is a first-year freshman.
He was born in a rural area.
It is not easy to be admitted to such a good university, but if he really has to said because of what…it is because of Lu zhiqing from their village.

When Lu zhiqing came to the village, he was only in elementary school.
When Lu zhiqing moved out of the educated youth place to live in Xie’s house, he was in fifth grade.

There are five grades in elementary school.
People in the village usually stop after fifth grade and go to the fields to earn work points.
This is also what he planned.

After all, what if they finish middle school and high school? Aren’t those educated youth doing farm work?

But Lu zhiqing felt that he was smart and asked him to continue studying, saying that he would be promising.

His parents believed in Lu Zhiqing very much.
Their family conditions were not bad, and they didn’t lack his work points, so under Lu Zhiqing’s persuasion, they made him go to middle school.

It’s also a coincidence that when he was in the third year middle school, the college entrance examination resumed!

His grades have always been very good.
If the college entrance examination is not resumed, he will definitely not study after finishing middle school.
However, now that the college entrance examination is resumed, Lu Zhiqing keeps saying that college is so good…

Lu Zhiqing is unsuitable to be a worker or doctor, and he goes to university!

So his parents gritted their teeth, they sent him to high school and asked him to read Lu zhiqing’s notes that he left in the village when he was free.

Think about it, Xie Chengze has never been to school before, but after three years of hard work, he can be admitted to university…he can’t be too bad!

He studied hard for three years, and finally he was admitted to Capital University.

This is the school Lu Zhiqing and brother Xie attended!

Zhou Hai entered the school with great excitement.
After registering, he couldn’t help asking the senior who led him the way: “Senior, do you know Lu Yanzhou?”

“Lu Yanzhou? Of course I know, why did you ask about him?”

Zhou Hai said: “I know senior.
I have always known him, he is a good man! I am his fellow villager!”

The senior said: “Senior Lu is indeed a good person with a noble character!”

“Yes, Lu zhiqing… I mean Senior Lu, he is always willing to help others!”

The senior was very excited: “Senior Lu is my idol, and also the idol of many people in our school!”

A freshman who came with Zhou Hai was puzzled when he heard this: “Senior, what did this Senior Lu do?”

When the senior was asked, he say without stopping: “Senior Lu came to the school with his good friend Xie Chengze.
Senior Xie has disabled legs but senior Lu took good care of him.
At that time, some people thought that he did that to gain a good reputation.
However, everyone is wrong! These few years, senior Lu has been taking care of senior Xie.
He has never deceived anyone! Of course, if it’s only this, senior Lu won’t be my idol.
The most admirable thing about him is his grade and the research achievements he has made over the years…”

This senior started telling all about Lu Yanzhou achievements, and of course Xie Chengze was not left behind: “Senior Xie is actually my idol too, he has a disability, but he is self-improvement.
Not only was he admitted to university, but he also shines in the field of research! He is no worse than senior Lu!”

The more Zhou Hai listened, the more excited he became, and so did the other freshmen.

Such a person is worthy of admiration!

The senior still continued: “That’s right.
Senior Lu and senior Xie participated in many projects and often get bonuses, but they lived in simplicity.
They live and eat in the laboratory and donate all their prize money to help students from families with difficulty improving their lives…Normal people really can’t do what they did.”

Zhou Hai listened, and couldn’t help but say: “In the village, senior Lu is like that too!”

Everyone looked at him immediately: “Tell me quickly!”

Zhou Hai started talking.

While Zhou Hai was telling people about Lu Yanzhou’s past, Lu Yanzhou was in the laboratory, looking at the results he had just produced.

It has been four years since he was admitted to university, and during the four years, he has successively researched many medicines.

Most of them are imitations of foreign medicines, which did not bring him much merit, but in the past two years he has developed several new medicines, so he has indeed gained a lot of merit.

Right now, he already has enough merit to restore Xie Chengze’s health.

When he was in Lianfeng Village, although he kept a distance from Xie Chengze, the two of them were still very close.
It was different when they came to university.
They were both busy studying and doing research, then slept in the dorm…

The relationship between him and Xie Chengze is no different from that of ordinary brothers.

After getting busy, Xie Chengze no longer complained about himself, and he hadn’t confessed his love to Xie Chengze for three years.

When Xie Chengze recovers, they should be able to continue getting along like this, right? After all, he couldn’t get up.

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