Lu Yanzhou felt that Xie Chengze was a bit silly today.

Is this because he is too excited?

But Xie Chengze’s expression doesn’t seem to be happy…

“AZe, what’s wrong?” Lu Yanzhou asked.

Xie Chengze is well, he felt that he should call ‘Brother Yanzhou’ as sweetly as before.
However, he couldn’t turn the corner1Their thought can’t be turn/switch/change in time for the time, so he remained silent and looked straight at Lu Yanzhou.

Lu Yanzhou’s eyes were full of concern.

Xie Chengze didn’t want to cry, but his tears suddenly fell.

“Aze…” Lu Yanzhou wiped his tears with his hands, but the result was that more and more fell, “Are you feeling uncomfortable? Or did I say something wrong? Aze, I was the one who was wrong last night.”

“I’m just happy,” Xie Chengze said, “And last night…it was my fault.”

Lu Yanzhou was helpless, why was Xie Chengze at fault last night? Although Xie Chengze took the initiative, in the final analysis, it was still because of him.

He really wanted to leave at that time, it’s not like he couldn’t leave then.

Xie Chengze only knew how to kiss him at that time, he didn’t do anything else…Ahem, it was himself who took the initiative.

Well, Xie Chengze is too attached to him.
No matter what he does, Xie Chengze thinks there is no problem.

Rubbing Xie Chengze’s head, Lu Yanzhou said, “Okay, don’t cry, do you want to eat anything?”

Xie Chengze didn’t answer the question, but instead asked: “Didn’t you always avoid me before? Why are you being so nice to me now?”

Before, Lu Yanzhou was always thinking about keeping a distance from Xie Chengze but the situation has changed now.

He couldn’t bear to see Xie Chengze sad, so he directly admitted at this time: “I really like you, well I should say I really love you…I was afraid that you were still young and didn’t know about feelings, so you took family affection as love…You are still young.”

Xie Chengze was speechless: “You are only a few years older than me!” Is it because of this reason that Lu Yanzhou alienated him? He wanted to be angry a little bit, but he really couldn’t get angry.

“We’re different.
You didn’t meet many people before…”

Xie Chengze: “…” what could he not see online? He has seen more weird things than Lu Yanzhou!

“Aze, I love you.
Don’t worry, I will do my best to treat you in the future.” Lu Yanzhou held Xie Chengze’s face and kissed him on the forehead.

Xie Chengze hugged him tightly, not wanting to let go.

“However, if one day you feel that we are not suitable, we can separate…” Lu Yanzhou continued, he felt that he still had to give Xie Chengze the right to choose.

Xie Chengze, who was still moved just now, got angry from it, so he bit Lu Yanzhou’s neck.
This kind of breaking up things, Lu Yanzhou don’t even think about it!

He was not in good health before, so he never thought of staying with Lu Yanzhou, but now he is in good health…Lu Yanzhou is his, no one else can get involved!

After Xie Chengze finished biting, he blinked his red and swollen eyes: “Brother Yanzhou, I don’t want to hear you say we will seperate.”

“Okay, we won’t be separated.
Don’t worry, I will always be by your side.” Lu Yanzhou said.

The corner of Xie Chengze’s mouth curled up: “Mm…remember what you say.”

“I always keep my word.” Lu Yanzhou said.

Xie Chengze’s eyes lit up.

If Lu Yanzhou really keeps his word…Then Lu Yanzhou gave him a lot of promises before!

“Brother Yanzhou, you are so kind, I love you so much!” Xie Chengze kissed Lu Yanzhou’s face.

Lu Yanzhou: “…” Before, he felt that Xie Chengze was too cute and a bit overwhelming, but now he felt even worse.

He is too sweet!

Really…No matter what Xie Chengze wants, he is willing to give it with both hands.

Xie Chengze didn’t want anything, he just wanted Lu Yanzhou to accompany him.

So Lu Yanzhou, who went downstairs to eat some time ago, went upstairs with a bowl to eat.
He also brought some for Xie Chengze to eat.

Lu Yanzhou shared a portion of the meals with Xie Chengze: “AZe, except for the doctor who saw you just now, no one else knows about your recovery, and neither does my parents.
Let’s keep it a secret for now.”

“Why?” Xie Chengze asked.

“Someone wants to harm you,” Lu Yanzhou said, “Let’s wait a few days to see if we can catch them with the current situation.”

“Mm.” Xie Chengze nodded obediently, then stuffed vegetables from Lu Yanzhou’s bowl with a chopstick into his mouth.

Seeing this, Lu Yanzhou picked up another green vegetable with the chopstick and gave him another one: “You like to eat green vegetables? Then eat more.”

Xie Chengze: “I don’t like to eat vegetables, I like to eat the food in your bowl!”

Lu Yanzhou: “…” Why did he feel that…Xie Chengze is unusually alluring?

However, this is just a starter.

Xie Chengze probably got better after resting in the morning, he started clinging to him again.

No matter how much Xie Chengze stuck to him before, it was through a plastic film, but now the two of them can touch each other directly!

Xie Chengze held his hand at first, but later he took out his laptop to work and couldn’t hold hands, so Xie Chengze sat on the ground next to his chair and tried to hug his leg.

Lu Yanzhou was a little helpless: “Aze, is this a bit exaggerated?”

Xie Chengze now seems to be…unable to leave him for a moment.

Xie Chengze said: “I want to be next to you.”

He is telling the truth.

He used to always feel empty in his heart, but when Lu Yanzhou hugged him through the plastic film, it always made him feel better.

Now that he recovered from his illness, he could directly touch Lu Yanzhou…He found that touching Lu Yanzhou could give him an unparalleled sense of satisfaction.

He didn’t want to do anything, he just wanted to be next to Lu Yanzhou, who made him feel at ease.

Lu Yanzhou was taken aback for a moment, probably knowing why Xie Chengze did this.

Xie Chengze really liked to touch him before, so he wondered if Xie Chengze would have skin hunger and thirst, now he has confirmed it.

Humans need skin-to-skin contact, and parents touching a child when he is young can make them develop better.

But Xie Chengze has never been hugged, kissed, and touched.

He naturally craves touch, the skin-to-skin contact.

Thinking of this, Lu Yanzhou couldn’t bear to reject Xie Chengze.

After working for a while, Lu Yanzhou looked at his phone and suddenly said, “AZe, I’m going to get something, wait for me.”

“Brother Yanzhou, come back quickly!”

“Yes.” Lu Yanzhou replied.

Lu Yanzhou ran downstairs, while Xie Chengze immediately started watching the surveillance.

In the surveillance, Lu Yanzhou ran downstairs and out of the villa…

The monitoring of the community is still very easy to invade.
He has already invaded it.
He saw Lu Yanzhou running all the way to the community gate, and then took a…cake from the delivery man?

Xie Chengze suddenly realized that today is his birthday.

He forgot about it!

Lu Yanzhou in the surveillance was running back holding the cake…Xie Chengze was very sure that this was the happiest birthday he had ever had in his life.

It was the first time Xie Chengze got to eat a cake.

He had eaten the snacks Lu Yanzhou prepared for him before, and today he also drank porridge and ate food.

They were delicious, much better than anything he had eaten before, but none of them tasted as good as cakes.

How could there be such a delicious thing in this world!

Xie Chengze ate a small piece, then he wanted to eat more.

Lu Yanzhou refused: “You can’t eat any more, eating too much will cause diarrhea.”

“I’ve never eaten such a delicious thing, I want to eat some more…” Xie Chengze hugged Lu Yanzhou’s arm, and looked at Lu Yanzhou eagerly.

Lu Yanzhou couldn’t resist, so Xie Chengze had diarrhea the next day.

The doctor, who came for the follow-up visit, learned the whole story and was speechless again: “He used to eat very monotonously, but now he has just started to eat the food that ordinary people eat, so he should eat something light to get used to it, why did you let him eat so much cake in one go.”

“I will definitely take care of him in the future.” Lu Yanzhou admitted his mistake.

The doctor couldn’t do anything about them either.
Think about it carefully, a person who has never eaten anything good suddenly comes into contact with delicious food, it’s normal to eat too much: “He no longer has a fever.
Take good care of him, and, for the time being, you’d better not have intercourse, ahem.”

“I know.” Lu Yanzhou was also a little embarrassed.
If he hadn’t drunk that day, he definitely wouldn’t have done such a thing…

Xie Chengze covered his stomach and groaned beside him.
In the past two days, a certain part of him has suffered a great crime!

Although Xie Chengze has an upset stomach, he is still very interested in food.

When drinking before, Lu Yanzhou unpacked the potato chips and didn’t see him eating too much, but today…Lu Yanzhou discovered that he secretly opened a bag of potato chips and put them in the quilt to eat.

Lu Yanzhou…Lu Yanzhou used his trump card: “AZe, if you eat indiscriminately, I won’t sleep with you at night.”

Food is not as important as sleep! Xie Chengze threw the potato chips in his hand away without hesitation.

Xie Chengze’s recovery took only three days.

Three days later, Lu Yanzhou had to go out to work.

He comforted Xie Chengze before going to the company.

After he left, Xie Chengze immediately turned on the computer and connected to the company’s monitoring system, ready to see what Lu Yanzhou was doing outside.

While Lu Yanzhou hasn’t arrived at the company yet…Xie Chengze took the time to look at the messages.

In the past few days, the friend who helped him test the medicine sent him a lot of messages.

Well, now this one has become his friend.

“Water God, Water God, are you alright?”

“Water God, if you are online, answer me!”

“Water God, why haven’t you been online?”

Xie Chengze replied: “I’m online.”

“Water God, you are finally here! You haven’t been online for the past few days, I’m so worried! Are you okay!” The college student who has a good relationship with Xie Chengze is named Jiang Tianshuo.

He was really anxious these days because he was afraid that the Water God he worshiped would take those medicines to violate others.

If Water God is caught, he doesn’t know if he will be in trouble too.

If Water God confesses, he doesn’t know if he will be arrested…he will definitely be arrested, right? He received one million from Water God…

Being in fear for many days, Jiang Tianshuo was very excited when he saw Xie Chengze go online.

“I’m fine, I just went to get myself a partner.” Xie Chengze said.

Jiang Tianshuo was curious: “Have you used any of the medicine?”

“Use it.” Xie Chengze answered.

Jiang Tianshuo: “!!!” Can they get a partner after using the medicine? Is it that easy to find a partner? Why is he still single?!

Xie Chengze sent Jiang Tianshuo a red envelope of 88888, and said: “The medicine is very effective, not bad!”

The medicine actually has no effect.
Even if he doesn’t use it, if he seduces Lu Yanzhou more, Lu Yanzhou will definitely give in.
After all, Lu Yanzhou also likes him.

But he is in a good mood.

Jiang Tianshuo: “…” Water God is too inhumane2buzzword on the internet meaning rich people expose their wealth intentionally or unintentionally, making ordinary people envious and jealous.
Synonym for ‘blind dog eyes’! What the hell is he doing in reality?

While Xie Chengze was chatting with someone while monitoring Lu Yanzhou, An Chenyuan couldn’t bear it anymore.

Lu Yanzhou didn’t do anything, he couldn’t count on him anymore.
He kept spending Xie Chengze’s money…An Chenyuan planned to do it himself.

After he makes a move, he can still blame Lu Yanzhou for this matter.
After all, no matter how one looks at it, Lu Yanzhou who embezzled so much money from Xie Chengze is the one with the greatest motive to kill.

Thinking of this, An Chenyuan distributed the collected evidence that Lu Yanzhou embezzled Xie Chengze’s money on the Internet, and then contacted some people.

The next day, because Lu Yanzhou was not at home, Xie Chengze, who was idly chatting with Jiang Tianshuo, suddenly noticed a figure flashing through a certain camera.

Someone climbed into the villa balcony and cut the plastic membrane of his sterile room with a sharp knife.

At the same time, Lu Yanzhou also sent a message: “AZe, stay in the bedroom and don’t go out, there’s someone outside!”

Lu Yanzhou has been paying attention to the surveillance at home, so he found out as soon as that person appeared!

An Chenyuan actually made a move!

After sending the message, Lu Yanzhou was still worried, so he immediately sent another message: “AZe, hold the electric baton in your hand!”

Lu Yanzhou prepared a lot of self-defense for Xie Chengze, including electric batons.

But even so, he was still very worried.
However, his worries were unnecessary.

After the man destroyed the sterile room, he turned his head and left.

1Their thought can’t be turn/switch/change in time2buzzword on the internet meaning rich people expose their wealth intentionally or unintentionally, making ordinary people envious and jealous.
Synonym for ‘blind dog eyes’

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