, he works for Mr.
Lu Weijian.”

“I’m sorry, miss.
You can’t meet him without an appointment.” The receptionist took a look at the woman in front of her and found that she was beautiful.
Therefore, she chose to act very polite, but she didn’t dare to break the company’s rules.

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Su Bei was taken aback by her response.
Did meeting a driver also need an appointment? The Lu Group was really an extraordinary company!

Su Bei had no choice but to ask, “Then can I make an appointment now?”

“Of course.
I will inform you of the result in about fifteen days,” the receptionist replied politely.

Fifteen days? What kind of driver was he? Why was there so much of a build-up just to meet him?


Su Bei couldn’t wait that long.

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But she didn’t have Lu Heting’s phone number or address.
She didn’t know where else to find him except at the Lu Group, so she relented.
“Okay then.
Please make an appointment for me.
Thank you.
By the way, is there any other way I can contact him or see him?”

The receptionist was used to hearing this, because many people wanted to see Lu Heting as soon as possible.
Without skipping a beat, she smiled politely and said, “Sorry, but no.”

But in her heart, she scoffed and thought, ‘Mr.
Lu is not a person who is easy to meet.
These women are getting bolder and bolder.
Do they think they can get anything just because of their beauty? Otherwise, why would they come to make an appointment?’

Su Bei had no choice but to leave and wait for the result.

‘I have already known that the Lu Group is one of the most powerful companies in Jingdu City.
Five years ago, I was able to meet the young master of the Lu Group in person, but now, I can’t even see a driver of the group.
I didn’t expect that.
Things have really changed over the past five years!’ Su Bei thought secretly.


Suddenly, she saw a car pull up to the entrance.

The window of the driver’s seat was rolled down, and the car was moving very slowly, which gave Su Bei enough time to see the driver’s face—that same familiar and handsome face that she had come here to see!

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