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During the event, the manager of the KTV threw this document at her.
She kept it because she wanted to use it against Qiu Minxuan.

After all, Qiu Minxuan’s signature was there.

It only meant that she was the one who made a deal with the KTV and accepted the job for Su Bei.

As much as possible, Song Ruinian didn’t want to be involved because he was quite familiar with Su Xingfu.

However, he couldn’t just ignore Su Bei’s request to change her agent.

So he turned to Qiu Minxuan and said, “Minxuan, you didn’t consider this matter thoroughly.
For the meantime, you are not Su Bei’s agent anymore.”

Since Qiu Minxuan was in the wrong, she had no choice but to take the blame for what Su Xingfu and Su Huixian had done.

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Song Ruinian thought for a while and said, “Su Bei, I’ll assign Lv Shan to be your agent for the time being.
I’ll give her a call now and ask her to take over the job.”

Upon hearing this, an evil grin appeared on Qiu Minxuan’s face.

Lv Shan was the toughest agent in Qian Yu Entertainment Company.
As an experienced agent, she usually made things difficult for newcomers.

She was not a good choice for Su Bei at all.

Qiu Minxuan thought to herself, ‘Song Ruinian is really a cunning man.
He knows what kind of agent Lv Shan is, but he let her handle Su Bei.
In this case, he will not offend Su Huixian while granting Su Bei’s request.”

She secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
Finally, she didn’t need to continue being Su Bei’s enemy.

Su Bei agreed to Song Ruinian’s arrangement.
But judging from Qiu Minxuan’s expression, she could tell that Lv Shan was not the best choice for her.

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After coming out of Song Ruinian’s office, Su Bei made a phone call.

She worked in the United States for a few years, so she made lots of friends there.
And some of them were in Jingdu City right now.

It wouldn’t be difficult for her to inquire about Lv Shan.

This time, she had to take the initiative.

Soon, the friend she called sent the information about Lv Shan to her phone.

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