Chapter 818 Teaching Through Words

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“I know he’s capable and he has his pride.
He definitely won’t ask you for this, so it’s okay, I’ll convince him.
I just want him to relax a little.
Plus, with his ability, he really doesn’t need to work this hard in his current job…” After Su Bei said that, she realized that Lu Heting was about to return with Da Bao, so she changed the topic and didn’t continue.

Lu Weijian was filled with envy.
Sigh, Big Brother was so fortunate.
Even as a chauffeur, there were people who cared about whether he was tired or not and whether his abilities matched his position.

As for him, everyone only cared about whether he could fly high or not.
Who would care if he was tired from flying? Sigh, they were really different people.

The moment Lu Heting returned, he saw Lu Weijian looking at him with teary eyes.

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He couldn’t help but glance at Su Bei.
Seeing that Su Bei’s expression was normal, Lu Heting dispelled his doubts and carried Da Bao and Gun Gun to their seats before giving them food again.

The family finished their lunch in satisfaction and went downstairs together.
They went directly to the parking lot from the private room.

The elevator door opened and Lu Heting saw Han Qiangsheng and Han Junting kneeling not far away.
He handed Da Bao and Gun Gun over to Lu Weijian.
“Take them to the car first.”

Han Qiangsheng spotted Lu Heting and Su Bei after hearing the sounds.
Although he didn’t know that the person in front of him was the young master he was so afraid of, he had already received news that the young master with absolute power was about to lay his hands on the Han family.
Anyway, his only hope was probably Su Bei.
The most urgent matter right now was to obtain Su Bei’s forgiveness.

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Hence, he immediately knelt down and said, “Miss Su, I’m really sorry! It was my foolish daughter who failed to distinguish right from wrong and caused you trouble! I brought her here to apologize to you! Please be magnanimous and forgive us.
As a father, I didn’t fulfill my responsibility and didn’t educate my daughter well, causing you a lot of trouble.”

Su Bei was shocked by his fervent attitude and took a few steps back.
She really didn’t expect Han Junting’s father to come and apologize so openly.

Initially, when the manager came to inform her, she thought that he just wanted to say sorry.

Such a big scene… Su Bei’s face looked a little lost.
Her jaw was tense, and she didn’t know how to react.
She looked at Lu Heting and subconsciously held his arm.
“Hubby, what should I do?”

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“This Mr.
Han must have learned his lesson this time,” Lu Heting said seriously.

The coldness between his eyebrows diminished a little.
Han Qiangsheng was still considered sensible.
He knew that he was wrong and his attitude of admitting his mistake was rather sincere.

If Su Bei didn’t want to pursue the matter, Lu Heting would follow her wishes.

“Miss Su, Junting really knows her mistake!” Seeing that Su Bei hadn’t said a word, Han Qiangsheng thought that Su Bei wasn’t willing to forgive them.
He pulled his daughter up and gave her a few slaps.
Han Junting’s face instantly turned red and swollen like a pig’s head.

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“You evil creature, hurry up and apologize to Miss Su!” Han Qiangsheng shouted sternly.

Han Junting immediately cried and said, “I was wrong.
Miss Su, please forgive me… I really know I was wrong.
I won’t do it again…”

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