lanned to become the entire capital’s satellite city.
It’s very worth investing in.

“But suddenly, the plan changed.
They no longer plan to make it a satellite city.
The construction of this suburb is about to stop.
These shopping malls will become isolated.
No one will go there to shop, so construction will definitely be halted.

“You’re saying that it was the Lin family that did it?” Su Bei was shocked.
Lin Shulian’s Lin family?

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“Other than them, no one else has that kind of power to interfere in such a big matter.
No one has so much hatred for the Tang family.
Could the Ou family compete with the Tang family for the project in the west of the city last time? It’s all because of the Lin family,” Tang Xinru told Su Bei.

“Alright, stop talking.” Old Master Tang cut her off.
Clearly, he had heard everything she said.

Cai Hua said, “Dad, you can’t be too biased.
This matter is clearly targeted at Lin Shulian.
If something really happens, we won’t take the blame.”

Tang Yue could not help but retort, “Back then, the Tang family benefited a lot by relying on my grandfather’s family.
Isn’t it a little too much to say that about my mother now?” “Then what do you think we should do? We’ve invested so much money in Jingbei Sheng Tang Square, and it’s been built well.
Now that there’s no investment plan in that district, do you think we should rely on our Tang family’s shopping mall to dominate the entire area? We don’t have that ability.” Cai Hua made her stance clear.

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Old Master Tang snapped.
“I told you to stop arguing!” Only then did everyone quiet down.
Su Bei also understood that this matter was the Lin family’s scheme against the Tang family, and the root of it was Lin Shulian.

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