a decision.

It was impossible for Su Bei to completely take it for herself.
She said, “I want to take this to exchange for that stone.
Do you see that?”

It was the stone that Su Bei had been looking at with all her heart.
That stone was very good and she wanted to have it, but it was a little expensive.
She could not bear to spend five million on it.

However, if she were to use this jade to exchange for it, it would be equivalent to spending 8,000 yuan for it.

Lin Wenyu nodded without thinking.
“Sure, of course!”

Even if Su Bei hadn’t mentioned it, she wanted to buy the stone and give it to Su Bei.

Feng Cheng immediately agreed.
[No problem at all.)

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He owed his life to Su Bei.
What could he not do for her?

Su Bei stood up and said to Boss Wang, “Boss Wang, can I exchange this piece of jade for your big stone?”

“Of course!” Boss Wang was overjoyed.
The price of that big stone was only five million, and the stone that Su Bei had partially opened was something someone had offered five million for.
It was completely profitable for him to carry out this exchange.
It was equivalent to a living advertisement for the


Su Bei smiled and a light flashed in her eyes.
“Can you give me some smaller stones too?”

“Which ones do you want?” Boss Wang was very smart and didn’t agree to it easily.

“Those broken stones that aren’t worth anything, can you give me some?” Su Bei had seen Feng Cheng’s expression just now and felt like it was as if he was possessed.
She knew that he liked to open stones.
She was prepared to keep this big one, but she would take some smaller ones for Feng Cheng to

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play with.
Perhaps his speech disorder would gradually recover.

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