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If the old masters cut it, while they did a fine job, they always dawdled.
There was nothing exciting to see.
The lads lifted the stone up and placed it beside the cutter.

The fat man rolled up his sleeves.
It seemed like he was going to do it himself.

There were cheers all around.
“Good, good! You’re so manly.
Cut it yourself.”

“I wonder if you’ll get anything good out of this!”

“A stone worth more than a million yuan.
You need some jade to recoup your losses!”

The fat man picked up the cutter, aimed it at the stone, and began to cut.
Everyone watched without blinking.
The cutting machine and the stone triggered bursts of sparks.

Su Bei took a few steps back.

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As the cutting machine cut down the stone, the sweat on the fat man’s face kept seeping out.

Actually, cutting didn’t require much strength, but the anxiety in his heart was obvious.

After a loud crash, the stone split into two and fell on both sides.
Everyone simultaneously let out a regretful cry.
“Aiya, what a pity!” “What a waste!”

“There’s nothing!”

This stone had cost more than a million.
With one slash, it turned out there was nothing.

As everyone lamented, the fat man started to sweat even more.

It was more than a million yuan.
Many ordinary people might not even be able to earn that much money in ten years.
However, one cut and everything was gone.
Boss Wang didn’t look too good either.
The customers were all particular about good signs.
This was a stone that he had sold.
If the customer didn’t get anything out of the stone today, then his shop’s business wouldn’t be good anymore.

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