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“This is a gift from a friend that my child brought home,” Old Master Tang replied honestly.

The man’s expression turned even brighter.
This confirmed Old Master Tang’s guess that the man was willing to meet him and treat him with respect because of the tie clip.

This tie clip was personally delivered by Su Bei.
She had told him herself that it was from Lu Heting.

So, Lu Heting’s identity… Old Master Tang didn’t dare to make any wild guesses, but this leader’s intentions were clear.

From the moment they first met until now when the leader decided to give them back the project, the other party’s drastic change in attitude could only be explained by Lu Heting.

The leader laughed.
“Old Master Tang, you’re so lucky.
Every child is so promising.
Old Master Tang, please bring over the approval letter.
It’s good that we met each other today.
We’ll settle it today.”

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For the sake of Lu Corporation, he must handle the Tang family’s matters well.

Old Master Tang was overjoyed and immediately asked his assistant to get it.

Soon, the matter was settled.
The leader personally escorted Old Master Tang back to the private room.

Grandpa Tang came back.
Tang Jianming and the others looked at him happily.
“Dad, is everything settled?”

“It’s settled.
Everything went smoothly.” As Old Master Tang said this, he looked at Lu Heting seriously.

It was obvious that the young man sitting next to Su Bei had an unfathomable identity that could affect the entire Tang Corporation!

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