enough to have such a wife.”

“Uncle, Aunt, you’re flattering me.
I only do what Grandpa tells me to do,” Tang Yue said humbly.

“That’s because Old Master Tang taught you well.
Not only Tang Yue, but Xinru has also been taught to be sensible and courteous by Old Master Tang.
She has also achieved great achievements in her career.
No one can compare to Old Master Tang’s teaching methods.”

Old Master Tang chuckled.
“Actually, Su Bei is not bad either.”

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Ou Huanwei’s expression did not change, but from her tone, she did not seem to agree.
“The children that Old Master Tang personally educated are still the best.
The children beside Old Master Tang are the most knowledgeable and gentle.”

She didn’t even mention Su Bei.

Ou Huanwei said to Du Jinghao, “Hurry up and give the present to Grandpa Tang.
Why are you in a daze?”

Du Jinghao presented the gift with both hands.
“Grandpa Tang, this is a jade Buddha we found when we were abroad.
It’s specially made.
I hope you can live a long and healthy life.”

“alright, alright.” Old Master Tang smiled as he accepted the jade Buddha.
From the moment he took it out, he could tell that the jade Buddha was extremely valuable.
It probably cost at least 50 million.

‘What was rare was that the whole body was very transparent and the color was very good.
It made people feel relaxed and happy just by looking at it.
Their eyes also became clear.

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‘Tang Yue smiled.
“Grandpa, Jinghao is really considerate.
Let’s not talk about the price of this jade Buddha.
What’s rare is his sincerity.
I know what you want the most is for the Tang family to be safe and sound.”

“Yes, as long as the Tang family is doing well, I’m satisfied.” Old Master Tang sighed..

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