nd restrained.
“Alright, I’ll protect you from now on!”

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Su Bei looked at Director Guo Feng strangely.
What was wrong with Director Guo Feng?

Why was everyone acting weird today?

She changed into a fresh set of clothes and followed behind Lu Heting.
She opened the bottle of Coke in her hand.

“Tm thirsty,” Lu Heting said softly.

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Su Bei glanced at the surroundings.
It was indeed very hot here, not to mention that she had just filmed a fighting scene.
She quickly stuffed the bottle of Coke into his hand and said, “Here, drink this.”

Lu Heting took the Coke but didn’t drink it immediately.
Instead, he stuffed her into the car.
“Wait for me for a moment.”

“Sure.” Su Bei got into the car and listened to music leisurely.

Amoment later, Lu Heting returned with a small bottle of Coke.
He handed it to Su Bei.
“This is for you..”

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