“Well, why don’t you guess?” With an indifferent look on her face, Su Bei’s eyelashes cast a shadow on her face.

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Qiu Minxuan was utterly shocked.
She didn’t expect that Su Bei would drug Su Huixian.
“Su Bei, how can you do this? Why did you drug Huixian? Are you out of your mind?”

The more Su Huixian inhaled deeply, the more anxious she became.
She felt like something was blocking her chest, suppressing the air.

She wanted to say something, but it seemed that she couldn’t speak anymore.
Her face flushed, and her whole body trembled.

“Su… Bei… you… How dare you… drug me!” she said word by word.
Her voice was filled with resentment.

Su Bei just looked at Su Huixian with a calm expression.

The memories from five years ago flashed in her mind.
Back then, Su Huixian had pretended to drug her.
That incident made her lose all her credibility, and she was isolated from her family overnight.

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It had been five years.
And now, she had Da Bao.
This time, she came back not because of hatred and revenge but for Da Bao’s future.

However, Su Huixian targeted her again.
Su Huixian robbed her of the job opportunity that she relied on to guarantee Da Bao’s future.

How dare Su Huixian talk about drugging people!

Where did Su Huixian get the confidence to question her?

Su Bei’s delicate red lips curved into a smile.
Her beautiful eyes under her exquisite eyebrows were sparkling.

While taking out Su Huixian’s medicine, Qiu Minxuan shouted, “Doctor! Doctor, please check on Huixian!”

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When the doctor backstage heard her voice, he rushed over.

Her voice was so loud that even Mr.
Cadri, the person in charge of the show, came over to them.
And upon seeing Su Huixian’s situation, he said worriedly, “Su Huixian, you can’t go on the stage.”

“No! I… I can…” Su Huixian was so surprised when she heard what Mr.
Qadri said.
She tried her best to explain, “I… I will soon… be fine…”

But she didn’t sound convincing at all.

She couldn’t even breathe properly.
How could Mr.
Cadri believe that she could still walk well on the stage?

Su Bei had a cold expression on her face, but she just looked at Su Huixian calmly.

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Su Huixian looked at Su Bei with extreme hatred.
She hated the fact that she lost the ability to have a big fight with Su Bei now.

She really wanted to dash at Su Bei and strangle her beautiful neck.

But unfortunately, she couldn’t.
She was afraid that if she moved, she would lose her breath.

Cadri turned to the doctor and said, “Doctor, please treat Su Huixian.
Stylist, and makeup artist, help Su Bei fix her hair, outfit, and makeup.”

Cadri… Please… I can really…” Su Huixian begged anxiously.

She had done a lot for this opportunity.
Su Xingfu and Du Luo were waiting for her in front of the stage.
They were so eager to see her wonderful performance.

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What was more, this was also another turning point in her life.
If it went smoothly, she wouldn’t only become an international star.
Du Luo’s parents would also think highly of her and allow them to get married.

She wouldn’t allow herself to get into trouble.

However, the more anxious Su Huixian was, the more flustered she got.
And her breathing became heavier and unstructured.

“Su Huixian, you’d better have a good rest.
You will surely have another chance next time,” Su Bei said gently but with a sneer in her eyes.

At the moment, Mr.
Cadri had no time to care about Su Huixian.
So after entrusting her to the doctor, he asked some people to deal with Su Bei’s affairs.

Su Huixian couldn’t do anything but just watch Su Bei put on the clothes that she was supposed to wear, put on the beautiful makeup, and get ready for the show.

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