’s skills?”

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“Of course, I’m impressed…” When Su Bei said this, she suddenly felt the wave of jealousy on the man’s body.
She smiled and planted a kiss on his forehead.
“But I still love my own husband the most!”

Lu Heting was pleased.
His emotions would change with her smile and soft words.
He lowered his head and kissed her gently.

Tang Yue was furious with Su Bei.

Lin Shulian brought over a bowl of bird’s nest and said, “Have some.
Then come with me to pay respects to your maternal grandfather.”

Tang Yue controlled her temper.
“Is Su Bei going?”

“Tinvited her, but she said she’s busy filming.” Lin Shulian shook her head regretfully and sighed softly.

Tang Yue immediately smiled.
“Mom, I’ll go with you.”

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The Lin family that Lin Shulian was from wasn’t any less famous than the Lu family in the capital.
Furthermore, they were a family that had been around for many years.
Not only were they famous but they were also extremely powerful.
If the Lu family saw them, they would probably have to lower their

heads and give way.

Lin Shulian’s elder brother and Tang Yue’s uncle, Lin Hancheng, was extremely powerful now.

Tang Yue had long yearned for the Lin family.

It was just that Lin Shulian’s background wasnt glorious.
After she got married, she started growing distant from the Lin family and they almost no longer kept in contact.

After Old Master Lin passed away, the only thing Lin Shulian could keep was a letter of inheritance.

Early in the morning, Lin Shulian and Tang Yue went to the cemetery where Old Master Lin was to pay their respects..

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