“Previous poster, don’t scare me.
Why does this sound so supernatural?”

“Looking at Su Bei’s popularity, there must be something wrong with it.
Every time someone else falls, Su Bei becomes even more popular.
Don’t you think she sucks up all the good luck of others?”

It was very easy for such rumors to spread.

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Some people tried to look into her previous competitors and realized that quite a number of them had been knocked down.
Among Su Huixian, Sun Man, Hao Jiali, and others, as well as those rich second-generation heirs or big shots who were involved in scandals with her, none of them had a good ending.

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There were even rumors going around.
“Even if Su Bei becomes popular in this movie, the investors probably won’t be able to make much money.
All their luck has been sucked away by Su Bei alone.”

I feel like I need to get away from her, too.”

“Would I still dare to watch her movie, then? I don’t have much good luck to begin with.
I’m scared.”

All of a sudden, Su Bei went from being famous to someone with an eerie supernatural ability.
It made people feel reverence and fear.

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Sheng Tang Entertainment was not the only investor in Two Phoenixes.
The investors who heard the rumor gathered together and held a meeting.
They all felt that Su Bei was indeed a jinx.

Not only was there a long delay in filming but a lot of the budget was also wasted.
Now that they were facing the issue of changing the female lead, they had to spend a lot more money.

If something were to happen in the future, they would lose everything.

Hence, they collectively approached Tang Yue and requested for Su Bei to be replaced.
Otherwise, they would withdraw their investment.

Tang Yue could only accompany an investor with the surname Liu to meet Old Master Tang.

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