r is a long story.
I originally didn’t want to announce Fang Yourong’s condition to the public.
However, this matter involves everything related to me.
I have to tell the story here.

“Nearly a year ago, I underwent a stomach examination in America.
The doctor told me that I had gastric cancer, so I came back to the country and planned my future as I walked on the runway.

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“However, the doctor later told me that it was a misdiagnosis.
Someone used my information to do the examination.
The patient with gastric cancer was that lady who used my information, not me.
This was the surveillance video of the hospital.
A lady used my information to go for the examination, causing the hospital to mistake us.

“Because the hospital could only contact me and not the lady, the hospital told me to ask the lady to return for treatment if I ever met her.

“After I joined the cast, I thought that Fang Yourong was very similar to the lady in the surveillance video I had seen in the hospital, so I wanted to remind her about her condition out of goodwill.
However, it’s not easy to talk about such things, so I chose to send her the medical record instead.
If she was the lady, she would know the situation immediately after seeing the report and quickly go for a check-up.

“If she wasn’t, then I could avoid embarrassing myself.

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“To prove the authenticity of my words, you can take a look at this medical record and the photos I took from the hospital’s surveillance cameras.

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Su Bei’s speech was a little long, but the reporters understood.

They immediately looked at the medical record and the photos.
It was very easy to verify whether the medical record was real or not..
A knowledgeable reporter would not be fooled by fake news.

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