at herself in the mirror, the angrier she became.
As a female celebrity, she could not allow any flaws to appear on her face.
But now that it was so red and swollen, what should she do?

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The assistant checked the package and said, “It probably wasn’t sent by a fan because we didn’t announce our shooting location to the public.
Also, your phone number is on it, which is also unknown to outsiders.”

Zhou Yao also said, “That’s right.
I thought it was something important because I saw those personal details.
I thought it was a contract, so I didn’t dare to open it on my own.
I personally gave it to Sister Yourong.
I’m really sorry.
I was too careless.”

Fang Yourong was no longer angry.
The most important thing now was to solve the problem at hand.

“Check who sent the package.” Fang Yourong gritted her teeth.
If she caught this person, she would tear them into pieces.

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“Sister Yourong, it seems to be Su Bei…” The assistant finished checking the parcel and found that there was actually the word ‘Su’ on it.
“There are some courier services in the capital who require the sender to sign their own name.
The word ‘Su’ here is very similar to Su Bei’s signature.
I think she was the one who signed it.”

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Zhou Yao said, “Why did Su Bei do that? Why did she leave her signature?”

“She definitely didn’t want others to know about her misdeeds, so she didn’t let her assistant do it.
Hence, she had to do it herself.
She had no choice but to put down her signature since the courier services required it, so she only put down one word.” The assistant analyzed and said, “How despicable of her to harm Sister Yourong like this!”

Fang Yourong gritted her teeth.
“Is Su Bei crazy? She wants my role as the female lead?”

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