ot help but feel sorry.
He knew that she was afraid he would rashly make decisions for her again.

“Director Guo Feng, come over with Su Bei.” Old Master Tang found a seat and sat down.

Director Guo Feng then touched Su Bei’s arm and said, “Let’s go.
If anything happens, we’ll shoulder it together.”

Seeing them sit down, Old Master Tang stroked his beard and said with a smile, “I’ve already watched Su Bei’s acting yesterday.
I came today to apologize to you two.
I was too arbitrary and delayed your filming.
I’m sorry.”

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The old man was already in his 70s.
He had a calm demeanor as he stood up and bowed respectfully.

Su Bei quickly stood up and supported him.
“Grandpa, you don’t have to do this.”

“I feel bad for you, but I also hate those netizens on the internet.
I’m afraid they’ll hurt you.
But thinking about what I did, how am I any different from those haters? Since I didn’t know the situation well, I shouldn’t have judged you.
My actions were more lethal than theirs,” Old Master Tang said from the bottom of his heart.

He patted Su Bei’s hand and said, “I came today to tell you and Director Guo Feng to proceed as you wish and not be bothered by the gossip.
In the future, I’ll always support you.
Let me bear the storm outside.
If anyone dares to say anything bad about my granddaughter, I’ll fight it out with them!”

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“Grandfather.” Su Bei was very touched.
She did not expect Old Master Tang to be so responsible.
Knowing his mistake, he changed.
He openly and directly admitted his mistake to a junior.

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“Old Master Tang, with your words, I’m willing to sacrifice my life for this movie!” Director Guo Feng was also very excited.

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