Chapter 682: I Won’t Be Controlled

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Sometimes, family members were like this, always doing things for your sake.

However, this expression of love was nothing but a weapon that could inflict damage.

Seeing her serious expression, Old Master Tang also became serious.
“If there’s anything, you should sit down and talk.”

Su Bei sat down and went straight to the point.
“Two Phoenixes is in the midst of filming.
I’ve worked with Director Guo Feng before, that’s why I chose to join the cast.
I believe that I can take on that role.”

“I know you’ve been doing well as a model, so I never objected to you working outside.
But when you started filming this movie, did you hear about how so many people are scolding you online? I just feel bad for you and don’t want you to be under too much pressure.
Sometimes, you need to be content and not challenge what you can’t do,” Old Master Tang said sincerely and lovingly.

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“How do you know that I can’t do it?” Su Bei asked.

Grandfather Tang did not reply, and Tang Yue spoke up for him, “Grandfather doesn’t mean it that way.
It’s just that he dotes on you and doesn’t want you to be scolded by others.
If he can get rid of those comments, no matter how much money he has to spend, he would block those hate comments for you.
However, there are some things in this world that money can’t buy, so Grandfather is doing this for your own good.”

“Grandpa, I’ll be honest with you.
I’ve had enough of the people in the Su family.
I don’t acknowledge them as my family because I wanted to gain more control over my life.
It’s just that I miss the kinship.
If someone wants to stop me from making my own choice, I don’t mind… cutting off the kinship.”

Su Bei’s voice was exceptionally cold.

She usually had a smile on her face, so when she said such words now, it was especially shocking.

She was still willing to stand here and say these words because she could feel that Old Master Tang truly loved her.

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Otherwise, she would have used her own methods to resist.

Hearing her words, Old Master Tang clutched his heart.
Tang Yue scolded, “Su Bei, how can you speak to our grandfather like this?”

“I’m just that direct.
Could it be that because I’ve acknowledged my family, my profession, my choices, and my life are going to be controlled by my family? Forgive me for being blunt, but kinship is mutual.
It’s not a one-sided tool to control others.
I’m not going to let myself be controlled either.”

These words were directed at Old Master Tang and Tang Yue.

Su Bei could tell that Old Master Tang was being provoked by Tang Yue.

Su Huixian had played enough of such tricks on her, so how could she not tell?

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Old Master Tang felt terrible.
“Su Bei, I’m doing this for your own good.”

“I’m very grateful, but I don’t agree with your decision,” Su Bei looked straight into his eyes and said seriously.

Old Master Tang sighed deeply.
“Su Bei, what must I do for you to listen to my advice? I’m trying to show you my love and concern for you.
I’m really afraid that you children will suffer out there.”

Su Bei looked at him and said, “Let the reporters come and visit.
I’ll prove my strength to the outside world.
If I can salvage the situation, you can’t criticize my choices in the future anymore.”

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This was the only concession Su Bei could make.

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Tang Yue thought to herself that Su Bei was not a professional and her acting skills were really questionable..
If she let the reporters visit the scene and they write slanderous words online, everything would still go her way.

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