ousin and I set up the company together, the pressure we faced was completely different from what Su Bei is suffering now.
Su Bei is being scolded all over the internet, and those insults are extremely unpleasant.
Can she have fun like this?”

Old Master Tang fell silent.

“Words are more hurtful than swords.
Su Bei used to be a model and is used to having it smooth sailing.
Now that she’s switched careers to being an actress, it’s completely different.
Under this kind of pressure, even we’re being scolded now.
It’s fine for us, but I’m afraid that Su Bei can’t handle this kind of pressure.
Look, how many artists have committed suicide due to hate comments?”

Old Master Tang panicked.
This was not good.

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He was willing to let Su Bei play outside, but he could not bear for her to suffer.
However, the insults online could not be resolved with money.

The only way was for her to leave the cast and return home.

Tang Yue’s eyes reddened as she said, “I only have this one sister.
When we were young, we had such a good relationship.
My heart also aches for her.
If I voice out my concerns, Su Bei might hold grudges, but if you do it, I’m sure she’ll understand.
If she wants to play in another industry when she comes home, isn’t it just a matter of a word from you, Grandpa? Why must she stand in the heart of the storm and be criticized by others?”

Old Master Tang immediately said to his assistant, “Get me Guo Feng.
I want to meet him now.”

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Seeing that her words were effective, Tang Yue went forward to massage Old Master Tang’s back obediently.

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Old Master Tang felt that he had wronged Tang Yue.
It turned out that she really did not have any bad intentions toward Su Bei..
It was just that she loved Su Bei too much.

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